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Obama Turns to 'Funny or Die' to Promote ObamaCare

Will create videos encouraging young people to enroll for insurance marketplaces

(Newser) - The White House has turned to an unlikely medium to promote ObamaCare: funny web videos. The Obama administration teamed up with popular video site Funny or Die (you may remember it from such videos as " The Wire: The Musical ") to create some 20 projects to promote the... More »

Quiet Startup Might Change Business of Online Video

Ooyala might figure out the riddle of monetization: Forbes

(Newser) - There's a startup company you've probably never heard of, but chances are you've seen its work, writes Michael Humphrey in Forbes . It's called Ooyala, and it powers an enormous number of videos across the web. ESPN highlights, Miramax movies, videos that appear on the sites of... More »

It's Official: Obama Launches 2012 Bid

Interviews supporters around the country in web video

(Newser) - President Obama has announced his reelection bid via web video—though he doesn’t say a word in it. Instead, it's a montage of supporters explaining why they’ll back the president in 2012. “We’re not leaving it up to chance,” or assuming he’ll win because... More »

GoDaddy CEO's Elephant Hunt Prompts Fury

He cites humanitarian effort behind graphic video of killing

(Newser) - GoDaddy.com's chief executive is facing viewers' wrath after he posted a graphic video of himself hunting an elephant. In the clip—see it here at the Huffington Post—CEO Bob Parsons cast the hunt as a “humanitarian” mission. Many Zimbabweans “die each year from starvation,” thanks... More »

Kiefer Sutherland Stars in Hulu Web Thriller

Online serial The Confession debuts

(Newser) - Kiefer Sutherland is starring in a new series, but you won't find it on traditional TV. The 24 star plays a hit man trying to save his soul in The Confession, an online serial that made its debut on Hulu this week, reports the Independent . The series—consisting of ten... More »

Inside a (Fake) Politico Editorial Meeting

Political junkies' website really is run by automatons

(Newser) - It takes a special sort of politics/media junkie to appreciate a send-up of Politico, they who brought you breathless updates on the laughter that no longer ensues at Robert Gibbs' press briefings. But take a Beltway insider with a little free time, and some basic animation, and you have automatons... More »

Hulu Fees Likely in 2010

News Corp. talks subscription model; paywall unlikely

(Newser) - The days of free TV shows on Hulu are likely ending: A News Corp. exec says “it’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online,” adding that “Hulu concurs with that.” Asked by Broadcasting & Cable what exactly that means, Chase Carey was vague:... More »

Man Charged With Raping Woman Live on Webcam

(Newser) - Police have busted a Phoenix man they say posted a live feed of his rape of a woman on the Internet, reports the Arizona Republic. Suspect Jonathan Hock, 20, set up a web cam before assaulting an unconscious date in his home, according to investigators. The victim learned of the... More »

Microsoft's New Search Engine Brings Back Porn

(Newser) - Some in the technology world are questioning Microsoft’s decision to enable its new search engine, Bing, to display video on the site itself, the Telegraph reports. The new technology—not shared by Google and the like—allows for pornographic film to run on the search page should the searcher... More »

YouTube Partners Carve Out Niche, Rake In Cash

Sharing ad revenue boosts income for YouTube and lets videomakers hone skills

(Newser) - YouTube's "partnership" deal with users is generating cash for both sides, the New York Times reports. Splitting ad revenues helps YouTube avoid the copyright kerfuffles that have hamstrung much of its moneymaking potential. Hundreds of partners are making thousands of dollars a month, the company says, allowing some self-made... More »

Florida Teen Kills Himself on Web TV as Viewers LOL

Users egged on bodybuilder as he swallowed pills

(Newser) - A Florida teenager broadcast his hours-long suicide on an internet video-streaming channel as viewers watched, reports Newteevee. After threatening to kill himself on Justin.tv, the teen was egged on by viewers as well as posters on a chat room he used. The young bodybuilder, 19, took a fatal overdose... More »

Gmail Adds Voice, Video Chat

Google becomes first of email's big 3 to integrate audio, video

(Newser) - Users of Google's Gmail service can now see and hear each other, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The company rolled out video and voice additions to the chat function in its Gmail interface yesterday, putting the world's third-biggest free email provider a step ahead of rivals Microsoft and Yahoo... More »

New Site Lets Microbloggers Post Short Videos

'12 Seconds' aims to do for video what Twitter did for sentences: shorten

(Newser) - Sick of spreading your message by text alone on sites such as Twitter, but not ready to actually talk to your friends face to face? Worry not: a new site, “12 Seconds,” allows you to post video updates from home or on your mobile device, Mashable reports. The... More »

Networks Aiming to Rein in RedLasso

Copyright showdown looms for video streaming site

(Newser) - Three of the big networks are trying to get a handle on video syndication website RedLasso, cNet reports. The site records and indexes clips from TV and radio shows, making it easy for bloggers to share and embed them. NBC, CBS and Fox News have issued a cease-and-desist letter ordering... More »

More Than Ever Like To Watch on Web

US online video views hit 10B in February

(Newser) - US Internet users watched 10 billion online videos in February, cNet reports, with statistics released by ComScore showing a 66% gain from February 2006. Unsurprisingly, Google’s video sites (chiefly YouTube) accounted for 35.4% of the 10 billion views, the largest portion for any one site. More »

Office Lunch, With a Side of YouTube

White collars snacking on web clips during their break

(Newser) - Byte is meeting bite in offices around the country as workers opt to stay in during their lunch breaks to watch web videos, the New York Times says. Websites are eating up the “video snacking” trend, developing net-exclusive content that’s targeted at the lunch crowd, and workers are... More »

NetFlix Box Will Bring Web Movies to TV

DVD firm teams up with LG Electronics to make stream-to-set device

(Newser) - DVD rental company NetFlix is teaming up with LG Electronics to make a set-top box that will let customers stream movies from the web straight onto their TVs, Reuters reports. NetFlix hopes to have the device ready later this year. The deal looks set to make the crowded web video... More »

Americans Turn to Web TV, And Advertisers Too

Madison Avenue product placements court cyber-audiences

(Newser) - As broadband Internet access becomes all-pervasive, more Americans are turning from the tube to YouTube—and Madison Avenue is taking notice. The New York Times looks at the advertising industry's foray into online television, eager to get their products in front of the young, male, affluent audiences of Internet channels... More »

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