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Darwin's Stolen Notebooks Turn Up in a Gift Bag

'Happy Easter' reads a note signed by 'X'

(Newser) - Charles Darwin’s notebooks, thought to have been stolen from Cambridge University's library nearly 22 years ago, have turned up in a bright pink gift bag with a note reading "Happy Easter." The package was discovered March 9 outside the librarian's office in a public area...

Darwin's Notebooks May Have Been Stolen
Darwin's Notebooks
May Have Been Stolen
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Darwin's Notebooks May Have Been Stolen

2 notebooks housed at Cambridge University Library have been missing since 2000

(Newser) - Two notebooks used to illustrate Charles Darwin's theory of evolution are missing and believed to have been stolen some 20 years ago. Cambridge University Library made the announcement Tuesday, saying an "extensive search" had failed to locate the leather notebooks Darwin wrote shortly after his return from the...

Work of 2 London Victims Ignites a New Debate
Work of 2 London Victims
Ignites a New Debate
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Work of 2 London Victims Ignites a New Debate

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were working with prisoners when they were stabbed

(Newser) - The two people stabbed to death near London Bridge last week have been identified, and their life stories are adding an unexpected wrinkle to the post-attack debate. Both were Cambridge graduates in their 20s who were attending a forum designed to rehabilitate prisoners. Their attacker was at the same forum—...

Stephen Hawking's Doctoral Thesis Crashes Website

Cambridge University posted the work of its famous alumnus

(Newser) - Cambridge University has put Stephen Hawking's doctoral thesis online, triggering such interest that it crashed the university's website, the AP reports. Completed in 1966 when Hawking was 24, "Properties of Expanding Universes" explores ideas about the origins of the universe that have resonated through the scientist's...

What WWII Bomb? UK Keeps Calm, Race Carries on

Oxford-Cambridge boat race is still happening after unexploded bomb found in Thames

(Newser) - British police say the hotly contested annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race is likely to proceed as planned despite the discovery of what police suspect is an unexploded World War II-era bomb near the start of the race on the River Thames. The suspected bomb was discovered by a member of the...

Student Allegedly Burned Cash Near Homeless Man

'Abhorrent and repugnant,' says Cambridge University group

(Newser) - He wore a white tie and tails, but the actions he's accused of exhibit zero class. The Telegraph reports that Cambridge University student Ronald Coyne, the communications officer of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, was allegedly intoxicated and filmed in formalwear burning a 20-pound note (equal to about $25)...

Calling All Lego Masters: Cambridge Has a Job for You

Must have 'childlike mindset' for professorship promoting playful learning

(Newser) - If you've been endorsed on LinkedIn for your three-dimensional thinking skills, spatial reasoning, or ability to stay calm under the pressure of missing plastic bricks, you might want to take a shot at the latest opening at Cambridge University, which Metro has labeled "dream job alert." The...

American Finds Oldest Draft of King James Bible

The find may be one of only 4 manuscripts ever found

(Newser) - An American professor was searching last year for a letter relating to Samuel Ward, one of the translators of the King James Bible, in the archives of Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. "I thought that would be my great discovery," Jeffrey Alan Miller of Montclair State University tells...

Big Medieval Cemetery Found Under Cambridge

It's one of the nation's largest

(Newser) - Historians have long known that a medieval cemetery existed on the grounds of what is now the University of Cambridge, but until a recent dig they didn't realize just how big it was. Archaeologists uncovered the full or partial remains of about 1,300 people beneath Old Divinity School...

Banker Arrested in 'American Psycho' Slayings

British National Rurik Jutting arrested in deaths of 2 women

(Newser) - Hong Kong police say they have arrested a foreign man suspected of killing two women, including one whose body was found inside a suitcase on the balcony of the man's upscale apartment. Police say the 29-year-old-man asked them to investigate the case early yesterday at the apartment in Hong...

Guy Banned From Having Dog: It's a 'Very Large Cat'

Cambridge head convinces college officials to let pooch stay on campus

(Newser) - What do you do if you work and live at Cambridge University and own an adorable basset hound, but the college has banned dogs living on campus? If you're Roger Mosey, you convince school bigwigs that your dog is actually a "very large cat." Cats are allowed...

MIT Tops World University Rankings

It beats Cambridge, Harvard to first place

(Newser) - The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has soared to the top of world university rankings for the first time, knocking Britain's University of Cambridge into second place and Harvard into third, the Guardian reports. University College London, Oxford University, Imperial College, Yale, University of Chicago, Princeton, and Caltech also made...

Rare Chinese Artifacts Stolen in Museum Heist

18 items swiped in $30M Cambridge raid

(Newser) - A gang who broke into a Cambridge University museum after hours made off with some small but incredibly valuable Chinese artifacts. The 18 items stolen, most of them made of jade, were worth close to $30 million in total, the Daily Mail reports. The items, including a 16th-century carved buffalo,...

New College Rankings: An Ivy Deadheat

Harvard, Princeton top universities list

(Newser) - US News and World Report has released its latest college rankings, and it’s full of the usual suspects, with Harvard, Princeton, and Yale topping the list; not much has changed since last year . Among liberal arts colleges , Williams, Amherst, and Swarthmore lead the pack. The magazine also presents...

Cambridge Named Best University ... Again

Harvard takes second, MIT third, and Yale fourth

(Newser) - For all the Harvard grads out there, don't kick yourself—but your school has come in second around the world... again. The Independent reports that QS World University Rankings has given the prize of best university to Cambridge for the second year in a row. Filling out the top...

Assange: Web Is Massive Spying Machine

Governments will use Internet against citizens, he warns

(Newser) - The Internet is the "greatest spying machine the world has ever known," WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has warned in a speech. While the Web holds great promises of increasing transparency in government operations, it will more likely be used by officials to spy on their own citizens, he...

Banks Badger Whiz Who Found Credit Card PIN Flaw

Industry demands Cambridge whiz remove thesis on security problems

(Newser) - British banks are badgering a top Cambridge math student whose doctoral thesis exposes security flaws in bank credit card payment systems. Omar Choudary reveals how easy it is to use "chip-and-PIN" credit cards (similar to a US bank debit card) without a PIN number. Now banks are complaining that...

Half of 6-Year-Old Brit Girls Wish They Were Skinnier

In study, 50% would like to be 3 sizes skinnier for popularity

(Newser) - Half of the 6-year-old girls in Britain would like to be a lot skinnier than they are. That’s the conclusion of a Cambridge study that asked the pint-size participants to choose an ideal body from digitally altered photographs of themselves. Fifty percent went with the skinniest image, which was...

Asia, UK Challenge US Supremacy in Higher Ed

US still has more universities in THE's top 200 than any other country—for now

(Newser) - The United States is home to more top-level universities than any other country in the world, this year’s survey by Times Higher Education confirms, but its advantage may not last forever. Although 54 of the top 200 schools are in the US, Asia is making remarkable progress: Japan has...

Scientists Locate Brain's Sentimental Center

Same Spot as Sex Urges

(Newser) - It turns out sex and sentimentality are linked after all, reports Reuters. Scientists have pinpointed areas of the brain that determine an individual's warm and fuzzy feelings—which they say are the same regions that control sex and some food urges. Researchers hope the findings may help explain brain evolution...

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