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Caroline Kennedy Meets Kids of Islanders Who Rescued JFK
They Delivered
JFK's Distress
Note on a Coconut.
Now, Thanks

They Delivered JFK's Distress Note on a Coconut. Now, Thanks

US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy meets with kids of Solomon Islanders who saved her dad in WWII

(Newser) - In August 1943, during World War II, a 26-year-old John F. Kennedy and his crew were shipwrecked in the Solomon Islands after a Japanese destroyer rammed into their patrol boat during the Battle of Guadalcanal. On Monday, his daughter, Caroline Kennedy, now a US ambassador to Australia, met with and...

JFK's Granddaughter Gets Married
JFK's Granddaughter
Gets Married

JFK's Granddaughter Gets Married

Tatiana Schlossberg, middle kid of Caroline Kennedy, marries fellow Yale alum George Moran

(Newser) - If the name Tatiana Schlossberg doesn't ring a bell, the New York Times spells out why some might care about her wedding bells: She's "the granddaughter of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis," and the first of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg's three children to...

JFK's Only Grandson Steps Into Spotlight

Jack Schlossberg makes live TV debut

(Newser) - Might we soon see a JFK heir in politics? John F. Kennedy's only grandson—John “Jack” Schlossberg, son of Caroline Kennedy—made his live TV debut on Today Friday and said he's "inspired" by and "proud of" his family's "legacy of public service....

Japan Busts Guy in Threats Against Caroline Kennedy

Mitsuyoshi Kamiya also called in bomb threat on US Embassy

(Newser) - Japanese police have arrested a man for allegedly making bomb threats against the US Embassy in Tokyo, and say he is also a possible suspect in death threats against Ambassador Caroline Kennedy. Public broadcaster NHK said today that Tokyo police arrested Mitsuyoshi Kamiya, a resident of the southern island of...

New Ambassador Kennedy Heads to JFK-Friendly Japan

Sworn in by John Kerry; leaves US tomorrow

(Newser) - Caroline Kennedy is the US ambassador to Japan following a swearing-in ceremony at the State department yesterday. After John Kerry administered the oath, the new ambassador, the secretary of state, and others headed to the Japanese ambassador's residence for a reception, the Washington Post reports. "My husband and...

Dems Add 10 Women to Convention Slate

Including Eva Longoria, Sandra Fluke, and Lilly Ledbetter

(Newser) - Sandra Fluke, Eva Longoria, and the president of Planned Parenthood are among the 10 women Democrats added to their lineup of convention speakers today, in their effort to cast themselves as the most woman-friendly option in November. Also on the list are Lilly Ledbetter (of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act...

ABC Says Jackie Tapes Not So Sordid, but Won't Spill

You'll have to wait for the network special

(Newser) - ABC officials are saying that their Jackie O tapes are not nearly as "sordid" as claimed in press reports—but aren't saying what's on them. The Daily Mail has reported that Jackie Kennedy told historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. in a lengthy interview that she believed Lyndon Johnson...

50 Years After Inaugural, JFK's Archive Goes Online

Includes a handwritten draft of his 'Ask not' speech

(Newser) - It's been a half-century since John F Kennedy admonished his fellow citizens to ask not what their country could do for them, and his presidential archive is going online today, just ahead of the anniversary, reports the Boston Globe. The $10 million project took four years to complete, but Camelot...

Who Killed The Kennedys? Caroline, Maria Shriver

The cousins lobbied strongly for its demise, sources say

(Newser) - The Kennedys themselves were behind the History Channel’s eleventh-hour yanking of The Kennedys, sources tell the Hollywood Reporter. No advertisers or sponsors complained about the controversial miniseries, which was called "vindictive" and "malicious" by a former JFK aide, but both Caroline Kennedy and Maria Shriver have close...

