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Ex-Philippine President Arrested in Hospital, Again

It's third indictment in two years for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

(Newser) - In what's getting to be a habit, ex-Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was arrested in a hospital room today. It's the second time that's happened , and her third indictment since stepping down two years ago, the AP reports. This time, Arroyo was being treated for dehydration at...

Former Philippine President Arrested in Hospital Room

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo accused of corruption

(Newser) - Former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was arrested in her hospital room on electoral fraud charges today, in a high-profile tug of war set off by her attempts to leave the country, ostensibly for medical treatment. In a drama that has galvanized the Philippines, Arroyo, 64, sitting in a wheelchair...

Philippines Imposes Martial Law in Province

Some call President Arroyo's move overkill

(Newser) - Philippine President Gloria Arroyo imposed martial law today on a southern province, while security forces detained the patriarch of a powerful clan and three of his sons. They are accused of massacring 57 people and fomenting rebellion. Critics accused Arroyo of overkill—it's the first time martial law has been...

Imelda Marcos Running for Philippine Congress

80-year-old widow a candidate in dictator hubby's stronghold

(Newser) - Former first lady Imelda Marcos filed her candidacy for next year's congressional elections in the Philippines, joining the country's boxing champion and the outgoing president in the star-studded race for the lower house. Strongman Ferdinand Marcos' flamboyant 80-year-old widow, who has successfully fought off more than 900 civil and criminal...

Politician Busted for Philippine Massacre

Powerful family blamed for murder of 57

(Newser) - A politician suspected of organizing the slaughter of 57 rival supporters and journalists this week has surrendered to authorities in the southern Philippines. Andal Ampatuan Jr., who was planning to run for a provincial governorship, was at the scene when gunmen stopped a convoy heading to register a rival candidate,...

As Massacre Toll Hits 46, Philippines Declares Emergency

Eleven more bodies found in mass grave

(Newser) - A state of emergency has been declared in the southern Philippines after local police found 22 bodies buried in mass graves, bringing the toll in the slaughter of political supporters and journalists to 46. The convoy traveling to register a candidate for a provincial governor was stopped and attacked by...

Top 10 Hottest Heads of State
 Top 10 Hottest 
 Heads of State 

Top 10 Hottest Heads of State

Sorry, Nobel Committee, Obama only ranks 15th

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, and Yulia Tymoshenko has not, but there’s one thing the Ukrainian prime minister has over the president: She’s ranked No. 1 on The site offers “scientific and unbiased rankings” of world leaders’ hotness, complete with piercing...

Philippines Girds for 'Calamity' Ahead of Super-Typhoon

Areas still stricken by last storm evacuate; Parma expected to hit within hours

(Newser) - Filipinos braced to be whipped by powerful winds and pelted with rain from a second typhoon in eight days, fleeing by the tens of thousands from low-lying areas and suspending cleanup operations in the flooded capital. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared a nationwide "state of calamity" and ordered mass...

Corazon Aquino Has Cancer
 Corazon Aquino Has Cancer 

Corazon Aquino Has Cancer

'80s icon of Philippines' 'people power' diagnosed with colon cancer

(Newser) - Corazon Aquino, who swept to the presidency of the Philippines on a wave of "people power" in 1986, is suffering from colon cancer, AP reports. Her daughter appealed to the country on Philippine TV to pray for her mother's recovery, and to respect the family's privacy. Religious and political...

Manila Rebels Surrender After Troops Storm Hotel

Anti-Arroyo stand fails to ignite support; rebels yield to troops

(Newser) - Rebel soldiers who had held 200 workers, guests, and journalists hostage in a Manila luxury hotel surrendered today after Philippine troops launched an assault on the building, the BBC reports. The rebels, who were calling for the overthrow of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, were led handcuffed out of the Peninsula...

Philippines Braces for Typhoon
Philippines Braces for Typhoon

Philippines Braces for Typhoon

MIltag may become "super typhoon" before hitting shore Saturday

(Newser) - Typhoon Mitag is racing for the eastern Philippines as officials continue to evacuate almost 200,000 people, the AP reports. Blowing at more than 100 miles per hour, Miltag may become a "super typhoon" with 138mph winds before making landfall Saturday, one expert said. The Philippine region bracing for...

Philippine Ex-President Gets Life
Philippine Ex-President Gets Life

Philippine Ex-President Gets Life

Estrada guilty of plundering millions

(Newser) - Disgraced Philippine ex-president and former movie star Joseph Estrada was sentenced to life in prison today for plundering  $85 million from the nation's treasury. Estrada, 70— still popular despite his 2001 ouster amid corruption charges—returned under house arrest to his villa near Manila until his appeals are heard.

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