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Tucker Carlson: Drudge Is Posting 'Woke' Propaganda

The Fox News host takes a swing at the online media star

(Newser) - Matt Drudge, a "woke" liberal of the "progressive left"? So said Tucker Carlson on Friday while interviewing the author of a new Drudge biography, the Daily Beast reports. The Fox News host was echoing recent concerns among Trump fans about posting links to stories that...

Drudge Has Words for Trump
Drudge Has Words for Trump

Drudge Has Words for Trump

Traffic is anything but down, conservative aggregator says after president's slam

(Newser) - President Trump is apparently adding a former BFF to his list of fake news, tweeting an attack on the Drudge Report on Saturday. "I gave up on Drudge (a really nice guy) long ago, as have many others," Trump tweeted , per CNN . Of the conservative website's traffic,...

Matt Drudge Names Democrat to Watch in Primaries

It's Elizabeth Warren's nomination to lose

(Newser) - Matt Drudge, the influential conservative blogger who predicted Donald Trump's nomination and election victory in 2016, thinks Elizabeth Warren is the Democrat to watch in next year's primaries. "It's Elizabeth Warren's nomination to lose," he tweeted Wednesday, sharing a photo of a large crowd...

Trump Takes Flak From Usually Supportive Outlets

Fox's Lou Dobbs says White House has 'lost its way,' while Drudge plays up a negative story

(Newser) - President Trump has lost the support of one prominent figure on the right in Ann Coulter . Now Axios notes that he's getting some pushback from two other usually supportive voices: Lou Dobbs and Matt Drudge. On his Fox show Wednesday, Dobbs said he feared that the White House has...

Matt Drudge Takes Issue With Trump Tweet

Founder of conservative news site fears Trump wants to license all reporters

(Newser) - Matt Drudge is taking issue with President Trump. Trump tweeted Wednesday morning complaining about the media, citing a recent report that "91% of the Network News about me is negative (Fake)" and wondering whether his administration should continue working with the "corrupt" press: "Take away credentials?" he...

Drudge Report Emerges as Factor in GOP Race

One analysis says this is not good news for Cruz

(Newser) - Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report have become a big focus of the Republican race this week. Things really took off Monday when Ted Cruz told a conservative radio host that Drudge's website "has basically become the attack site for the Trump campaign," reports BuzzFeed . Cruz took...

Drudge Gives Rare Interview, Bashes 'Old, Sick' Clinton

Also wonders 'Why aren't we seeing Hillary's lovers?'

(Newser) - For all his influence in the media biz, Matt Drudge himself is downright invisible. But the creator of the Drudge Report gave a rare interview to radio host Alex Jones Tuesday in which he offered up his views on topics ranging from Hillary Clinton to social media. (Drudge remained off-camera...

How the Drudge Report Could Sway 2016
 How the Drudge Report 
 Could Sway 2016 

How the Drudge Report Could Sway 2016

Much-visited site feeds opposition researchers, journalists: Chris Cillizza

(Newser) - Some Republicans might question the continued relevance of the conservative Drudge Report in the era of Twitter and a crowded blogosphere—but the site is likely to play a major role in the 2016 election, writes Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post . Not only does Matt Drudge score some "...

Trump: I've Got 'Big News' About Obama

But we won't find out until tomorrow

(Newser) - Could the Republicans' October surprise be arriving by way of the Donald? Trump says he's got "big news" about the president that could "possibly" change the election, the New York Daily News reports. "Stay tuned for my big Obama announcement," coming tomorrow, he tweeted yesterday....

No-Frills Drudge Report Is Worth a Fortune

Think hundreds of millions, writes Henry Blodget

(Newser) - Whatever your opinion of Matt Drudge's news sensibilities, it's time he got his due as "arguably the single-most powerful individual in the digital news business," writes Henry Blodget at Business Insider . His Drudge Report may look simple, but Blodget figures it's worth somewhere between $150...

Drudge Hitting Santorum Hard Over Old 'Satan' Speech

Sign of trouble for him among conservatives?

(Newser) - Rick Santorum's two biggest problems today appear to be Satan and Matt Drudge. The latter is using his influential Drudge Report to highlight a 2008 speech Santorum gave in which he warned about Satan having his "sights on" the US, reports Politico . "Drudge is making Santorum look...

Now I Know How Palin Feels: Ex-Post Blogger

David Weigel, ousted for bashing Matt Drudge, speaks out

(Newser) - When he got the call asking him to comment on yet more emails he had written—this time bashing Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich—David Weigel knew he was screwed. The Washington Post blogger had already apologized for leaked emails in which he said Matt Drudge ought to light himself...

Post Blogger Resigns After Matt Drudge Flap
Post Blogger Resigns After Matt Drudge Flap

Post Blogger Resigns After Matt Drudge Flap

David Weigel steps down after leak of off-the-record remarks

(Newser) - Washington Post blogger David Weigel resigned today after some too-candid off-the-record comments he made about conservatives showed up on the FishbowlDC blog, reports Politico . He had issued an apology to readers earlier. It all began when Weigel, frustrated with the hate mail he was getting after an unflattering link posted...

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

 10 More Celebs 
 Who Really 
 Need to 
 Come Out 
in case you missed it

10 More Celebs Who Really Need to Come Out

Like Ricky Martin, it's just so obvious

(Newser) - Ricky Martin finally came out, and the world said, “Duh.” On Gawker , Brian Moylan lists 10 more public figures who really need to admit they’re gay already—after all, the rest of us know. View the list in the gallery—or, for 10 more celebrities who also...

Hillary Clinton: I Can't Stay 8 Years

Says she can't see herself in job for a second term

(Newser) - If President Obama wins a second term, he's going to need a new secretary of state. In an interview with Tavis Smiley of PBS that aired last night, Clinton said she "really can't" see herself staying eight years. "The whole eight—that would be very challenging. It's a...

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism
ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart may have an ideological ax to grind, but so what? The undercover ACORN videos he's posted illustrate a significant strength of 21st-century American journalism, writes Jack Shafer: "It will accept contributions from everybody from amateurs to entertainers (I'm looking at you, Jon Stewart) to gadflies to billionaires...

Drudge's Play of Bus Beating Draws Critics

(Newser) - A fight on a school bus in Illinois is generating lots of attention across the country. A videotape of the incident shows black teens beating a white classmate while some onlookers cheer, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Police are investigating but have backed off an initial statement that the attack...

Beck, Drudge Blast Obama for... Opposing a Coup?
Beck, Drudge Blast Obama for... Opposing
a Coup?

Beck, Drudge Blast Obama for... Opposing a Coup?

It's yet another way the president's a commie

(Newser) - Glenn Beck found a new and creative way of insinuating that President Obama is a commie last night, attacking him for—of all things—opposing the military coup in Honduras. See, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro also opposed the coup, which means clearly any right-thinking non-pinko would support it. “...

Drudge Goes Underground
 Drudge Goes Underground 

Drudge Goes Underground

(Newser) - Where's Matt Drudge? Though he remains a political force via his website, the man himself "has gone almost completely underground," writes Gabriel Sherman in the New Republic. Fed up with media interest in his personal life, Drudge reportedly spends much of his time traveling abroad. "He's totally...

Frank Tops List of Influential Gays
 Frank Tops List of 
 Influential Gays 

Frank Tops List of Influential Gays

(Newser) - Out magazine has released its annual Power 50 list of movers and shakers in the LGBT community, and it’s chock full of drama. The Democratic ascendancy has catapulted Barney Frank—“the only left-handed, gay, Jewish congressman”—to the top spot, pushing Ellen DeGeneres back to No. 2....

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