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Stuart Kuttner, Another Ex-News of the World Editor, Arrested
Former NOTW
Editor Arrested

Another Former NOTW Editor Arrested

Stuart Kuttner was the face of the tabloid for decades

(Newser) - British police have arrested yet another former News of the World employee in connection with its phone hacking investigation. This time it’s ex-managing editor Stuart Kuttner, who for 22 years served as the public face and perennial defender of the tabloid, the Guardian reports. The 71-year-old went in for...

Murdoch Largesse: NOTW Crew Offered Work in Siberia

Former staff of shuttered tabloid say they're getting shafted

(Newser) - News of the World staffers were promised they'd be taken care of, but it's turned out to be very cold comfort. The entire crew found themselves out on the street when owner Rupert Murdoch's (now busted) editor Rebekah Brooks announced a shutdown of the tabloid amid the...

Cops: NotW May Have Spied On Grieving Mom

Murdoch-owned tabloid had crusaded on Sara Payne's behalf

(Newser) - News of the World has been linked to another shocking case of phone hacking—and this might be an even bigger betrayal. Police have informed Sara Payne that she was on a list of people seized from a private investigator employed by NotW, Reuters reports. The twist: The paper’s...

Eric Holder to Talk Phone Hacking With 9/11 Families

US investigation gets serious

(Newser) - The FBI's investigation into allegations that News of the World reporters hacked the phones of 9/11 victims must be heating up, because Attorney General Eric Holder himself will meet with families of the dead next month to discuss the probe's progress, the Guardian reports. A lawyer for 20...

Did Piers Morgan Admit to Phone Hacking?

Tape from 2009 interview raises questions

(Newser) - Did Piers Morgan sanction a bit of phone hacking while in charge of the Daily Mirror? The CNN host has been denying it all week, after a British lawmaker accused him of it. But now, audio has surfaced online of a 2009 radio interview in which Morgan seems to admit...

Kate Middleton's Phone Likely Hacked, Too

Duchess of Cambridge could have been hacked as early as 2005

(Newser) - Add Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, to the list of likely phone hacking victims. Previously, just Prince William, Prince Harry, and three aides were thought to be targeted by tabloid phone hackers, but now investigators think that most of the royal family was probably targeted, reports the Telegraph . In fact,...

US Readies News Corp Subpoenas

Investigates police bribery, 9/11 victims' phone hacking

(Newser) - As the News Corp scandal spreads to the US , the Justice Department is readying subpoenas tied to accusations of foreign bribery and allegations of hacking into 9/11 victims’ voicemail, an insider tells the Wall Street Journal —itself owned by Rupert Murdoch’s company. The subpoenas haven’t yet been...

O'Reilly Rips 'Ideological' Hacking Coverage

Accuses liberal 'New York Times' of exploiting story to hurt Murdoch

(Newser) - Fox News' dead silence on the phone hacking scandal threatening Rupert Murdoch's media empire has finally been broken. And no surprise, Bill O'Reilly is insisting there is absolutely "no intrusion" of the burgeoning scandal on Murdoch's US operations, and that heavy-handed coverage of the scandal is...

Jude Law Charges Phone Was Hacked in US

Rupert Murdoch's empire could face federal charges

(Newser) - Jude Law says reporters working for News of the World hacked into his phone while he was visiting the US, an accusation which could see Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. facing US charges. The actor has filed a lawsuit accusing the tabloid of hacking into his phone and that of...

Former Exec: Fox News Hacked Phones, Too

'Black ops office' existed to do 'counter intelligence' work: Dan Cooper

(Newser) - A former Fox News exec who helped launch the channel in 1996 claims the Rupert Murdoch-owned network has a "counter intelligence and black ops office" that may have engaged in a little phone hacking of its own. The New York "brain room," which most thought was just...

James Murdoch Misled Parliament on Hacking Payoffs

Hacking victims received much bigger payouts than testified

(Newser) - James Murdoch misled Parliament in Tuesday's hearing, saying the hush-money payout to one prominent phone-hacking victim was about $402,000, when in fact it was 70% more, a hefty $684,000, reports the Guardian . Despite protesting that phone-hacking settlements were not "astronomic sums," with legal costs and...

