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NYC Pushing for High-Salt Warnings in Chain Eateries

Would be first US city to make restaurants dish on what meals are high sodium

(Newser) - Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg first took on Big Salt by setting up the National Salt Reduction Initiative , which encourages restaurants and food manufacturers to voluntarily reduce the sodium found in their fare. Now current Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is getting into the act: The city's Department... More »

Wireless Group: Radiation Warnings Will 'Stoke Fear'

Industry association says Berkeley's cellphone warning violates First Amendment

(Newser) - Last month, the city council in Berkeley, Calif., unanimously approved a measure that would require all cellphones sold within the city to come with a warning notice that informs consumers about radiation exposure. But a wireless industry trade group is now suing the city, saying that the warning violates sellers'... More »

FDA Abandons Gruesome Cigarette Warnings

Feds won't challenge free speech ruling

(Newser) - Big Tobacco can breathe easier: The Food and Drug Administration has scrapped a series of graphic warning labels for cigarettes after deciding not to challenge a court ruling that said the shocking images violated free-speech protections, the Wall Street Journal reports. The labels included images such as diseased lungs and... More »

Kucinich Wants Warning Labels on Cell Phones

Congressman introduces law regarding radiation dangers

(Newser) - If Dennis Kucinich has his way, your next cell phone could come with a warning label informing you that it may expose you to radiation. The congressman introduced a federal law yesterday called the Cell Phone Right to Know Act, which would require the warning labels, create a research program... More »

Judge: Graphic Smoking Images Are Unconstitutional

Big Tobacco wins a round in court over proposed warnings

(Newser) - Tobacco companies can't be forced to put ultra-graphic images on cigarette packages and advertising to scare away smokers, a federal judge ruled today. The FDA requirement, which was supposed to go into effect later this year, violates the companies' free-speech rights, declared US District Judge Richard Leon in Washington,... More »

Our Food Labels Need to Tell Us the Bad News

...says a new report that wants calories, fat listed on the front of packages

(Newser) - It's time for food manufacturers to come clean about what's in their products, a new report on food labeling suggests. In addition to trumpeting the good (high fiber!) food labels should fess up to the bad ('high sodium!') on the front of the package, argue experts from the... More »

Vegans Sue for Cancer Warning on Hot Dogs

(Newser) - A group that promotes a meat-free diet wants hot dog packages to carry a label warning of their association with cancer, the Los Angeles Times reports. “Just as tobacco causes lung cancer, processed meats are linked to colon cancer,” says a lawsuit filed by the vegan-friendly Cancer Project.... More »

Label to Die for: 'Danger— Avoid Death'

Bizarre caution nails wacky warning contest

(Newser) - Turns out creators of the bizarrely macabre warning posted on a tractor—"Danger: Avoid Death"—didn't make such a grave mistake after all. The warning was so peculiar that it won the 11th annual Wacky Warning Label Contest, an event run by a lawsuit abuse group.  Second... More »

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