Antonin Scalia

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Obama: I Will Nominate, Expect a 'Timely Vote'

Republicans want him to hold off on Scalia seat in election year

(Newser) - President Obama paid tribute to the late Antonin Scalia Saturday night, but he also made clear that he intends to nominate a successor despite Republican opposition to that idea. "I plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibility to nominate a successor in due time," said Obama, per Politico . "... More »

Some Votes Cast by Scalia Will Now Be Void

If the case hasn't been publicly decided, including a big union one

(Newser) - The death of Antonin Scalia has many wondering whether President Obama will be able to fill his Supreme Court seat. But there's lots more coverage pouring in about the late justice:
  • So what happens if a case ends in a 4-4 tie before a new judge is in place?
... More »

Will Obama Be Able to Pick Scalia's Successor?

Senate is being asked to hold off on any nominee

(Newser) - The unexpected death of Antonin Scalia in the midst of an election year already has people calling on the Senate to hold off confirming any nominee that President Obama might put forward. Ted Cruz was one of the first: "We owe it to him, & the Nation, for the... More »

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79

Reagan appointed him in 1986

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead Saturday at a resort outside of Marfa, Texas, KVIA reports. According to the San Antonio Express- News , the 79-year-old appears to have died from natural causes. Scalia was the longest-serving justice currently on the Supreme Court, having been nominated by Ronald Reagan... More »

Scalia: God Is Good to US Because US 'Honors' Him

'Unlike the other countries of the world'

(Newser) - Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said Saturday the idea of religious neutrality is not grounded in the country's constitutional traditions and that God has been good to the US exactly because Americans honor him. Scalia was speaking at a Catholic high school in a New Orleans suburb. Scalia is... More »

Scalia: Affirmative Action May Hurt Black Students

He cites theory about pushing them into schools that are too advanced

(Newser) - The Supreme Court heard a high-profile case Wednesday about colleges' use of affirmative action, and Antonin Scalia in particular was drawing attention over his comments about black students. Scalia raised an argument made by others that affirmative action might actually hurt African-Americans in some cases, reports the Dallas Morning News ... More »

Scalia: Wouldn't Surprise Me If Death Penalty Struck Down

Justice also talks retirement plans, how the Constitution isn't flexible

(Newser) - The death penalty is not long for this Earth, or at least for the US, if Antonin Scalia's predictions are to be believed. The conservative Supreme Court justice spoke Tuesday at the University of Minnesota Law School, and capital punishment was brought up after Scalia started expounding on his... More »

Kentucky Clerk Should Heed Scalia's Advice and Quit

Washington Post writer digs up justice's opinion on similar matter

(Newser) - The Kentucky clerk taking a stand against gay marriage will appear before a federal judge tomorrow to defend herself. But if Kim Davis is looking for judicial counsel, she should look to the writings of Antonin Scalia, argues Jonathan Adler in the Washington Post . It will then become clear that... More »

Judge Grills Airline Lawyers Over His Lost Luggage

In a completely unrelated case

(Newser) - Anyone whose luggage has been lost by an airline now has a patron saint in the form of Justice Peter Smith in Britain. When lawyers for British Airways showed up in his court to argue a $4.6 billion price-fixing case, Smith had smaller fish to fry: He wanted to... More »

Scalia a Terrible Role Model for Young Lawyers

And it's got nothing to do with politics, says law school dean

(Newser) - Antonin Scalia has taken plenty of criticism over his Supreme Court opinions, but this example doesn't have anything to do with his politics. Instead, it's his tone. In an essay in the Los Angeles Times , the dean of the UC Irvine law school writes that Scalia's scathing... More »

Colbert to Scalia: You Already Had Your Head in a Sack

Oh, and please stop by my show!

(Newser) - Justice Antonin Scalia fiercely dissented in yesterday's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage —so fiercely that he inspired a Scalia burn-generator , and vowed he would hide his "head in a bag." Responded Stephen Colbert, "I could’ve sworn he was already hiding his head in... More »

Get Your Own Personal Justice Scalia 'Burn'

Slate is out with a nifty insult generator

(Newser) - Antonin Scalia has been on the losing end of two big cases this week , but he's still made headlines thanks to his dissents, which included phrases such as "SCOTUScare," "pure applesauce," and "judicial Putsch." That's pretty typical, observes Slate , which has created... More »

Gay Marriage Ruling: What the 4 Dissenters Had to Say

Lines from John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today declared that gay couples have a right to marry anywhere in America in a 5-4 ruling. In what Politico calls a "rare occurrence," each of the four dissenters penned their own dissent. Here's what they wrote :
  • John Roberts: "If you are among
... More »

Scalia's 'Shameful Joke' Speaks Volumes

Jeffrey Toobin: It shows how out of step he is on gay marriage

(Newser) - After a protester interrupted yesterday's Supreme Court hearing on gay marriage to scream about how supporters will burn in hell, Antonin Scalia quipped from the bench that "it was rather refreshing, actually." It was a joke, sure, but "there’s every reason to believe that Scalia... More »

Court Rejects 2 More Gay Marriage Bans

Indiana, Wisconsin bans 'totally implausible,' judge says

(Newser) - Two more state bans on gay marriage were rejected as unconstitutional yesterday—the day after a federal judge in Louisiana broke a chain of more than 20 consecutive rulings overturning other bans . The US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, based in Chicago, ruled against the bans in Wisconsin... More »

Scalia Makes Error in Dissent While Citing Own Ruling

Court corrects wording once it comes to light

(Newser) - It's a safe bet that one of Antonin Scalia's law clerks is having a very bad day, writes Nina Totenberg for NPR . That's because the justice made a glaring error yesterday in his dissent on an EPA case , getting his own majority opinion from 13 years ago... More »

Supreme Court Looks Befuddled on Aereo Case

Stephen Breyer referenced phonograph records

(Newser) - The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in ABC v. Aereo, a much-watched case that could have big implications for both cloud computing and broadcast television—implications the justices didn't seem comfortable with. Aereo allows users to record broadcast TV online and watch it at their leisure. The major... More »

Scalia: Of Course I Believe in the Devil

Justice suspects he has gay friends, 'doesn't care' about legacy

(Newser) - Antonin Scalia, the longest-serving justice and one of the most conservative currently on the Supreme Court, sat down with New York magazine for a wide-ranging interview that took in everything from Duck Dynasty to demonic possession. Some highlights:
  • On Satan: Scalia says he believes the devil is real, but while
... More »

John Roberts Is Playing 10 Moves Ahead

Even his court's liberal victories seed long-term defeats

(Newser) - To a casual observer, the Supreme Court probably looked fairly cautious this term—but that's because John Roberts is playing the long game, Adam Liptak at the New York Times observes. Time and again, the chief justice has convinced the court's liberals to sign onto compromises that hold... More »

In Battle of 'Two Stooges,' Kennedy Beats Scalia

Andrew Koppelman: DOMA opinion is mess, but to so is the 'fun' dissent

(Newser) - Antonin Scalia's scathing dissent to Anthony Kennedy's DOMA decision has drawn lots of attention because of lines like the one dismissing it as "legalistic argle-bargle." The thing is, Scalia is correct—Kennedy's opinion is a mess, writes Andrew Koppelman at Salon . But so is Scalia'... More »

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