Tabloids Are Important Part of Our Culture
Tabloids Are Important
Part of Our Culture

Tabloids Are Important Part of Our Culture

They let us look behind the curtain: Ryan Linkof

(Newser) - Let's not get carried away with anti-tabloid fever just because News of the World broke laws to gain scoops, writes Ryan Linkof in the New York Times . Most tabloids get their stories legally—even if they do "test the limits of the ethically or legally acceptable"—and...

Jon Stewart: Wendi Smacks Down, Rupert Nods Off

In fact, 'doddering' Murdoch may have won sympathy, say other observers

(Newser) - Wendi Deng came off as having "Chuck Norris-esque hand speed" yesterday while defending her hubby from a pie-thrower, but Rupert Murdoch ... not so much, chortles Jon Stewart . In fact, the 80-year-old publisher is seen nodding off in the middle of his grilling by a parliament committee on the News ...

Glenn Beck Laughs About Dead Tabloid Whistleblower

Foes will exploit Murdoch scandal to hurt Fox, he fears

(Newser) - The death of the whistleblower who landed Rupert Murdoch in trouble drew a big chuckle from Glenn Beck yesterday. "Did you hear about the guy who was the whistleblower on the News of the World thing? I love this story. He woke up dead!" Beck laughs on his...

News of the World Scandal Shows Power of Print

 News of the World Scandal 
 Shows Power of Print 
Richard Cohen

News of the World Scandal Shows Power of Print

Richard Cohen on Rupert Murdoch's inky downfall

(Newser) - Richard Cohen is thrilled about the downfall of News of the World, and not just because it was “a revolting scandal sheet” run by the hated Rupert Murdoch. “I thrill that what we are witnessing is a good, old-fashioned newspaper scandal,” Cohen writes in the Washington Post...

Murdoch: 'This Is Most Humble Day of My Life'

Says no evidence 9/11 victims were targeted

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch has concluded his time in the hot seat, with son James by his side. Highlights from today's hearing, a nearly 3-hour-long session in which 10 members of Parliament peppered the duo with questions and a protester chucked a foam pie at Rupert. (Rebekah Brooks is being questioned...

Hackers LulzSec, Anonymous Hit Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks
 Guess Who Got Hacked Now? 

Guess Who Got Hacked Now?

Anonymous, AntiSec target Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks in latest hacks

(Newser) - So it turns out that the News of the World isn't the only gig in town that can hack: Notorious prankster-hackers LulzSec and Anonymous are wreaking havoc with Rupert Murdoch and his empire, reports Gizmodo . Lulzsec fired the first volley, publishing a cheeky account of Murdoch's death—via...

News of the World Whistleblower Found Dead

Sean Hoare's body found a week after he made new accusations

(Newser) - Sean Hoare—the former News of the World reporter who was the first to publicly accuse editor Andy Coulson of knowing about his staff's phone hacking practices—has been found dead in his home. Police say they were called to check on his well-being, and discovered Hoare's body...

News Corp May Boot Rupert Murdoch; Guardian Speculates Daughter Elisabeth Could Replace Him
 News Corp May Boot Murdoch 

News Corp May Boot Murdoch

Could daughter Elisabeth replace him?

(Newser) - As News Corp continues to reel from the phone hacking scandal, its independent directors are wondering whether it’s time for a leadership change, insiders tell Bloomberg . The independent directors—who make up 9 seats of the 16-member board—complain that they’ve been given too little information about the...

WSJ: Stop Using Hacking Scandal to 'Assail' Us

'Ideological' competitors aim to spread blame

(Newser) - Those at the Wall Street Journal—and "thousands of other journalists"—don’t deserve to be implicated in a mess caused by a single British tabloid, write the editors of the Journal , whose own publisher, Les Hinton, recently stepped down amid the phone hacking scandal . In a lengthy...

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