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Eva Peron's Lobotomy May Have Prevented a Civil War
 Eva Peron's 
 Lobotomy May 
 Have Prevented 
 a Civil War 
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Eva Peron's Lobotomy May Have Prevented a Civil War

Neurosurgeon claims Juan Peron ordered operation to 'calm' Evita

(Newser) - The Yale neurosurgeon who four years ago claimed former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron, had a lobotomy in 1952 to ease her pain from cervical cancer is revising his theory. In a new paper in Neurosurgical Focus , Daniel Nijensohn says the woman who inspired the musical Evita didn't...

Did Eva Peron Have a Lobotomy?

New research seems to confirm claim made in 2005

(Newser) - The ever-fascinating Eva Peron continues to make news, this time by way of an equally fascinating New York Times article on lobotomies. A Yale researcher now believes the former first lady herself received one in a bid to relieve the extreme pain she experienced while dying of cervical cancer. The...

Eva Peron Helped Nazis, Hid Jewish Treasure: Book

And Simon Bolivar was a racist, it alleges

(Newser) - A new book is giving Argentina a new reason not to cry for Eva Peron: She helped a number of Nazis who fled Europe after World War II, and was rumored to have harbored treasures taken from their Jewish victims. The accusations come from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin ...

Now 'The Simpsons' Have Ticked Off Argentina

Lenny and Carl share some unenlightened views about Juan Peron

(Newser) - "The Simpsons" may be a pop culture staple in South America, but they sure have a knack for stirring up trouble there. A week after Venezuela objected to its content, Argentines are in a huff over anti-Perón comments in a new episode, the Washington Post reports. Says Homer's...

Argentina Led by Woman, Still Lags on Gender

In Buenos Aires politics, women who rise are still Peronist wives

(Newser) - Argentina might have its first elected female president—and her nearest rival was also a woman—but the fairer sex is succeeding politically only on the coattails of husbands, and female-friendly policies get nowhere. In a phenomenon the Economist calls “Peronist”—president Juan Peron had two wives who...

Argentina Elects 'New Evita'
Argentina Elects 'New Evita'

Argentina Elects 'New Evita'

President Cristina to replace husband

(Newser) - Argentine first lady Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has become the country's first elected female leader after trouncing 13 rivals in the presidential election yesterday, Reuters reports. A glamorous 54-year-old lawyer and center-left senator, she will take over from husband President Nestor Kirchner in December. Kirchner is credited with leading Argentina's...

Argentine Duo Evokes Evita Era
Duo Evokes Evita Era

Argentine Duo Evokes Evita Era

Hubby plans to handoff presidency to wife through Perón party

(Newser) - A popular Argentine political couple is evoking images of President Juan Perón and his powerhouse wife Eva, the London Times reports. Popular Senator Cristina Fernandez is a whispered favorite to take her country's top spot now that her husband, President Néstor Kirchner, has decided not to pursue a...

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