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American Diplomacy in Sad Shape
 in Sad Shape 


American Diplomacy in Sad Shape

Essay: Foreign Service needs more professional diplomats, not political appointees

(Newser) - Even as diplomacy has grown ever more important to US national security, the US Foreign Service is being threatened by partisan politics worse than ever before, write longtime diplomats Susan Johnson, Ronald Neumann, and Thomas Pickering in the Washington Post . Exhibit A: Top leadership positions in the State Department have...

Diplomat Corps May Be Forced Into Iraq Service

Yanks face orders to fill understaffed Bagdad embassy

(Newser) - American diplomats may be forced to serve in Iraq if enough qualified candidates don't come forward voluntarily, reports CNN. The US embassy in Baghdad is chronically short-staffed, and the State Department has threatened that no other diplomatic jobs will be filled until the Baghdad bureau is up to speed. A...

US Won’t Force Diplomats to Serve in Iraq

Volunteer officers step forward to fill last open spots

(Newser) - The State Department won’t have to assign diplomats to open posts in Iraq because enough staff members have volunteered for the spots, the AP reports. The department planned to require foreign service officers to serve at the US embassy in Baghdad and in nearby provinces if there weren’t...

Diplomats Raise Stink Over Iraq Assignments

'Potential death sentence’ in required postings, staffers say

(Newser) - Foreign service officers vented anger today over the State Department's plan to require some to serve in Iraq, chewing out their director in a meeting. One senior officer called the “directed assignments”—which could force diplomats to take postings in Baghdad or outlying provinces—a “potential death...

4 Stories