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7 Crazy Over-the-Top Celebrity Weddings

Including some even more expensive than the Kimye nuptials

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding was certainly over-the-top: It cost an estimated $2.8 million , but what do you expect when you're flying your guests from Paris to Florence via private jet, hiring Andrea Bocelli to sing, holding your rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles, and...

Report: Paul McCartney's Ex 'Lunged at' Sports Official

After Heather Mills' Paralympic dreams were thwarted

(Newser) - Heather Mills was apparently hoping to head to Sochi, and not as an observer: Paul McCartney's ex was gunning to qualify for the British Paralympic skiing team, but had those hopes dashed Monday when the International Paralympic Committee ruled a new prosthetic she was using hadn't been ratified...

10 Crazy Celeb Interviews
 10 Crazy Celeb 

10 Crazy Celeb Interviews

One of them involves removing an artificial leg on-air...

(Newser) - When celebrity interviews go wrong: Radar rounds up 24 of the absolute weirdest and craziest sit-downs. A sampling:
  • Princess Diana, separated from Prince Charles and having learned he cheated on her, told Martin Bashir, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups
 10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups 

10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups

YouTube and cross-dressing and tell-alls, oh my!

(Newser) - Admit it: You kind of love when a Hollywood split gets ugly. Well you're in luck, because Radar has rounded up 30 of the nastiest celebrity breakups ever :
  • Mary Harvey accused Steve Harvey of cheating on her ... on YouTube. A judge finally ordered her to take the videos down.

26 Crazy Expensive Celeb Weddings

$2M? Seems reasonable...

(Newser) - Madonna's $1.5 million wedding to Guy Ritchie seems expensive ... until you compare it to Michael Jordan's recent nuptials, which cost $10 million. Those are just two examples of the 26 crazy expensive celebrity weddings Radar rounded up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out...

UK Charges Brooks, Coulson in Hacking Scandal

British prosecutors announce 19 charges

(Newser) - British authorities have announced 19 charges over the tabloid phone hacking scandal, and they're targeting some of the biggest names in the case. Former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron's former communications chief Andy Coulson will both be charged with conspiring to "intercept communications."...

McCartney Going to Cops Over Reported Phone Hack

Former Beatle appalled by 'horrendous invasion of privacy'

(Newser) - Paul McCartney plans to contact police over ex-wife Heather Mills' claim that a Daily Mirror journalist hacked into his voicemail messages, reports Reuters . After finishing his US tour and returning to Britain, "I am going to talk to the police because apparently I have been hacked," McCartney said....

Heather Mills: Mirror Hacked My Phone

Piers Morgan implicated in phone-hacking scandal

(Newser) - Heather Mills and Piers Morgan are at the center of the latest twist in the British phone-hacking scandal. Mills claims that a senior journalist at the Daily Mirror admitted hacking into her voicemail while she was dating Paul McCartney in 2001, and called her up to quote from a message...

Paul McCartney Engaged to Girlfriend Nancy Shevell
 Paul McCartney Gets Engaged 

Paul McCartney Gets Engaged

He pops question to longtime girlfriend Nancy Shevell

(Newser) - Paul McCartney is giving marriage another chance. He's now engaged to his longtime girlfriend , New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell, sources tell People . It's marriage No. 3 for the former Beatle, and the engagement comes about three years after his uber-nasty divorce from Heather Mills. McCartney's fashion designer...

Tab: Dad Makes Brit Read Bible
 Tab: Dad Makes 
 Brit Read Bible 

Tab: Dad Makes Brit Read Bible

Also: Not all stars Tweet, and more

(Newser) - It might seem like every celeb is Twittering these days, but not so. “I don't need to invite stalkers into my life. I just don't really see the point,” Rashida Jones tells E!, while Jason Segel adds, “If I didn't talk to you in high school, I...

