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Former Senator to Mugger: 'Why Would You Do This to a Grandma?'

California Democrat Barbara Boxer, 80, not seriously injured

(Newser) - Former Sen. Barbara Boxer was assaulted and robbed in Oakland on Monday afternoon, but the 80-year-old was not seriously hurt. The California Democrat was in the Jack London Square neighborhood, an entertainment district on the waterfront, when she was attacked, NBC News reports. "The assailant pushed her in the...

New Allegations of Sex Misconduct, This Time in Congress

Current and former female lawmakers, including Mary Bono, reveal past instances of harassment

(Newser) - For years, GOP Rep. Mary Bono endured increasingly suggestive comments from a fellow House lawmaker. But when the congressman approached her on the House floor and told her he'd been thinking about her in the shower, she confronted the man, who she said still serves in Congress, telling him...

Clinton Is Winning Popular Vote by More Than 1M

Sen. Boxer brings in bill to scrap Electoral College

(Newser) - In news unlikely to bring much cheer to the Clinton household, Hillary Clinton is now the winningest loser in the history of American presidential elections. According to the Cook Political Report election tracker, Clinton's lead in the popular vote has grown to more than 1 million, with 62,403,...

Native Americans Don't Love Senate Candidate's 'War Cry'

Loretta Sanchez made 'offensive' gesture during Democratic convention

(Newser) - She jump-started her campaign for a US Senate seat just days ago , but Loretta Sanchez has already put her foot in her mouth—by putting her hand to her mouth. The California congresswoman was talking with a group of Indian Americans at her state's Democratic convention Saturday night when...

Barbara Boxer: I'm Retiring From Senate

Longtime California Democrat won't seek re-election

(Newser) - Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California says she will not seek re-election in 2016 to a fifth term in office. The 74-year-old Boxer made the announcement in a video with her grandson . She was first elected to the House in 1982 and then to the Senate one decade later. It...

GOP Senators Boycott Vote on New EPA Chief

Democrats accuse them of obstructionism

(Newser) - Republicans on the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee refused to show up yesterday for a vote to confirm President Obama's nominee to head the EPA , complaining that Gina McCarthy hadn't responded to their inquiries. "We're not asking to amend any bedrock environmental laws,"...

After Meeting, Chuck Schumer Backs Hagel

Nominee 'regrets' comment on 'Jewish lobby'

(Newser) - Amid concerns over Chuck Hagel's past comments on "the Jewish lobby," leading Jewish Democrat Chuck Schumer had a 90-minute one-on-one with the Pentagon nominee, and emerged supporting his confirmation. Schumer came to the conclusion, despite "previous concerns," and applauded Hagel's support for "Israel'...

Bill Would Have National Guard Protect Schools

Barbara Boxer: 'Is it not part of the national defense to make sure our children are safe?'

(Newser) - Would you feel safer sending your kids to school if the National Guard was outside? Well, that could be a possibility if Barbara Boxer has her way. The California senator has introduced a bill that would allow local governments to use the Guard to enhance school security, Politico reports. That...

Barbara Boxer: Green Groups Should Sue Obama

California Democrat stands against ozone decision

(Newser) - Count Barbara Boxer among those steamed about President Obama’s decision to ditch the EPA’s proposal for stricter smog standards . The California senator talked to reporters yesterday, and while Politico notes that she was more measured than many environmentalists , she did call for a lawsuit against the president. “...

Barbara Boxer: It's Time to Set an End Date for Our Mission in Afghanistan
 Let's Get Out of Afghanistan 
Barbara Boxer

Let's Get Out of Afghanistan

Barbara Boxer: With bin Laden dead, it's time to set an end date

(Newser) - Barbara Boxer rounds up some facts and figures related to the Afghanistan war: Osama bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda looks to be crippled in the country, more than 1,500 Americans have been killed, and we're spending $10 billion a month on a seemingly never-ending war effort. Easy to...

