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Now You're Cooking With ... a Dishwasher?

Latest food fad is poaching salmon and washing your dishes at the same time

(Newser) - For those too lazy or cheap for a microwave, NPR looks at the fabled art of ... cooking in a dishwasher. Yes, this is an actual thing that people actually do, and apparently it's growing in popularity. The "traditional method," writes Michaeleen Doucleff—who says her mother has... More »

Archeologists Find First Evidence of Spicy Cooking

Honor goes to garlic mustard seeds used 6K years ago

(Newser) - The first foodies? Archeologists have uncovered the oldest known evidence of humans cooking with spices, they report in PLoS One . The UK researchers found traces of garlic mustard seeds in 6,000-year-old pots dug up in Denmark and Germany. Because the seeds have little nutritional value but deliver a peppery... More »

London Poised to Beat Paris as Foodie Haven: Michelin Boss

City now home to 60 restaurants with Michelin stars

(Newser) - Looks like London's not just meat and potatoes anymore. After 16 British restaurants got their first Michelin star yesterday and three their second, the city is rivaling Paris as a destination for fine dining. In total, London boasts 60 starred restaurants; four of those have three stars and eight... More »

Chef 'Slow Cooked' Wife's Body for Days: Cops

Dawn Viens' body was never found

(Newser) - Investigators say a southern California chef has confessed he "slow cooked" his wife's body for days in 2009, then disposed of the remains. "For some reason I just got violent," David Viens, a chef who ran a restaurant in Lomita, told cops. He said he bound... More »

Grilling App Crashes After Zuckerberg Praises It

iGrill makers thrilled with endorsement

(Newser) - Want to boost traffic to your site? Try getting an endorsement from Mark Zuckerberg. His Facebook post on the iGrill app caused so much traffic that it shut down iGrill's servers for two hours. The app is a wireless cooking thermometer for Apple touchscreen devices, and Zuck's post... More »

Happy Birthday, Julia: You Changed Our World

Julia Child would have been 100 tomorrow

(Newser) - Julia Child would have turned 100 tomorrow, and New York Times food writer Julia Moskin pays her respects. "It was Child—not single-handedly, but close—who started the public conversation about cooking in America that has shaped our cuisine and culture ever since," she writes. When Child's... More »

Japan Eclipses France as Culinary King

But skeptics take issue with Michelin Guide assessment

(Newser) - Japan has overtaken France as the fine dining capital of the world—at least according to the latest Michelin Guide, reports ABC News . The newly released 2012 edition of the influential guide has bestowed 29 Japanese eateries with a 3-star rating—the highest possible grade—compared with 25 in France.... More »

Food & Wine Gets Reality TV Twist

'Top Chef Magazine' section to grace January issue

(Newser) - Reality television apparently isn't too lowbrow for Food & Wine. The magazine's January issue will feature a 24-page special section called Top Chef Magazine. The articles, which will be labeled as an advertorial, will focus on aspects (culinary, we assume) of the Bravo show's contestants. If it... More »

Make This Year's Cookout a Green One

Three easy tips for a tasty—and eco-friendly—Fourth

(Newser) - With 10% to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions coming from food, why not make this year’s Fourth of July cookout a green opportunity? In the New York Times , Brian Palmer offers some tips:
  • Don’t boil your potatoes—cube and pan-fry them. That method takes less than a third
... More »

10 Dumbest Food Inventions

Sporks, wine stoppers serve no discernible purpose

(Newser) - Have you ever truly benefited from a spork? Do you face a pressing need to bake muffin tops, not actual muffins? The Daily Meal rounds up the most useless food-related inventions:
  • Quesadilla maker: Don’t you already have a pan?
  • Spork: Use a fork or use a spoon. End of
... More »

Extra Virgin Olive Oil May Be a Waste of Money

If used to cook, it ends up tasting the same as cheaper stuff

(Newser) - If you're shelling out a buck per tablespoon to cook with extra virgin olive oil, you might want to think about going a cheaper route—say humble canola oil for about a dime per tablespoon. That's because it all tastes pretty much the same after being exposed to heat for... More »

Ebert Can't Eat, But He Can Cook

And to prove it, he's publishing a cookbook

(Newser) - Cancer left Roger Ebert unable to eat or speak —but it didn’t rob his ability to cook. The beloved film critic, who often reminisces about the foods he misses (root beer, Steak ‘n Shake) on his blog , doesn’t mind sharing a restaurant meal or a kitchen... More »

7 Lessons From Going Vegan

Try it before worrying that you'll die of a cheese craving

(Newser) - Instead of a trendy juice cleanse to start the New Year, Heather Wood Rudúlph went with a different detox diet: going vegan for a month. She shares seven lessons she learned from the experience in Sirens Magazine :
  • She can cook: And so can you. Forced to stop making your
... More »

Turn St. Patrick's Day Dishes Green ... Naturally

Peas, parsley, pesto help, and there's guacamole, too

(Newser) - Perhaps your grocery store is already out of green food coloring ahead of St. Patrick’s Day, or maybe you’d rather tint your celebratory grub naturally. Ann Hodgman, writing for Slashfood , has suggestions:
  • Peas: Adding some to your mashed potatoes will change the color but not the taste.
  • Parsley:
... More »

How Skinny Chefs Stay That Way

Focus, routine, exercise...and also just running around a lot

(Newser) - Rotund chefs like Mario Batali and Paula Deen have given way to a crop of stick-thin kitchen wizards who clearly know a thing or two about how to stay slim while being surrounded by food. The Daily Beast gets the skinny from the skinny culinary elite, and won't take "... More »

Help! There's a New Bitch in My Kitchen

Male food snobs are elbowing women out at the stove

(Newser) - Over the past 40 years, the amount of time men spend in the kitchen has tripled—and they have turned the once-womanly art of home cooking into a competitive playing field. On TV, “it’s hard to keep up with the itinerant rage-aholics cycling through the Food Network,”... More »

Michelle Pushes Healthy Meals —on Iron Chef

First lady will guest on Food Network competition's season opener

(Newser) - Michelle Obama’s campaign to wean kids off junk food is taking a slightly unorthodox turn: The first lady will guest on Iron Chef America’s Jan. 3 episode. In addition to discussing her crusade for healthy school lunches and more, Obama will reveal the secret ingredient for the show's... More »

The Top 20 Chef Kings (Oops, 1 Queen)

Gordon Ramsay rules the roost, in more ways than one

(Newser) - The phenomenon of the celebrity chef is well past the saturation point, but the restaurants, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and personal appearances keep coming. Presiding over the largest international empire is British pottymouth-cum-culinary genius Gordon Ramsay, according to a new list by New York's Grub Street blog. The Grub Street formula... More »

Jell-No! Hospital Chow Goes Upscale

(Newser) - If an industry group's cooking competition is any indication, the Wall Street Journal reports, hospital food ain’t what it used to be. This year's winner of the National Society for Healthcare Foodservice Management's gold medal produced a “Machaca Flat Iron Steak” that met with his hospital nutritionist’s... More »

Now In Child's Old Kitchen, No Meat—or Butter!

Vegetarian occupants hope chef 'is not rolling over in her grave'

(Newser) - The sacrilege! Not only has the kitchen in Julia Child’s former Cambridge home—familiar to millions of devotees of her show—been renovated to within an inch of its life, the Boston Globe reports, its new owners have hung a picture of a cow with the caption: “Nobody... More »

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