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Mediterranean Diet May Help You Age Better
Mediterranean Diet May Keep
Seniors Sharper, Stronger
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Mediterranean Diet May Keep Seniors Sharper, Stronger

Study sees changes to gut linked to sharper brains, less frailty

(Newser) - Another study is extolling the benefits of the Mediterranean diet , this time in regard to aging. Researchers say the diet—which is heavy on fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil, and fish—appears to improve gut bacteria in ways that keep seniors physically and mentally healthy, reports CNN . The...

Study on Our Bad Diets Names What We Should Eat

Bad diets blamed for 1 in 5 deaths

(Newser) - Bad diets are responsible for one in five deaths around the world every year, according to a new study—but the authors say we shouldn't nag people about eating fewer cheeseburgers. Instead, they say the best way to cut down on those deaths is to push the foods people...

Landmark Study of Mediterranean Diet Was Flawed

2013 study retracted, though updated version reaches similar conclusion

(Newser) - The repute of the Mediterranean diet, considered one of the world's healthiest, took a hit this week: Citing methodology errors, authors retracted a landmark 2013 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that found people who consumed the diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, fish, and olive oil...

Region Known for Healthy Diet Now Known for Overweight Kids

For children, the 'Mediterranean diet is gone,' says researchers

(Newser) - The Mediterranean diet is seen as one of the world's healthiest. Now, however, a new report suggests a surprising irony: Kids who live in the Mediterranean region are among the most overweight children in the world. For example, 43% of 9-year-old boys and girls in Cyprus are overweight or...

Mediterranean Diet Has a Downside
Mediterranean Diet
Has a Downside

Mediterranean Diet Has a Downside

The rich, well-educated benefit the most, study says

(Newser) - Despite its many purported advantages , the Mediterranean diet might not be all it's cracked up to be. According to a new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology , its effects depend largely on socioeconomic status. Researchers surveyed 19,000 people ages 35 and over in Italy, giving each a...

There's More Good News About Eating Mediterranean
There's More Good News
About Eating Mediterranean

There's More Good News About Eating Mediterranean

The diet (perhaps not the fish) prevents brain shrinkage: study

(Newser) - A healthy diet isn't just good for your waistline, but also your brain, say scientists in a study in Neurology —the latest to tout the benefits of the Mediterranean diet . About 400 healthy Scottish volunteers kept a food diary at age 70, then underwent MRI scans of their...

Italians Researchers: Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat
Italian Researchers: Pasta
Doesn't Make You Fat

Italian Researchers: Pasta Doesn't Make You Fat

Pasta intake linked to lower obesity rates

(Newser) - People who blame pasta for weight gain have missed the message about the Mediterranean diet , according to Italian researchers. The team from IRCCS Neuromed Institute in Italy crunched the numbers from earlier studies involving more than 20,000 Italians and discovered that pasta intake was associated both with lower obesity...

Mediterranean Diet Could Halt Breast Cancer's Return

Per a small study of 307 women in Italy

(Newser) - Women who've survived breast cancer and are looking to prevent a recurrence may be encouraged by news out of a major cancer conference: that adhering to a Mediterranean diet (lots of fruits, veggies, fish, and olive oil) may help fend off the disease's return, the Guardian reports. For...

To Cut Your Brain's Age by 5 Years, Eat Mediterranean

Diet may prevent brain shrinkage, cognitive impairment, dementia

(Newser) - Hoping to avoid brain shrinkage, cognitive impairment, and dementia? Gobble up lots of fish, veggies, and nuts. A new study shows those who follow the increasingly well-regarded Mediterranean diet have less brain atrophy than those who don't. Researchers scanned the brains of 674 Manhattan residents over 80 who showed...

Surprise Find: Pompeii Residents Had 'Perfect Teeth'

Also, study suggests many died from head injuries, not suffocation

(Newser) - High-tech scans of Pompeii residents killed in the long-ago eruption of Mount Vesuvius have provided two revelations: They had amazing teeth, and many were killed by falling masonry and other objects—as opposed to the widely held theory that they were suffocated by ash. As for the first: Thank a...