Meet the New Jackie O

 Meet the New 
 Jackie O 
Rose Kennedy Schlossberg

Meet the New Jackie O

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is a leader in the Kennedy clan

(Newser) - With her elegant fashion sense and big, wide-set eyes, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg is almost a doppelganger of her grandmother Jackie Kennedy Onassis—and “in many respects, she is the face and future of the clan,” says one historian. As Schlossberg prepares to graduate from Harvard next week, the...

Bipartisan Crew Fetes 'Teddy'

GOP senators McCain, Hatch join Dem stalwarts, Kennedy family at memorial

(Newser) - Politicians from both parties joined family and friends tonight in Boston, the Globe reports, to remember Sen. Ted Kennedy, who died Tuesday at 77. He was “the best ally you could have,” said Republican John McCain; GOP colleague Orrin Hatch said they were “like two fighting brothers....

Camelot Slips Away With Kennedy

No one appears ready to take up the torch

(Newser) - A fabled political dynasty sputtered with last night's passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who left no heir apparent in the powerhouse family. Though several younger generation Kennedys are active in civic life, none packs the punch of the senator or his famous brothers. "There seems to be no one...

In Warhol's Junk Pile: Cash, Soup ... Nude Jackie O

(Newser) - Andy Warhol was a prolific collector, but his accumulations defied categorization until 1973, when a colleague suggested he put his finds in boxes. That didn’t help much, the AP reports. “He really didn’t like organization and there would be several boxes going at a time,” says...

Preston to Open Up About Jett
 Preston to Open Up About Jett 

Preston to Open Up About Jett

Wants to help other women with grief through her story

(Newser) - Kelly Preston will speak publicly for the first time about the death of her son, Jett Travolta, at an event in October, People reports. “If she can empower one other woman who feels like they can’t get out of bed, or get through the day, whatever the loss,...

Kennedy Drinking Again: Book
 Kennedy Drinking Again: Book 

Kennedy Drinking Again: Book

Family fighting over Lion's legacy

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s grim health prognosis has driven him to drink, according to Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died, a new book from longtime Kennedy scribe Edward Klein. In an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Klein says Kennedy’s wife moved him to Florida after the seizure because his Hyannis...

Vatican Rules Out Kennedy as Ambassador

Caroline rejected over abortion stance, insiders say

(Newser) - The Vatican has rejected the idea of Caroline Kennedy as US ambassador because she supports abortion rights and stem-cell research, the Daily Telegraph reports. Other Roman Catholics President Obama had sought to appoint have hit the same wall, Vatican insiders told an Italian paper. The controversy threatens to cast a...

Kennedy Is 'Mistake' for Vatican Post: Ex-Envoy Flynn

She's a rumored candidate for ambassador to the Holy See

(Newser) - Caroline Kennedy can’t seem to catch a break. The onetime Senate aspirant is being called a “mistake” for ambassador to the Vatican. “It’s essential that the person who represents us to the Holy See be a person who has pro-life values,” Raymond Flynn, who held...

Obama Sings Happy Birthday to Kennedy

Musical tribute honors senator's battle for health care reform

(Newser) - President Obama is no Marilyn Monroe, but he sang a heartfelt Happy Birthday to Ted Kennedy yesterday as part of a star-studded musical tribute to the ailing senator, AP reports. Obama shared the Kennedy Center stage with Bill Cosby, Lauren Bacall and James Taylor. Also attending was Caroline Kennedy, who...

Paterson Leaked False Dirt on Caroline

Tax/nanny issues a mirage

(Newser) - When Caroline Kennedy ended her Senate campaign, David Paterson’s administration leaked confidential and misleading information about her, the New York Times reports. Paterson aides told reporters that Kennedy had “a definite tax issue” and “a nanny problem” that “she didn’t want to become public.”...

Paterson's Poll Numbers Tank After Debacle With Caroline

Guv cancels Davos trip to shore up support

(Newser) - New York Gov. David Paterson's poll numbers have hit the toilet as he grapples with a $15.8 billion deficit and reaction to his handling of the Caroline Kennedy Senate decision, reports the New York Daily News. The numbers have so spooked Paterson that he's decided to ditch his trip...

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