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Dow Jones Is Removing Its Oldest Member

Exxon Mobil is among 3 leaving in shake-up

(Newser) - Three companies are departing the Dow Jones Industrial Average—including Exxon Mobil, currently the oldest member of the influential 30-company stock index. The oil giant, which joined the index in 1928 as Standard Oil, will be leaving along with Pfizer and Raytheon in the Dow's biggest shake-up since 2013,... More »

New Giant Is Born in Defense Industry

After merger, Raytheon Technologies will be 2nd to Boeing in aerospace and defense industry

(Newser) - In the lucrative aerospace and defense industry, the top two companies are Boeing and Lockheed Martin. But assuming a giant new merger goes through, the top rankings will have to be reordered: Boeing ($101 billion in annual revenue) will remain No. 1, Lockheed ($53.7 billion) will fall to No.... More »

15 US Companies Sanctioned by ... Iran

The American military and CIA could become classified as terrorist groups

(Newser) - Iran said Sunday it has imposed sanctions on 15 American companies over their alleged support for Israel, terrorism, and repression in the region, reports the AP . A Foreign Ministry statement carried by the state-run IRNA news agency said the companies are barred from any agreements with Iranian firms and that... More »

New to Maryland Skies: $1B Spy Blimp

$2.8B cruise-missile system finally ready to launch

(Newser) - It's a good year for the military's spy blimp program : After years of delays, a huge blimp-like airship will take to the skies over Maryland sometime in the next week as part of a $2.8 billion project that the military says is designed to spot cruise missiles... More »

DC's New Protectors? Blimps

Two will begin radar patrols within a year

(Newser) - At some point within the next year, DC will get a missile shield of sorts—courtesy of two white blimps. Made by defense contractor Raytheon, the $2.7 billion blimps will float 10,000 feet above the city and use their high-tech surveillance systems to keep an eye out for... More »

Defense Firm's Software Can Track You Online

Raytheon's 'Riot' program combs through social media

(Newser) - Hope you haven't been kidding around about al-Qaeda on Facebook, because new software may have already spotted it. A Massachusetts-based security firm has secretly invented a program called Riot—or Rapid Information Overlay Technology—that can track people on social media and predict their future activities. The multi-billion-dollar company,... More »

Gay Couples May Have to Marry ... to Keep Benefits

Some New York companies phasing out 'domestic partner' perks

(Newser) - Now that gay marriage is legal in New York, some couples might have no choice but to take the plunge—at least if they want to keep their health insurance. Two major companies—Raytheon and IBM—say employees in same-sex relationships must get married if they want to keep the... More »

Feds Raid Missile Expert's Home After He's Stopped at Airport

Boxes removed from warhead engineer's house in suburban Boston

(Newser) - Federal agents have raided the suburban Boston home of a missile systems engineer who has worked for military contractor Raytheon. Several boxes of items were removed from the home of Richard Lloyd, who was stopped at New York's JFK airport trying to board a flight with a Raytheon laptop computer... More »

Military Shows Off 'Iron Man' Armor

Suits unveiled alongside Iron Man 2 DVD

(Newser) - Raytheon unveiled a revolutionary new military technology yesterday—at an event celebrating the Iron Man 2 DVD release. It’s a fairly apt product tie-in. The company was demonstrating its second-generation Exoskeleton, or XOS 2, a hydraulic suit that can allow a soldier to easily and repeatedly lift 200 pounds,... More »

Pentagon Builds Legion of 'Hacker Soldiers'

US lags behind in cyberwarfare: experts

(Newser) - Military recruiters may still prize the strapping jock, but military contractors are wooing the scrawny computer geek to join the ranks of young "hacker soldiers" enlisted to defend the US in cyberwarfare, the New York Times reports. Most of the biggest companies, like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, have... More »

Defense Giants Stalk Cyberwar Contracts

(Newser) - Major defense contractors are already staffed with "hacker soldiers" who can help them earn billions of dollars in Washington's new cyberwar, the New York Times reports. Cranking rock tunes and piling up pop cans, engineers hack away at companies like Raytheon, working for the Pentagon or protecting internal documents.... More »

Embattled Blackwater Maneuvering to Expand Role

Seeks new contracts despite massacre

(Newser) - Blackwater, the private security firm under fire for controversial shootings in Iraq, is preparing expansion plans to develop a bigger role as an arm of the US military. Company founder Erik Prince wants to make Blackwater a one-stop shop for all kinds of operations to which Washington won't commit US... More »

Ray Gun Eyed for Riot Control

Weapon focuses painful microwave beam on skin, but doesn't kill

(Newser) - The US is eyeing a new weapon said to produce "waves of agony" for its potential in riot control and combat situations, reports Information Week. Raytheon's Silent Guardian aims a highly concentrated beam of millimeter waves, heating water just under the skin in a manner that creates a burning... More »

Pentagon Woos Tech Startups

Venture capital firms play matchmaker in Defense search for new technologies

(Newser) - Infant tech companies are fast becoming a tributary in the pipeline between the Pentagon and big contractors, the Times reports. And in a new, official initiative, Defense is tasking venture capitalists to harvest ideas and technologies from the fast-moving tech startups they monitor, and small companies are winning coveted contracts. More »

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