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Emotional Amanda Knox: I Am Not 'Diabolical'

Tells appeals court her conviction was a 'huge mistake'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox made a tearful plea to the Italian court hearing the appeal of her murder conviction today. "I am unjustly convicted," said the 23-year-old American serving a 26-year sentence. She called her conviction a "huge mistake" and said she's been "broken" by the three years...

Book: Prison Turns 'Angel Face' Knox Into Tough Con
Prison Turning 'Angel Face' Knox Into Tough Con
new book

Prison Turning 'Angel Face' Knox Into Tough Con

Ex-inmate's memoir offers glimpse of world behind bars

(Newser) - Prison has been no party for Amanda Knox , claims a new memoir written by a woman incarcerated with the killer. The book, Passeggiando con Amanda—'Walking with Amanda' —chronicles Knox's transformation from fresh-faced undergraduate to hardened prison vet over the course of her trial for the death of Meredith...

Ex FBI Agent: Amanda Knox Is Innocent

'If she needs a roommate, I'll send my daughter over'

(Newser) - A retired FBI agent says he’s so certain Amanda Knox is innocent, he’d stake his daughter’s life on it. “When Amanda Knox gets out, if she needs a roommate, I’ll send my daughter over,” ex-special agent Steve Moore tells Good Morning America . “The...

Questions Foxy Knoxy Should Answer
 Questions Foxy Knoxy 
 Should Answer 

Questions Foxy Knoxy Should Answer

A less-than-sympathetic journalist's dream interview

(Newser) - Amanda Knox was supposed to give a big jailhouse interview to coincide with her upcoming slander trial, but Italian officials canceled it at the last minute. Noted Knox hater Barbie Latza Nadeau was crestfallen, she writes for the DailyBeast , because she had a whole list of nasty questions she'd have...

Prosecutors Seek Life for Knox

Yank already sentenced to 26 years

(Newser) - Italian prosecutors have filed an appeal seeking to boost American student Amanda Knox's murder sentence to life in prison. Knox, convicted late last year of brutally killing roommate Meredith Kercher, is already serving 26 years. Her family tells ABC News they're "quite disappointed" by the action. They plan to...

Amanda Knox Judge: Killing Was 'Casual'

Statement seems to undermine prosecution's motive argument

(Newser) - The judge in the Amanda Knox case today wrote that the American killed Meredith Kercher “without any animosity or feeling of resentment,” but rather as a result of “casual contingencies.” That seems to contradict the prosecution’s argument that Knox was motivated by an explosive rage,...

Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex
Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex
co-defendant speaks

Amanda Knox Innocent, Verdict 'Absurd': Ex

Co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito also insists in his own innocence

(Newser) - The former boyfriend who was convicted of murder along with Amanda Knox says the 22-year-old American isn't capable of killing anyone. In a prison interview, Raffaele Sollecito described Knox as a "very sweet girl" and said her conviction in the murder of Meredith Kercher was "absurd and inadmissible....

Why Knox Got an Extra Year in the Clink
 Why Knox Got 
 an Extra Year 
 in the Clink 


Why Knox Got an Extra Year in the Clink

Slate visits some puzzlers from the Knox trial answered

(Newser) - The Amanda Knox trial has left a lot of unanswered questions, and some totally answerable ones. Slate’s Explainer feature tackles the latter:
  • Why did Knox get 26 years, while Raffaele Sollecito only got 25? Knox got an extra year for falsely accusing an innocent man (she accused the bar

Italian Courts Face Growing Knox Backlash

Glacial pace, leaked evidence, 'anti-Americanism' draws fire

(Newser) - Amanda Knox has served just a few days as a murder convict, but she'll have another year under her belt before an appeal gets under way, and questions about the fairness of her trial continue to pour in, reports the Independent . The open flow of information between cops and journos,...

Knox Family Visits Tired, 'Upset' Amanda

'We told her that she's gonna get out of here'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox sought comfort from visiting family members today on her first day in prison since being convicted of murdering her British roommate. "Amanda, like the rest of us, is extremely disappointed, upset about the decision," said her mother, Edda Mellas. "We told her that she's gonna...

