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Chuck E. Cheese Seeks to Shred 7B Prize Tickets
Chuck E. Cheese
Wants to Shred
7B Prize Tickets
in case you missed it

Chuck E. Cheese Wants to Shred 7B Prize Tickets

Company asks for permission to destroy cache

(Newser) - Somewhere out there, there is a stash of Chuck E. Cheese prize tickets big enough to give one to everybody on the planet—and the company wants to have it destroyed. The children's restaurant chain, which applied for bankruptcy protection in June, has asked a bankruptcy court for permission...

Chuck E. Cheese Files Chapter 11
Kids' Favorite Goes Chapter 11

Kids' Favorite Goes Chapter 11

Chuck E. Cheese pizza chain was in trouble even before the pandemic

(Newser) - Chuck E. Cheese—where kids could be kids while parents nursed headaches—is filing for bankruptcy protection. The 43-year-old chain, which drew kids with pizza, video games, and a singing mouse mascot, was struggling even before the coronavirus pandemic. But it said the prolonged closure of many outlets due to...

2 Injured During Brawl ... at Chuck E. Cheese

About 20 people were involved

(Newser) - Authorities say a large brawl that spilled out of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in New Jersey left two people injured, including an employee who tried to break up the fight. Deptford police arrived Sunday night to find a fight involving as many as 20 people. It's unclear what...

Library: No, We Don't Take Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

Massachusetts residents are apparently trying to pay fines with them

(Newser) - A Massachusetts library is having to issue the rather obvious reminder to patrons that Chuck E. Cheese tokens are not an acceptable form of payment for overdue book fines, reports the AP . "This summer we’ve had a surge of folks attempting to pay fines and printing fees with...

Police: Mom Waved Gun in Chuck E. Cheese Feud

Tawana Bourne is arrested, was there with her kid

(Newser) - Bad: A spat at a Connecticut restaurant prompted a 30-year-old woman to whip out a semiautomatic handgun and load it, police say. Worse: The restaurant was Chuck E. Cheese. Worst: Tawana Bourne was there with her child, the Hartford Courant reports. She's out on $50,000 bail after allegedly...

Chuck E. Cheese Getting 'Hip' Makeover

Singing rat becomes guitar-playing mouse

(Newser) - Farewell, Chuck E. Cheese. Awesome as the huge singing rat is, the company behind the character and his chain of kiddie pizza joints decided it's time for a new, hipper image. Specifically, Chuck will be re-launched in an ad campaign this week as a rock star mouse who plays...

Parents Forget Girl, 3, at Chuck E. Cheese

And don't realize it until she shows up on the evening news

(Newser) - The separated parents of a 3-year-old Maryland girl forgot something when they left a recent party at Chuck E. Cheese … their little girl. Both the mother and father of 3-year-old Harmony assumed the girl had left the large party with other relatives, ABC News reports. Neither one realized she...

1.2M Toys Recalled at Chuck E. Cheese

No injuries so far, but one kid put battery up nose

(Newser) - More than 1.2 million Chuck E. Cheese light-up rings and toy eyeglasses were recalled today over concerns that children might swallow the small battery inside the toys. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the plastic on the toys can break, possibly exposing the button-type batteries inside. Ingestion could lead...

Fight Over Chuck E. Cheese Photo Booth Sparks Riot
Fight Over Chuck E. Cheese Photo Booth Sparks Riot 

Fight Over Chuck E. Cheese Photo Booth Sparks Riot

Long line, man punches child, voila!

(Newser) - A birthday party at a Tennessee Chuck E. Cheese’s went horribly awry when a quarrel over the length of the photo booth line descended into chaotic violence. As the story goes, a girl complained that a group of people, there to celebrate a young boy's birthday, was hogging the...

'Pong' Inventor Muses on Gaming
'Pong' Inventor Muses on Gaming

'Pong' Inventor Muses on Gaming

(Newser) - Nolan Bushnell, often called the father of electronic games, is still masterminding new ways  to mix technology and entertainment, Electronic Design reports. Fusing his experiences as the inventor of Pong and founder of both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, Bushnell has created uWink, a family restaurant where the tables...

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