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Vending Machines on College Campuses Now Offer Plan B

They're a push post-Roe to ensure college students have access to affordable, discreet contraception

(Newser) - Need Plan B? Tap your credit card and enter "B6." Since last November, a library at the University of Washington has featured a different kind of vending machine, one that's become more popular on campuses around the country since the US Supreme Court ended constitutional protections for...

Now a Vending Machine Thing: Bear Meat

Japan does it again

(Newser) - Japan, the country that brought you whale meat in a vending machine , has a popular new flavor of vending machine meat, and there's a certain four-legged segment of the wild population that's not going to be happy to hear it: bears. That's right, for the bargain price...

Japanese Vending Machines Now Dispensing Whale Meat

Conservationists are worried about the development

(Newser) - A Japanese whaling operator, after struggling for years to promote its products amid protests from conservationists, has found a new way to cultivate clientele and bolster sales: whale meat vending machines. The Kujira (Whale) Store, an unmanned outlet that recently opened in the port town of Yokohama near Tokyo, houses...

Burglar Has Odd Plan for Snack Machine
Burglar Has Odd
Plan for Snack

Burglar Has Odd Plan for Snack Machine

But it doesn't exactly work out, police say

(Newser) - This burglar knew his target—a vending machine—but couldn't seem to get much out of it, WECT reports. Surveillance video shows the man at Miami's Dominion Tower apartment building pushing a vending machine into an elevator, where police say he took it to the eighth floor. "...

This Might Be the Weirdest CIA Misdeed Ever

Contractors fired after hacking vending machine to steal snacks

(Newser) - The CIA may be famous for daring acts of espionage, but in 2013 several agency contractors learned the hard way not to use their shadowy skills to steal from vending machines. A declassified report from the Office of Inspector General says several agency contractors conspired to steal more than $3,...

New Vending Machine Can Deny You Snacks

Facial recognition technology could 'remember' you're on a diet

(Newser) - In the mood for potato chips? In the future, you may need a snack machine's approval. The Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine has facial-recognition technology, meaning it can, apparently, identify customers and remember their snacking profiles. That means, for instance, that it could offer you your favorite chips—...

Iowa man loses job over Twix stuck in vending machine
Man Loses Job Over Twix Stuck in Vending Machine

Man Loses Job Over Twix Stuck in Vending Machine

Robert McKevitt's dollar failed him, so he used a little force

(Newser) - It's a story straight out of an episode of Seinfeld , just with an ending both more—and then less—satisfying. Last fall, a man from Spirit Lake, Iowa, decided he wanted to snack on a Twix while working his warehouse job at Polaris Industries. So Robert McKevitt inserted a...

Oh, Canada: Vending Machines Hawk Crack Pipes

Nonprofit tries to boost health of Vancouver users

(Newser) - A pair of jaunty, polka-dotted vending machines in Vancouver are selling something unusual: Crack pipes for a quarter. They have been installed to make sure addicts have a cheap, reliable source of pipes. "They don’t run the risk of then sharing pipes, or pipes that are chipped or...

Coming to Wash., Colo.: Pot Vending Machines?

Machine maker seeks to expand

(Newser) - Pot vending machines have been around for a few years now in medical marijuana states, but thanks to Colorado and Washington recently legalizing the drug , at least one such vending machine manufacturer is looking to bring the machines to those states, reports NBC News . "One day we envision these...

Vending Machine as Pot Dealer? Yep, Not Legal

Cops seize machine from pro-legalization HQ

(Newser) - Can laws against drug dealing be sidestepped by making a machine the dealer? The answer is no, a group of drug law reform activists in New Zealand discovered this week. Police raided the group's Auckland headquarters and confiscated a vending machine that was selling one-gram bags of marijuana instead...

Introducing the 164-Item Vending Machine

Kroger opens kiosk-style store on Ohio Northern University campus

(Newser) - There's a new Kroger on the Ohio Northern University campus, but you can't enter it—because it's a vending machine. The Kroger Shop24 Kiosk, which opened last month, is about the size of a bus stop and includes 164 items, from milk and bread to toiletries and...

New Source of WiFi: Japanese Vending Machines

And it's totally free

(Newser) - Want some WiFi with that soda? A Japanese soft drink company has unveiled new vending machines that offer a free wireless Internet signal, TechCrunch reports. Users needn't register or even shell out for a drink: They can simply connect to the public signal for 30 minutes, landing on a...

Tot Rescued From Toy Vending Machine

2-year-old crawls inside grab claw game

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania mom wisely decided to call in emergency services instead of trying her luck with the controls after her 2-year-old got stuck inside a grab-claw vending machine with the other toy prizes. Firefighters were able to free the girl—who had apparently climbed into the chute where prizes are...

Face-Reading Vending Machines Hit Japan

Contraptions offer drinks based on market research

(Newser) - Vending machines have officially entered the 21st century: A Japanese firm has developed a vending machine that determines your age and gender using facial-recognition software then recommends drinks based on your demographic, the Week reports. A man, for example, might get offered a “canned coffee drink” because men “...

Now in Swiss Vending Machines: Pregnancy Tests

It's supposed to promote privacy

(Newser) - Privacy is cherished in Switzerland, so it only follows that the country should ... start selling pregnancy tests in vending machines? Apparently. The move, which will bring the product to 3,000 machines at the end of this month, is part of an effort to ensure that young people can purchase...

Pa. Gets Vending Machines —for Wine

Finally, you can buy alcohol out of a kiosk

(Newser) - Thanks to complicated and antiquated liquor laws, it was quite difficult to get a bottle of wine in Pennsylvania…until now. The state recently introduced the nation’s first wine kiosks, ie, alcoholic vending machines. Normally, wine cannot be sold in a supermarket—only a state-owned store—but thanks to...

11 Wacky Vending Machines
 11 Wacky Vending Machines 

11 Wacky Vending Machines

Forget chocolate: You can get gold, pizza, and raw eggs

(Newser) - When you need to find a bar—gold, not chocolate—the Gold to Go vending machine at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi has you covered. It's one of a number of wacky vending options. Travel + Leisure lists 10 more weird things you can get from a machine:...

Gold Vending Machine Debuts in Abu Dhabi

For when you really need a block — fast

(Newser) - How rich: A vending machine that dispenses blocks of gold made its debut Wednesday at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. "Gold to Go" carries special one-ounce bars (current cost: about $1,264) alongside one, five, and 10-gram options. The machine, itself encased in 24-karat gold, is meant...

Machines Join Japanese Anti-Smoking Effort

Face-scanning system could help ensure buyers are of age

(Newser) - New face-scanning software may help Japanese vending machines decide who can buy cigarettes and who can't, Reuters reports. The system would look for wrinkles and saggy skin to identify customers over the legal smoking age of 20. As of July, vendors are on the hook for checking ID, and the...

Stay Heart Healthy at Work
Stay Heart Healthy at Work

Stay Heart Healthy at Work

Forbes suggests ways to keep workplace calm, healthy

(Newser) - Stressing out at work can negate the effects of that heart-healthy oatmeal you had for breakfast, Forbes reports. To avoid being that one of every three Americans with cardiovascular disease, adopt these work-day habits:
  1. Drink water instead of cola, coffee, or tea.
  2. Take the stairs; walk a few blocks at

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