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

 To Keep Memory 
 Greased, Go 

To Keep Memory Greased, Go Mediterranean

Diet with olive oil, nuts, may slow cognitive decline: study

(Newser) - A Mediterranean diet doesn't just add years to your life , it may also help you remember those years more clearly. A small study suggests a diet high in vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, plus olive oil or nuts, can improve memory and brain power, Reuters reports. Researchers in Barcelona...

This Diet Slashes Alzheimer's Risk by 53%

 This Diet 
 Risk by 53% 
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This Diet Slashes Alzheimer's Risk by 53%

Stick to it so-so and you'll still cut your risk

(Newser) - "We devised a diet and it worked." Indeed: After nearly a decade of research, researchers from Chicago's Rush University Medical Center have concluded that those who followed what they've termed the "MIND diet" slashed their risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by 53% as compared...

Mediterranean Diet Could Add Years to Your Life
Mediterranean Diet Could
Add Years to Your Life
study says

Mediterranean Diet Could Add Years to Your Life

Study finds the diet is good for your DNA

(Newser) - A new study finds that following the Mediterranean diet could add about 4.5 years to your life. Researchers found that the diet, which focuses on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and olive oil, is good for our DNA, the New York Times reports. Nearly 4,700 women were followed for...

Just Smelling Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full
Just Smelling Olive Oil
Makes You Feel Full
study says

Just Smelling Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full

New research suggests strange reason olive oil is good for you

(Newser) - Olive oil is good for you. That's not a terribly controversial statement—it's a staple, after all, of the well-regarded Mediterranean diet . The big question has always been why, and while conventional wisdom has held that it's because it contains antioxidants and oleic acid, a new study...

This Diet Helps Your Mind
 This Diet Helps Your Mind 
in case you missed it

This Diet Helps Your Mind

Mediterranean fare apparently good for the brain, too: Study

(Newser) - Add this to the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet: It might just help your brain along with your heart, a new study suggests. Using MRI scans of the brain, researchers found that those who ate a diet based on fruits, veggies, fish, whole grains, olive oil, and a moderate...

Fried Food Doesn't Cause Heart Attacks
 Fried Food Doesn't 
 Cause Heart Attacks 
New Study

Fried Food Doesn't Cause Heart Attacks

...Assuming it's fried in olive oil or sunflower oil

(Newser) - Good news grease lovers: Fry your food right, and you might not die of a heart attack after all. A new study in the British Medical Journal has upended conventional wisdom by finding no correlation between how often participants ate fried foods and how likely they were to develop heart...

DASH, Weight Watchers Rank at Top of Diet List

 And the Best Diet Is... 
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And the Best Diet Is...

DASH is tops overall; Weight Watchers best for losing pounds: US News

(Newser) - The best overall diet is the DASH diet, US News & World Report says in new rankings—but if weight loss is your specific goal, go with Weight Watchers. So what's DASH? It stands for Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension and it's generally meant for adults looking to...

Mediterranean Diet Beats the Blues

Study finds diet cuts risk of depression by nearly a third

(Newser) - The Mediterranean diet has been shown to cut the risk of cancer and heart disease and researchers now say it can help prevent depression as well. Spanish researchers followed 10,000 subjects for nearly 5 years and found that, even when personality traits and other factors were taken into account,...

For a Lifelong Healthy Diet, Look to the Mediterranean

Diet is healthy and satisfying, doctors say

(Newser) - A Mediterranean getaway may be too expensive these days, but a taste of the region is just what the doctor ordered. The most thorough study to date of the Mediterranean diet confirms long-held beliefs about its health benefits, writes Dr. Peter Libby in the New York Times. It’s “...

Fast Food Pounds Mediterranean

Mediterranean diet dumped for fast food and growing girths

(Newser) - The much-vaunted Mediterranean diet is falling out of favor fast around the Mediterranean —and obesity rates are rocketing, the New York Times reports. Greek men are now the fattest people in Europe by far as the traditional diet high in vegetables and fish but low in meat is replaced...

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