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A Twist in Figma's Rise: Adobe Deal Is Called Off

The companies said they doubted they could secure regulatory approval of the deal

(Newser) - "If this deal fell apart tomorrow, I'd feel just fine," said Figma co-founder Dylan Field when Adobe's planned $20 billion acquisition of the company was announced in September. No word on whether that's how he's feeling after the companies called off the deal Monday,...

US Warns Software Flaw Puts Millions of Devices at Risk

Companies need to clean up their code quickly, analysts say

(Newser) - US cybersecurity officials have warned companies of a software vulnerability that could put millions of electronic devices at risk from hackers. The warning was delivered to executives Monday in a phone call involving officials of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CNN reports. "We expect the vulnerability to...

Charles Geschke Was Behind the PDF
Was Behind
the PDF

Charles Geschke Was Behind the PDF

Adobe co-founder helped spark desktop publishing

(Newser) - Charles Geschke, the Adobe co-founder who helped develop the PDF, launch desktop publishing and was once kidnapped and held for ransom, had died. He was 81, the BBC reports. "Chuck instilled a relentless drive for innovation in the company, resulting in some of the most transformative software inventions, including...

The 'Funeral Procession' for Adobe Flash Is Over
Adobe Flash Is
Officially No More

Adobe Flash Is Officially No More

Software popular for creating animations, interactive content in early internet days has been retired for good

(Newser) - A new year symbolizes moving on from the past, and for users of one of the most famous web plug-ins ever, a big shift is now underway. Adobe Flash is officially no more, finally bringing an end to the animation and interactivity software that has been in a "funeral...

Adobe Flash Is Finally Going Away
Adobe Flash Is
Finally Going Away

Adobe Flash Is Finally Going Away

Company will have it phased out in 2020

(Newser) - When Microsoft suggested it was phasing out its venerable Paint program, nostalgic diehards were bummed out. Now Adobe has announced that it's killing another old staple, Adobe Flash, and the general reaction is closer to good riddance. "I am glad Adobe is ending Flash's life," one...

Facebook Wouldn't Get in on Apple-Google Hiring Cabal

Top tech firms allegedly agreed not to poach talent

(Newser) - Facebook refused to join an anti-labor conspiracy that included Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe, according to newly released documents in a $3 billion lawsuit against the allegedly colluding tech giants. According to the suit, the companies' top executives agreed to suppress wages and avoid poaching each other's talent from...

Adobe: Hackers Snagged 3M Users' Credit Card Data

Attackers got customer IDs, passwords

(Newser) - Adobe Systems says a cyberattack on its systems has exposed credit-card information of 2.9 million customers. The maker of Photoshop and other software says the attacker accessed Adobe customer IDs and passwords on its systems. Through that access, they were able to remove customer names, encrypted credit and debit...

Apple Loosens Up on Apps
 Apple Loosens Up on Apps 

Apple Loosens Up on Apps

Restrictions lifted, guidelines published

(Newser) - Apple has done a U-turn and scrapped restrictions introduced earlier this year on what tools developers can use to build applications for the iPhone and iPad. Developers will now be allowed to use tools based on Adobe's Flash, and restrictions on other programming languages have been lifted, the Wall Street ...

Google's Bouncing Dots: Hinting at Search Changes?

Theories abound about the Doodle's message

(Newser) - The consensus on what explains the moving dots on Google's logo today seems to change by the hour. The company has shot down speculation that they're balloons celebrating the company's founding, telling Search Engine Land : "Today’s doodle is not related to a birthday but is fast, fun, and...

Adobe Strikes Back In Flash Scuffle
Adobe Strikes Back In
Flash Scuffle

Adobe Strikes Back In Flash Scuffle

Letter, newspaper ads refute Jobs' anti-Flash argument

(Newser) - Adobe isn't taking Apple's assault on Flash lying down. The company's founders released an open letter of their own today—albeit a much shorter and less combative one—and took out ads in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg reports. “We believe the question is really...

