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He Died in 1984 Avalanche. His Body Was Just Found

Body of Indian soldier Chandrashekhar Harbola found in ruined shelter on Siachen Glacier

(Newser) - An Indian soldier who disappeared in an avalanche in the Himalayas almost 40 yers ago will finally be laid to rest. The body of Chandrashekhar Harbola was discovered Saturday on the Siachen Glacier along the India-Pakistan border, a disputed area the two countries have been fighting to control since 1984....

No One Knows for Sure What Country This Is
No One Knows for Sure
What Country This Is
in case you missed it

No One Knows for Sure What Country This Is

Melting glacier leaves Alps lodge at center of border dispute between Italy and Switzerland

(Newser) - In 1984, a lodge was built high up in the Pennine Alps in what was then Italy. Now most of it is technically part of Switzerland, though its manager—at the center of an international border dispute—will refute that. The alpine border between the two countries has been traditionally...

India, China Pull Back Troops in Tense Himalayan Standoff

But fate of controversial road being built by China is unclear

(Newser) - India and China have agreed to pull back their troops from a monthslong face-off in the high Himalayas where China, India, and Bhutan meet, per the AP . India's Ministry of External Affairs said the two nuclear-armed nations have agreed to "go back to the status quo" before the...

2 Nations With Nukes in Armed Standoff Over Mountain Road

China and India fought over the same area in 1962

(Newser) - China and India are in the midst of a potentially volatile border dispute centering on just 34 square miles and an unpaved road. Last month, Indian troops confronted Chinese workers trying to extend a road in a contested area known as the Doklam Plateau at the point where China, India,...

Bizarre Border Dispute Ends After 70 Years

50K stateless people can now call India or Bangladesh home

(Newser) - For nearly seven decades, some 50,000 residents of India and Bangladesh have existed in a kind of limbo, tied up in one of the strangest border disputes in living memory. But with the stroke of midnight on Friday, their lives may have become a lot easier. As part of...

Nicaragua Threatens to Reclaim 20% of Costa Rica

Daniel Ortega wants to go to International Court of Justice

(Newser) - Nicaragua's president warned once again yesterday that his country might seek to reclaim 20% of neighboring Costa Rica, AFP reports. "Costa Rica did not win that territory in an international court, but rather by force, with arms," said Daniel Ortega at a military ceremony. He was referring...

Bolivia to World Court: Fix Our Landlock

Country wants Chile to return coastal territory

(Newser) - Unlike most other landlocked countries, Bolivia was once a maritime nation and the loss of its access to the Pacific after a war with Chile more than a century ago still stings, NPR finds. The country—which still has a navy and holds a "Day of the Sea" celebration...

Georgia Senate: We're Annexing Slice of Tennessee

State says boundary blunder denies it access to key source of water

(Newser) - Georgia's Senate has voted 48-2 to shift the state's northern border to include a sliver of land it says was wrongly given to Tennessee by a surveyor's blunder in 1818. Georgia says the "mismarked boundary lines" have denied it access to the Tennessee River as a...

Time to Settle Last Border Dispute With Canada

Gulf of Maine islands have been in dispute since 1783

(Newser) - As Japan and China continue to feud over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, the US could set an example by settling a border dispute as old as the nation, Stephen R. Kelly writes in the New York Times . Machias Seal Island and North Rock in the Gulf of...

Sudan Declares South 'Enemy'
 Sudan Declares South 'Enemy' 

Sudan Declares South 'Enemy'

North shells border city taken by South

(Newser) - Violence is coursing through Sudan once more, after South Sudanese troops took over an oil-rich border town last week. Sudan reportedly killed five civilians in air attacks on the disputed town of Heglig yesterday; today it began shelling the area, a spokesman for the South tells the AP . Sudan has...

Lebanon-Israel Border Clash Kills 4 Soldiers

Exchange of fire at border may have been over tree removal

(Newser) - Three Lebanese soldiers, one Israeli soldier, and a Lebanese journalist were killed as Israeli and Lebanese troops fired on each other near the border today in their most serious confrontation since the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war. The clash began when Israeli troops tried to remove a tree near or across the...

N. Korea Demands US, S. Korea Get Out of Buffer Zone

Warning comes days after suspected attack on S. Korean ship

(Newser) - If the US and South Korea don't stop allowing tourists and journalists into the buffer zone on the heavily armed border between North and South Korea, the North will retaliate with “unpredictable incidents including the loss of human lives in this area for which the US side will be...

Koreas' Navies Trade Fire
 Koreas' Navies Trade Fire 

Koreas' Navies Trade Fire

South's ship fires warning shot at intruding North vessel

(Newser) - A South Korean navy ship fired warning shots at a North Korean vessel early Tuesday off the countries’ disputed west coast; the North’s ship was damaged and returned the salvo. No casualties were immediately reported. South Korean officials tell Yonhap the North crossed into their territorial waters; the North...

Thai, Cambodian Troops Trade Border Fire

Fighting flares around disputed jungle temple; no injuries reported

(Newser) - Thai and Cambodian troops have clashed near a disputed temple in a border area, CNN reports. The troops exchanged gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades after Cambodian forces "intruded" into Thai territory, according to a Thai general. A Cambodian government spokesman said the clashes began after Thai troops entered Cambodian territory....

Pakistanis Fear US May Be Out to Carve Up Nation

Many fear Yanks may be colluding with India

(Newser) - Pakistanis are fearful that the US is part of an India-Afghanistan plot to carve up the nation, writes Jane Perlez in the New York Times. Those worries have been fueled by a theoretical map drawn by US neoconservatives featuring a shrunken Pakistan and larger neighbors. “One of the biggest...

Thailand, Cambodia in Firefight Over Temple

Border dispute escalates as both sides accuse other of aggression

(Newser) - Thai and Cambodian troops fought an hourlong battle today, leaving two Cambodian soldiers dead and several wounded by rocket fire in the most serious incident since the start of a border dispute. At issue is just 1.8 square miles of land next to a Hindu temple that an international...

Georgian Tapes Imply Russia Started War

Troops may have entered South Ossetia before Georgia attack

(Newser) - Although the bloodshed has ended, Georgia and Russia are still fighting—over which nation was the aggressor in last month's conflict. The Georgian government, which insists that Russia invaded its territory, has released tapes of intercepted phone calls implying that a Russian regiment entered South Ossetia 24 hours before Georgia...

Olmert Proposes New West Bank, Gaza Borders

Abbas rejects plan, which doesn't include contiguous Palestine

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert has presented Mahmoud Abbas with a plan to withdraw from most of the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip once the Palestinian Authority retakes Gaza from Hamas. The centerpiece of the proposal is a new permanent border that would keep 7% of the West Bank in...

Cambodia, Thailand on Brink of War

Tensions escalate at disputed temple in border region

(Newser) - Cambodia has appealed to the UN to help defuse an "imminent state of war" with Thailand, the Daily Telegraph reports. Some 1,500 troops armed with heavy artillery are in a standoff at an ancient temple in a disputed frontier area. Cambodian officials are accusing Thailand of aggression and...

Israel Invites Lebanon to Talks
 Israel Invites Lebanon to Talks 

Israel Invites Lebanon to Talks

Disputed sliver along border on table; offer follows Rice visit to region

(Newser) - Israel today invited the Lebanese government to direct negotiations, adding that it would be willing to discuss all issues, including a long-disputed area along their border, the New York Times reports. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who visited both nations earlier this week, is attempting to use negotiation over...

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