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A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies
 A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies 

A Field Guide to Tiger Ladies

Why do all 'other women' look like blow-up dolls?

(Newser) - Long legs, long hair, hard faces and a whiff of trailer park seem to be the distinguishing characteristics of the species known as Tigris amatorius. Hold on a sec ... Tiger Woods' suspected lovers bear a strong resemblance to nearly all the "other women" who make news. The mistresses of...

Third Woman Linked to Tiger

Insider says Woods led double sex life in Vegas

(Newser) - Yet another woman is about to be revealed as a possible Tiger Woods mistress, while an insider says the beleaguered golf champ has been leading a double sex life with Las Vegas lovers. The latest alleged paramour is an employee of the Vegas nightclub Bank who had an affair with...

Lovers Dish on Sex With Berlusconi, Mussolini
Lovers Dish on Sex
With Berlusconi, Mussolini

Lovers Dish on Sex With Berlusconi, Mussolini

Turns out El Duche was a douche

(Newser) - Benito Mussolini and Silvio Berlusconi: Both charismatic leaders of Italy, both wildly popular, both…voracious sexual omnivores. The Independent takes a look at two recent publications—a diary by Mussolini’s mistress, and a memoir by a prostitute who supposedly spent two nights with Berlusconi. A sampling of the salacious...

Ethics Panel Charges Sanford With 37 Violations

Civil committee slams SC gov for travel expenses

(Newser) - South Carolina's ethics commission has hit Mark Sanford with 37 violations for using state funds for inappropriate travel expenses, including a trip to see his Argentine mistress. Besides the governor's South American trysts, Sanford also bought business-class tickets for state travel—South Carolina requires officials to fly cheaply—and, in...

Edwards' New Neighbors: Ex-Mistress and Baby

John paying for Rielle Hunter's home; Elizabeth finally on board

(Newser) - After a DNA test—a secret one, of course—proved John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby, the two of them moved in just down the street in a $1 million home quaintly called Marsh Grass, the National Enquirer reports. The shamed pol is paying the $6,...

Madoff Liked Them Gorgeous, Blond, and Young

Secretaries were paid off to be discreet

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff practically had his own harem, and former mistresses were often paid off—to the tune of $250,000 in one case—to keep quiet, the New York Post reports in a look at the latest Madoff book. “He started having affairs all over the place,” one...

Edwards' Mistress Appears Before Grand Jury

Proceedings are secret, but likely have to do with campaign funds

(Newser) - Rielle Hunter, former galpal and rumored babymama of John Edwards, arrived at the Raleigh federal courthouse with her daughter this morning to appear in front of a grand jury, the News & Observer reports. Hunter’s video production firm was paid $100,000 for work on Edwards’ presidential campaign, and...

Mistress Admits Relationship With Sanford

Argentine woman denies beau leaked embarrassing emails

(Newser) - The Argentine woman identified as Mark Sanford’s mistress acknowledged her relationship with the South Carolina governor, the AP reports. María Belén Chapur confirmed that someone hacked her email account last year and sent her correspondence with Sanford to the State newspaper of Columbia, SC. However, contrary to...

Sanford Mistress Dodges Press
 Sanford Mistress Dodges Press  

Sanford Mistress Dodges Press

Chapur worked as journalist in US covering 9/11 attacks

(Newser) - Maria Belen Chapur has been successfully avoiding the horde of journalists camped outside her Buenos Aires apartment for the last few days, McClatchy reports. Chapur—who has been identified by the Argentine media as Mark Sanford's mistress—worked as a journalist and translator for TV station Canal America and went...

Sanford to Wife: Let Me Have This Affair

SC's first lady told him 'in no uncertain terms' to stop seeing her

(Newser) - Gov. Mark Sanford not only had an affair, he asked his wife to condone it, she says. In an interview that ended in tears, South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford told the AP that he had asked permission to visit his mistress after Jenny discovered the affair. "I said...

Ex-Lover: I'll Help Mel's Wife Make Her Case

Affair from 1980s comes back to haunt Gibson

(Newser) - You know what they say about a woman scorned. Mel Gibson’s former mistress wants to help his wife, Robyn, win her divorce battle, the Daily Star reports. Comedian Diana Alouise told the Globe she and Gibson “had a hot love affair based on sex, alcohol and partying,”...

Boss 'Mistress' to Have Public Divorce Trial

Judge denies bid to seal off proceedings from media onlookers

(Newser) - A New Jersey court rejected a bid by alleged Bruce Springsteen flame Ann Kelly to close her divorce proceedings to the public, reports the New York Post. Kelly claims the media attention is bad for her children, but the judge isn't hearing it. "Mere embarrassment or a desire to...

Crash Passenger: I'm Not Freeman's Mistress

Plaintiff says he offered her a place to stay

(Newser) - The woman suing Morgan Freeman for damages after a car crash says the actor was drinking all night before getting behind the wheel, the Commercial Appeal of Memphis reports. Demaris Meyer also denied that she was his mistress but said they were headed for his home when they piled into...

Florida District Endures Another Sex Scandal

Election year foibles mirror page-loving Foley he replaced

(Newser) - Just two years after Mark Foley resigned, Florida’s 16th district has another sex scandal on its hands, Time reports. Democratic Representative Tim Mahoney, who is fighting for reelection, has been implicated in an affair/payoff scandal, and investigators are wondering if he hushed his mistress with taxpayer dollars. Mahoney took...

Tabloid: We Caught Edwards Visiting Mistress, Love Child

National Enquirer corners ex-candidate after LA rendezvous

(Newser) - The National Enquirer claims to have cornered and confronted John Edwards yesterday after a late-night tryst with the woman they have been saying for months is his mistress and the mother of his infant child. The tabloid says its reporters tracked Edwards as he entered a Los Angeles hotel through...

Winehouse MIA at Hubby's Sentencing
Winehouse MIA at Hubby's Sentencing

Winehouse MIA at Hubby's Sentencing

Blake gets 27 months for assault, bribery; may be out by holidays

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse was nowhere to be seen as a London judge handed husband Blake Fielder-Civil a 27-month prison sentence for beating up a bar owner, then trying to bribe the man to keep quiet, the Daily Mail reports. Fielder-Civil has already spent 9 months in the slammer, and with good...

Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up to Sex Mania
Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up
to Sex Mania

Brinkley Ex 'Fesses Up to Sex Mania

Tearfully admits to affairs, $3,000-a-month porn habit

(Newser) - Cheating hubby Peter Cook was in tears during Christie Brinkley’s sensational divorce trial yesterday—which the supermodel insisted be open to the public—as he confessed to a laundry list of sexual excesses including spending $3,000 a month on porn, pleasuring himself on web cams, and trolling swinger...

Shania Pal Denies Affair With Hubby

Personal assistant says not to trust tabloid reports

(Newser) - Shania Twain's longtime personal assistant denies she had an affair with the country crooner’s hubby of 14 years and caused the couple’s split, People reports. "You cannot believe everything you read in the press," said Marie-Anne Thiébaud, 37, of the reports that she and music...

Putin Set to Wed 24-Year-Old Gymnast

Russian president said to have split from wife 2 months ago

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin is said to be preparing to marry a 24-year-old star Russian gymnast, the Telegraph reports. Rumors of the 56-year-old president’s courtship to Alina Kabaeva have been swirling around Moscow for months, but were recently printed by a Russian newspaper that found a St. Petersburg event planner who...

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