Sir Paul to Marry Again
 Sir Paul to Marry Again 

Sir Paul to Marry Again

Family, friends excited about Sir Paul's match with new girlfriend

(Newser) - Less than a year after his acrimonious divorce with Heather Mills was finalized, Paul McCartney plans to wed New Jersey trucking heiress Nancy Shevell, the Daily Mail reports. The two are “blissfully happy together," says McCartney, who received the blessing of first wife Linda's family. Even Paul's daughter...

Celebs' Stupidest Moves of 2008

Atlanta Journal-Constitution lists the year's worst celeb incidents

(Newser) - Celebrities broke new ground with their moronic bungles this year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. And, let's face it, they're fun to watch:
  • Lil Jon: The rapper reacted to questions about his opening a winery: “I'm not like an expert, so don't ask me no questions. This is not some

Paul's Money Can't Buy Heather Love
Paul's Money Can't Buy Heather Love

Paul's Money Can't Buy Heather Love

But with $16M spree in 7 months, she must have everything else

(Newser) - Snapping up everything from swanky real estate to savory soy dogs, Heather Mills has blown more than a third of her $40 million divorce settlement with Paul McCartney since March, The Sun reports. She spent some $13.7 million on property and donated $1 million in vegetarian food to homeless...

McCartney Blasts Ex ... in Song
 McCartney Blasts Ex ... in Song 

McCartney Blasts Ex ... in Song

(Newser) - Paul McCartney takes a stab at ex-wife Heather Mills in a song off his upcoming album, Electric Arguments. “The last thing you do was to try and betray me … I’ll never forget it …” one tune goes, according to the tabloid Sun. “Oh woman betrayed...

McCartney's Ex Donates $1M in Vegan Food

Mills gives soy burgers, hot dogs to poor Bronx neighborhood

(Newser) - Heather Mills certainly has plenty of money after her divorce with Paul McCartney, and she’s spending $1 million of it to buy soy hamburgers, hot dogs, and other vegan meat replacements for one of the Bronx’s poorest neighborhoods, the AP reports. Mills is a vegan animal rights campaigner...

Mills Hawks 'Novel' of Model Married to Rock Star

McCartney's ex hawking 'fictional' tale about a model's ill-fated marriage to top rock star

(Newser) - A gag order can't stop enterprising Heather Mills: She’s working on a "novel” about a model whose marriage to the world's most famous rock star sours, the Daily Mail reports. Paul McCartney’s ex-wife is asking for a nearly $2 million advance. "It doesn't take a genius...

Mills' PR Flack Quits, Calls Her 'Mental Maniac'

Employee denies writing tell-all, claims she is owed $100K

(Newser) - Heather Mills’ publicist quit this week over an alleged tell-all book, the New York Post reports. Michele Elyzabeth, who once posted videos online defending Mills, grew exasperated when Mills accused her of writing an insider's account. “I told her I was sick of her outbursts,” says Elyzabeth, “...

Madonna Seeks Counsel of Sir Paul's Divorce Lawyer

Fiona Shackleton got McCartney off cheap in recent settlement with Mills

(Newser) - Madonna is set to enlist the services of the lawyer who handled Paul McCartney’s divorce settlement, the Times of London reports. The pop star, 49, is reportedly exploring a split from director Guy Ritchie, 39. "Steel magnolia” Fiona Shackleton gained notoriety when she secured such a favorable result...

Mills Stiffs Fellow Amputee
 Mills Stiffs Fellow Amputee 

Mills Stiffs Fellow Amputee

Beatle's ex ignores pledge to pay for new legs

(Newser) - Heather Mills has reneged on a well-publicized promise she made to pick up the $20,000 tab for artificial legs for a Russian woman who lost her limbs in a train accident, the News of the World reports. After the photo op and documented promises 4 years ago, the 28-year-old...

One Step Closer to Officially Single

Preliminary divorce for McCartney-Mills becomes final in six weeks

(Newser) - Paul McCartney is 6 weeks from being officially single again, the AP reports. The same judge who awarded Heather Mills $47.5 million and called her a "less than impressive witness" today granted a preliminary divorce for McCartney, 65, and Mills, 40, that will become final in 6 weeks...

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