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Study Suggests Pap Test's Days Could Be Numbered

HPV test is better at detecting precancerous cervical changes

(Newser) - Might women over 30 soon be saying goodbye to the Pap smear? That's what some experts believe after a new study found that the HPV test detects precancerous cervical changes earlier and more accurately. The randomized, controlled study—the Washington Post calls it the "gold standard" of research—...

Doctors: 90+ Procedures Are Overkill, Drive Health Costs

New list outlines the overused, useless, and harmful

(Newser) - A group of doctors have assembled a list of more than 90 medical procedures that are overused, often useless, and even harmful, in a bid to drive Americans toward consuming less care. The report, from ABIM Foundation's Choosing Wisely program calls out everything from Pap tests (which it argues...

Pap Test May Detect 2 More Cancers
Pap Test May Detect
2 More Cancers

Pap Test May Detect 2 More Cancers

Ovarian and uterine, along with cervical, study suggests

(Newser) - A new study suggests that Pap smears may be able to detect three cancers, not just one, reports WebMd . Pap tests have been used successfully for decades to find cervical cancer, but a new method of analyzing results was able to detect cancers of the uterus and ovaries, too. The...

How Doctors 'Hold Birth Control Hostage'
Doctors 'Hold Birth
Control Hostage' 

Doctors 'Hold Birth Control Hostage'

Stephanie Mencimer: Pap smear guidelines are a scam

(Newser) - A doctor had Stephanie Mencimer "over a barrel," she writes in Mother Jones : "Come in for a pelvic exam, or I won't refill your birth control pills." Mencimer not only refused to take another Pap smear—and risk "the ensuing misery" of a false...

Planned Parenthood Fight Holding Up Budget Deal

Mountaintop mining also an issue

(Newser) - A battle over Planned Parenthood funding has emerged as one of the major sticking points in the stalled federal budget talks, reports the Huffington Post . House Speaker John Boehner said late last night that the party would not approve a budget if any money went to Planned Parenthood through Title...

Kathy Griffin to Televise Pap Smear

Comedian promoting cancer awareness, unconventionally

(Newser) - Perhaps inspired by Tyra Banks’ televised colonic , Kathy Griffin will display her lady parts to the world by way of a televised pap smear. The comedian is saying “Suck it to Cancer,” according to her press release, and wants to show women “how easy it is to...

Need a Holiday Gift for Her? Try a Pap Smear
 Need a Holiday 
 Gift for Her? 
 Try a Pap Smear 
pretty weird psa

Need a Holiday Gift for Her? Try a Pap Smear

New CBS ad campaign says skip the jewelry, go for the gyno

(Newser) - Just imagine the look on your honey’s face when she opens up your holiday gift to find just what she always wanted…a Pap smear. That’s what CBS is advising you to put at the top of your shopping list this season in a series of bizarre PSAs....

Now Panel Urges Delay in Pap Test
Now Panel Urges Delay
in Pap Test

Now Panel Urges Delay in Pap Test

Docs' group advises later start, every 2 years for cervical cancer test

(Newser) - The screening cutbacks continue. Just days after the government announced more conservative guidelines for mammograms, a major medical body says women should begin having Pap smears for cervical cancer later and less frequently. The new guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say women don't need to be...

Study: HPV Test Better Than Pap Smear

Detects 40% more pre-cancers than traditional exam

(Newser) - Women over 30 might be better off getting an HPV test than a pap smear to fight the battle against cervical cancer, a new study concludes. Researchers found that the HPV test caught 94% of cervical pre-cancers, versus the pap smear's 55% success rate. Worries that the more sensitive HPV...

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