Take That, Steve: Adobe Giving Workers Androids

The tech wars continue

(Newser) - First Adobe publicly wonders why Apple won't allow its Flash animation product on any of its iPhone, iPad, etc., platforms. The Mighty Steve Jobs then writes a rant about Flash's lack of openness. The Adobe CEO responds with his own letter. Now in the ongoing tit-for-tat Adobe will give all...

Steve Jobs: Why I Hate Flash
 Steve Jobs: Why I Hate Flash 

Steve Jobs: Why I Hate Flash

Apple boss pens open letter to address controversy

(Newser) - You've got it all wrong; Apple isn't the closed system picking on the open Adobe's Flash; Flash is the closed system, Steve Jobs argues, in an open letter explaining why Apple has kicked Flash off the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. He complains that Flash is “100% proprietary,” rather...

Steve Jobs: Google's 'Don't Be Evil' Is BS

Apple CEO slams Adobe, Google at company town-hall

(Newser) - Steve Jobs had some harsh words for Adobe and Google at a town hall-style meeting following the iPad's launch last week, Apple workers say. "We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business," Jobs said in reference to Google, a source tells Wired . "Make...

Dow Loses 215 on Job Cuts
 Dow Loses 215 on Job Cuts 

Dow Loses 215 on Job Cuts

Retailers miss estimates as consumer rein in spending

(Newser) - The markets lost value today amid data that unemployment is growing, and poor sales reports from retailers, MarketWatch reports. Traders are bracing for the worst ahead of the November jobs report, due tomorrow. The Dow fell 215.45, closing at 8,376.24. The Nasdaq dropped 46.82 to settle...

Adobe Tops Microsoft for NFL Streaming

(Newser) - Power up, football fans: NFL is streaming its NBC Sunday night games live for free, CNET reports. Using Adobe's Flash, it streamed one game this week and is continuing tonight with the Chicago Bears' matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. The technology offers a few tricks, too: a “star cam”...

Adobe Lets Web Spiders Snag Animation

Google, Yahoo get software to better read, index Flash files

(Newser) - For years, web developers have faced a tough choice: Make their pages pretty with Flash animations, or optimize for search engines? Now, Flash maker Adobe has tried to make that choice easier, by giving Google and Yahoo the software to read and index Flash files. “For end users, they're...

Microsoft Promises to Add Access to Open Format

Interchangeable ODF will be available in '09 update; European regulators still wary

(Newser) - Microsoft says it will allow documents created in a competitor’s interchangeable format to open in its Office 2007 software package by mid-2009, but European officials are taking a wait-and-see attitude, the New York Times reports. “We have heard a lot of promises from Microsoft, but as of yet,...

Photoshop for the Rest of Us
 Photoshop for the Rest of Us 

Photoshop for the Rest of Us

Adobe releases free, web-based image editor

(Newser) - Adobe’s Photoshop has long been the standard for high-end image editing, but for Joe Q. Digital Camera, it’s too imposing, too complicated, and much too expensive. Today, Adobe hopes to fix all that, rolling out Photoshop Express, its free, web-based photo editor. The flash-based editor gives point-and-clickers a...

PCs and Internet Are Merging
PCs and Internet Are Merging

PCs and Internet Are Merging

New Adobe AIR platform would blur the line between the two

(Newser) - The line between the Internet and PCs is blurring with the release today of Adobe AIR, a software development system for creating applications that can merge data between the two. AIR applications will have Web browser functionality without launching a browser, and users’ files will be "in the cloud,...

Flash Attack Could Turn Routers Into Zombies

Experts say online criminals could exploit UPnP to hijack routers

(Newser) - Security experts have demonstrated how attackers could use Flash software and the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to hijack their home routers, reports PC World. Users exposed to a malicious Flash file could have the servers they're trying to reach changed remotely and secretly, meaning a fraudster could redirect...

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