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After IVF and Genetic Testing, She Had a Big Decision to Make

Implant the 'mosaic' embryo or not?

(Newser) - Jacquelynn Kerubo made a big decision right before New York City went into lockdown: to transfer a "mosaic" embryo into her uterus. As she explains in an essay for the New York Times , "mosaic" has been used since 2015 to describe the roughly 20% of IVF embryos that...

2 Fla. Cops Sent In Their DNA. Turns Out They're Brothers

Neither officer had any idea of the other's existence before 23andMe informed them

(Newser) - Two police officers who live and work hours apart in Florida each submitted DNA swabs to 23andMe—and ended up discovering that they're brothers. Sgt. David Stull, 51, with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, sent an email to Eric Reynolds, 49, of the Boynton Beach Police Department explaining...

Employers Want Access to Workers' Genetic Information

And a new GOP bill could give it to them

(Newser) - A Republican bill that passed out of committee this week would allow employers to penalize employees who don't submit to genetic testing and hand over the results, STAT reports. According to the New York Times , the Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act would also give employers access to the genetic...

Family Sues After Boy Is Expelled Over His DNA
Family Sues After Boy Is Expelled Over His DNA
in case you missed it

Family Sues After Boy Is Expelled Over His DNA

A trial could help establish exactly who can access one's genetic information

(Newser) - When Colman Chadam was born in 2000, he underwent extra medical tests after a congenital heart issue was discovered. Doctors learned that the infant carried genetic markers associated with cystic fibrosis, but he never went on to develop the disease. In fact, that test was the boy's only interaction... Wants to Reveal Your Disease Risks

So far, the FDA isn't having it

(Newser) - The company that tells you whether you can perhaps blame last weekend's sunburn on your Irish roots now wants to tell you your risk of cervical cancer., which claims to have amassed genetic information on more than 1 million customers through its $99 DNA kits, is in...

Gene Test Can Tell Who Needs Chemo, Who Doesn't

98% of 'low-risk' breast cancer patients who didn't get chemo were alive 5 years on

(Newser) - Chemotherapy is "not pretty," a breast cancer survivor tells the AP —so a new study on women with early-stage breast cancer is encouraging, claiming a gene test can parse out patients who may be able to skip chemo because it won't ultimately provide much, if any,...

$249 Saliva Test Could Reveal Cancer Risk

Color Genomics aims to 'democratize access to genetic testing'

(Newser) - A Silicon Valley start-up is setting out to make genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer mutations not only easier, but more affordable for women. Color Genomics says it could "democratize access to genetic testing" for breast cancer risk genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 with a saliva test costing just...

Genetic Test Results: 1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce
Genetic Test Results:
1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce

Genetic Test Results: 1 Half-Brother, 1 Divorce

Biologist cautions that surprise revelations can destroy families

(Newser) - As a biologist, George Doe got seriously geeked out about the idea of having his own genome read. So much so that he bought kits from a company called 23andMe for his parents, too. The upside is that they learned all kinds of details about their family ancestry and health...

FDA Smacks Down Home Genetic Testing Kits

Letter tells 23andMe to stop marketing kit immediately

(Newser) - The FDA has ordered 23andMe to "immediately discontinue marketing" its genetic testing kits, saying that the company has repeatedly failed to prove the product actually works. The Google-backed company offers mail-in genetic testing, which it promises can reveal your risk for various health conditions and drug allergies. In a...

Future Criminal? Maybe We Should Screen Kids' Brains

It's a dicey proposal, but it could help: Slate essayist

(Newser) - A Slate essay today raises an intriguing question: Should we screen the brains of kids to look for genetic markers suggesting they'll turn into violent criminals? The idea would be to identify the kids and provide behavioral help before it's too late, writes Gary Marchant. Science is close...

Breakthrough in Fetus Genome Mapping Raises Abortion Fears

Parents will be able to test for wide range of traits

(Newser) - Genetic testing on fetuses has long been dangerous, difficult, and useful only for a small number of disorders, but a new technique allows scientists to sequence an unborn child's complete genome using only a blood sample from the mother and saliva from the father, reports the New York Times...

Oxford Scholars Search for Yeti

Will use genetic analysis in serious investigation

(Newser) - The search for the yeti is going high-tech. Thanks to genetic analysis, Oxford researchers hope to say for sure whether the creature of lore exists, Gizmodo reports. Working in conjunction with the Lausanne Museum of Zoology, researchers are asking people who claim to have evidence of the yeti to send...

Santorum Opposes Prenatal Tests

He rips insurance for amniocentesis, which 'creates abortions'

(Newser) - Amniocentesis for pregnant women? Forget it, says Rick Santorum. Such prenatal testing only results in more abortions, the candidate says. Santorum reiterated views he first expressed over the weekend in Ohio, where he ripped President Obama's support of insurance coverage of the test "because it ends up in...

New DNA Test Reveals Children Born of Incest

...and it does so without needing mom or dad's DNA

(Newser) - Suspect your parents may have been related? Well, now you can find out behind their back, thanks to new advances in DNA testing, USA Today reports. In a study published yesterday, doctors revealed that they can now determine if a child is born of incest without testing the DNA of...

Berkeley to Freshmen: Want a DNA Test?

They'll see how their genes deal with alcohol

(Newser) - UC Berkeley's incoming freshmen have an unusual option this summer: Students can swab their cheeks and send it in for a DNA test that will check for genes that help metabolize alcohol, lactose, and folates. The school is hoping that genetic information will help students live a healthier lifestyle on...

Walgreens to Wait on Cheap Genetic Tests

 Walgreens to 
 Wait on Cheap 
 Genetic Tests 

Walgreens to Wait on Cheap Genetic Tests

FDA: No proof kits are safe, effective

(Newser) - Drugstore giant Walgreen Co. will hold off selling over-the-counter genetic tests. The company announced Tuesday that the kits would be on shelves this month, but reversed the decision after a stiff response from regulators. "These kits have not been proven safe, effective, or accurate," an FDA rep said....

Drugstores Will Sell Genetic Tests

 Drugstores Will Sell 
 Genetic Tests 

Drugstores Will Sell Genetic Tests

Possibly illegal product reveals risk of disease

(Newser) - Soon, you may be able to pick up a genetic testing kit at your local drugstore. A San Diego company has made a deal to sell its new Insight test at Walgreens locations across the country, promising consumers a look at their risk for Alzheimer's, breast cancer, diabetes, and more....

Want to Save Dad? Insurance Won't Let You

And Congress fatcats need to overhaul this 'disgrace' now: Kristof

(Newser) - So dear old dad desperately needs a kidney, and the docs say you're the best fit. Tough luck, writes Nicholas Kristof in a look at the case of David Waddington, whose two sons can't donate—because pre-donation screening might reveal to insurance companies that they have the same genetic condition...

Genius, Madness Linked to Gene

Study links creativity to gene associated with mental illness

(Newser) - The reason why many creative people like Vincent Van Gogh show self-destructive tendencies is in the genes, researchers have discovered. Scientists in a new study found that volunteers identified as the most creative also had the highest levels of a gene variant associated with psychosis and depression, the Daily Telegraph...

Paris Keeps Cut Hair to Dodge DNA Testing

Jackson's daughter gets haircut during retail therapy trip with grandmother

(Newser) - The hair snipped from Paris Jackson's head last week won't be falling into the hands of the genetic paparazzi. The Las Vegas salon that cut the 11-year-old's hair carefully swept up, bagged, and handed over every last strand, apparently to stop potential thieves from running a DNA test on the...

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