Amanda Knox Trial: the Unanswered Questions

Verdict leaves troubling issues, from lack of motive to weak evidence

(Newser) - The verdict was swift, but the 11-month-long trial of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, convicted of murdering British student Meredith Kercher, failed to answer these nagging questions, the Telegraph reports:
  • What was the motive? Prosecutors said it was a four-way sex game, but the perpetrators barely knew each other. The

Knox Found Guilty of Murder
 Knox Found Guilty of Murder 

Knox Found Guilty of Murder

Italian jury convicts American student of killing roommate

(Newser) - Amanda Knox was found guilty today of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher and sentenced to 26 years in an Italian prison. The 22-year-old American, who cried as the verdict was read, was found guilty of 11 counts related to the crime. Co-defendant and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was also convicted...

Verdict Reached in Knox Case
 in Knox Case 
kercher murder trial

Verdict Reached in Knox Case

American student, co-defendant will learn their fate at 6pm ET

(Newser) - An Italian court will announce the verdict in the Amanda Knox murder trial tonight at midnight in Perugia, 3pm in Knox's hometown of Seattle, numerous news outlets are reporting. Knox, 22, has been in custody for the 2-plus years since the death of her roommate, British student Meredith Kercher. Knox's...

Amanda Knox Verdict May Come Today

Jurors in Italy begin deliberations in murder case

(Newser) - Jurors in the Amanda Knox trial in Italy have begun deliberations and are expected to have a verdict today or tomorrow. Knox and co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito face life sentences if convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher in 2007. Knox, a Seattle native, made an emotional appeal to jurors yesterday to not...

I'm No Murderer, Knox Tells Court
 I'm No Murderer, 
 Knox Tells Court 

I'm No Murderer, Knox Tells Court

Yes you are, says Kercher's lawyer—you did cartwheels

(Newser) - Amanda Knox today made her final, impassioned plea to the jury in the Meredith Kercher murder trial. The American defendant told the court that behind her placid demeanor, she is “not calm” but “confused, sad, frustrated,” and “afraid of having the mask of a murderer forced...

Lawyer: Knox Not 'Amanda the Ripper'

 Lawyer: Knox 
 Not 'Amanda 
 the Ripper' 
She's more like 'Amelie'

Lawyer: Knox Not 'Amanda the Ripper'

Mom says Sollecito's lawyer described 'real Amanda'

(Newser) - Amanda Knox isn’t the vicious killer prosecutors described, but instead a naïve, rambunctious, kindhearted girl, kind of like the French movie character Amelie, defense attorney Giulia Bongiorno told the court today. Bongiorno is actually Raffaele Sollecito’s attorney, but says she felt she had to defend Knox to...

Lawyer: Knox Is a 'She-Devil'
 Lawyer: Knox Is a 'She-Devil' 
kercher murder trial

Lawyer: Knox Is a 'She-Devil'

Kercher's family sues for millions in damages

(Newser) - An Italian lawyer today called Amanda Knox a “she-devil” for her role in falsely incriminating his client, Patrick Lumumba, in the murder of Meredith Kercher. In early statements to police, Knox said she sat terrified while Lumumba murdered her roommate. Knox appears “angelic,” Lumumba’s lawyer Carlo...

Amanda Knox: Murder Charges 'Pure Fantasy'

Prosecutors ask for life sentence; defense prepares final arguments

(Newser) - Amanda Knox dismissed the idea that she killed roommate Meredith Kercher as "pure fantasy" in court today. Speaking in fluent Italian after prosecutors rested their case and asked for a life sentence, Knox declared that "Meredith was my friend. I didn't hate her." Fighting tears, she added,...

Knox Acted Out of 'Hatred': Prosecutor

 Knox Acted Out of 
 'Hatred': Prosecutor 

kercher murder trial

Knox Acted Out of 'Hatred': Prosecutor

Closing argument speaks of 'crescendo of violence'

(Newser) - Italian prosecutors pulled out all the stops in closing arguments at the Amanda Knox murder trial, telling the court that the American exchange student killed Meredith Kercher in "an unstoppable crescendo of violence." The chief prosecutor restated his argument that Knox murdered her roommate out of spite because...

Knox's Family Has Spent $1M on Defense

Father 'mortgaged everything' for Italian murder trial

(Newser) - Amanda Knox’s trial has taken more than an emotional toll on her family—it’s all but bankrupted them. “Between Amanda’s mother and myself, we have spent over a million dollars so far,” her father tells ABC News. “We have literally mortgaged everything and used...

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