Senate Dems Push to Pass 100 Bills in One Go

Reid seeks filibuster-proof measures for public lands, water

(Newser) - With time running out in the lame-duck session, Democrats are working hard to push through some 100 environmental bills, Politico reports. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling on party leaders to compile a list of public lands and water measures Republicans won’t kill with a filibuster. On the...

8 Senate Races to Watch
 8 Senate Races to Watch 
midterms 2010

8 Senate Races to Watch

These races will decide just how good the GOP's night is

(Newser) - It’s Election Day, folks, and we're here to give you the low-down. All eyes are certainly on the Senate, where Democrats have a chance to keep their majority, provided they can win a few close races. Here's what's happening, according to the Washington Post , complete with links to our...

Whitman, Fiorina: 2 Measures of How Liberal California Is

One's taking centrist tack; other is unabashedly conservative

(Newser) - The candidacies of Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina can serve as an interesting experiment into how liberal California still is. Her immigration troubles aside, Whitman has followed the traditional Republican strategy of tacking to the center after primary in hopes of gaining the support of independents and moderate Democrats. Besides,...

Sharron Angle Tops Wingnuts Index

Angle, DeMint, O'Donnell score high on list of 2010's craziest candidates

(Newser) - There's no shortage of seemingly unhinged Senate candidates out there, but who's the craziest of them all? The Daily Beast has compiled a "Wingnuts Index," judging the Senate hopefuls on criteria including belief in conspiracy theories, special interest-driven voting records, and incidents where the candidates have been called...

New Midterm Campaign Strategy: Blame China!
New Midterm Campaign Strategy: Blame China!
elections 2010

New Midterm Campaign Strategy: Blame China!

Candidates on both sides accuse each other of letting jobs go overseas

(Newser) - As midterm election battles are waged, a new campaign strategy is emerging: Blame the lack of jobs in the US on … China! Or, in a few cases, India or Mexico. Over the past week or so, at least 29 candidates from both sides of the fence have run ads...

Democrats Putting Up a Fight
 Democrats Putting Up a Fight 
Election Analysis

Democrats Putting Up a Fight

Midterms aren't a done deal yet

(Newser) - Democrats may be on the ropes, but a Republican takeover of the House is hardly a done deal, according to a state-by-state analysis from the New York Times . By now, Republicans had expected to have a variety of races already settled, but Democratic incumbents are proving more tenacious than...

Barbara Boxer Aide Busted for Pot

He's caught trying to bring it into Senate office building

(Newser) - Oops. An economics adviser to Barbara Boxer got caught trying to sneak some pot into a DC Senate office building and promptly resigned. His arrest—he tried to "remove and conceal" the marijuana while going through security—comes just ahead of California's proposition to legalize the stuff. Boxer, incidentally,...

Voters Prefer Boxer's Hair: Poll
 Voters Prefer Boxer's Hair: Poll 
so there, fiorina

Voters Prefer Boxer's Hair: Poll

Yes, an actual polling firm actually asked

(Newser) - Incumbent Barbara Boxer is leading former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina in the Senate polls—but infinitely more importantly, so is Boxer’s hair. Public Policy Polling included a question about the rivals’ hairstyles, following Fiorina’s remark that Boxer’s hair is “so yesterday,” and found that...

Fiorina's Catty Hair Remark Is a Big Deal

So much for girl power, writes Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - Just when Ruth Marcus was feeling good about the women in the 2010 race, Carly Fiorina had to make that catty comment about Barbara Boxer’s hair. Fiorina tried to laugh it off—“It sort of goes with the territory,” she told Greta Van Susteren. “No no ...

Oops: Fiorina on Boxer's Hair: 'So Yesterday'

Candidate didn't realize she could be heard

(Newser) - Carly Fiorina got her campaign to unseat Barbara Boxer off to an awkward start today when she got caught on open mic laughing about her opponent's hairstyle, notes Salon . While chatting before an interview, she said an acquaintance saw Boxer on TV and "said what everyone says: God, what...

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