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So Long, California? Major County to Study Secession

Move by San Bernardino is a longshot, but it sends a message

(Newser) - The November elections saw Californians continue to embrace progressive leadership, but voters in one of the state’s most populous counties are so frustrated with this political direction that they voted to consider seceding and forming their own state. An advisory ballot proposal approved in San Bernardino County—home to...

Attempt to Secede From US Falls Short in State House

Small group of Libertarian Republicans wants a 'national divorce'

(Newser) - The nation will hold at 50 states for now, after New Hampshire legislators voted down a constitutional amendment calling for the state to secede. Lawmakers said it was the first secession vote held in any US legislature since the Civil War era, WMUR reports. The measure would have sent voters...

Trump, Texas GOP Chair React to Supreme Court Ruling on Suit

Allen West floats new 'Union' of 'law-abiding states'; Trump blasts SCOTUS for 'no wisdom, no courage'

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Friday rejected a Texas lawsuit trying to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's election victory, and the leader of the Texas Republican Party isn't happy with the decision. After the complaint brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and backed by 126 GOP House members and...

Trump Sees 'Dangerous Moment' Ahead for US
Trump, Limbaugh
Warn of Trouble Ahead

Trump, Limbaugh Warn of Trouble Ahead

President sees 'dangerous moment' for US, while radio hosts warns of a secession

(Newser) - President Trump's complaints about the election seemed to escalate Thursday as he warned of the US approaching a "dangerous moment," reports Mediaite . Meanwhile, ally Rush Limbaugh spoke of a possible "secession" on his radio show. The twin warnings were being highlighted Thursday at the conservative and...

In Rural Oregon, a 'Last Resort' for Conservative Residents
In Rural Oregon, a 'Last Resort'
for Conservative Residents
in case you missed it

In Rural Oregon, a 'Last Resort' for Conservative Residents

Group steps up push to have nearly 2 dozen counties become part of 'Greater Idaho'

(Newser) - At the moment, Oregon is a blue state, with a Democratic governor and both houses of its Legislature led by a Democratic majority. But in the southwestern part of the state, rural conservatives are standing up for their stances on everything from religious freedom to gun ownership, and some of...

China Is Making a Big Move on Hong Kong
China Is Making 
a Big Move on Hong Kong
the rundown

China Is Making a Big Move on Hong Kong

Beijing about to impose a new law to crack down on anti-China sentiment

(Newser) - China is about to clamp down on Hong Kong with a controversial new law, a move expected to trigger more pro-democracy protests and possible retaliation from the US. Critics fear it could end or drastically curtail the unique political freedoms the city enjoys. Coverage:
  • The law: When China's parliament

West Virginians Urge Virginia Counties to Secede

'We saw their way of life under attack and we wanted to offer assistance'

(Newser) - In what they acknowledged is a long-shot bid, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. urged unhappy Virginia counties Tuesday to secede and join a neighboring state where Democrats aren't in charge. Both Justice, a Republican in a state where the GOP dominates the...

Ex-Scottish Leader Charged With 2 Attempted Rapes

Ex-First Minister Alex Salmond: 'I am innocent of any criminality whatsoever'

(Newser) - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's reaction to a major development in Scotland: "Obviously this news ... will be a shock to many people." That's the arrest of her predecessor, Alex Salmond, who's been hit with 14 charges, including sexual assault, breach of peace, and two counts of...

'Canada's Trump' Shocks Toronto With 'Revenge Plan'

Ontario Premier Doug Ford aims to cut city council in half

(Newser) - A man who's been called Canada's Donald Trump has shocked Toronto by vowing to slash its city council in half. Just elected in June , Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the proposal Friday: "We're going to run city hall a lot more efficiently than before," he...

South Carolina Bill Would Allow Secession From US

This time the issue is gun rights

(Newser) - South Carolina wants to have the option of seceding from the US—again—if it feels the government does anything that goes against the Second Amendment. The Hill reports three Republican legislators in South Carolina introduced a bill Thursday that would let the state debate secession specifically "if the...

Spain Wanted a Yes or No From Catalonia, Got a Letter

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont does provide the answer Spain sought

(Newser) - A Monday morning deadline came and went without the president of the Catalonia region clarifying whether he had declared independence from Spain. The Spanish government says he now has until Thursday to either say he didn't declare independence or to show he's taking action to cancel the declaration...

California Secession Bid Fails: Leader Is Living in Russia

But another movement is forming

(Newser) - Supporters of one long-shot bid to make California an independent nation ended their effort on Monday, while another group said it will launch a new campaign for a statewide vote next year, reports the AP . The Yes California Independence Campaign faltered after its president, Louis Marinelli, revealed ties to Russia....

'Calexit' Can Start Collecting Signatures

Supporters of California secession get an early greenlight

(Newser) - The far-fetched idea of California seceding from the nation took a tiny step forward this week. California's secretary of state agreed to allow a group called Yes California to begin collecting signatures for a ballot measure, reports the Los Angeles Times . If 585,407 are collected by July 25—...

After Brexit, 'Texit' Gains Steam in Texas

As in people who won't give up the secession dream

(Newser) - Not content with celebrating liberty on July 4, a group of Texans has gleaned inspiration from Brexit—the UK's decision to leave the EU —with its own push for independence. The similar-sounding "Texit" movement, which gained significant support online Friday, is mainly being pushed by the Texas...

Catalonia Defies Spain, Approves Secession Plan

Regional parliament sets up road map to break away from central government

(Newser) - The regional parliament of northeastern Catalonia approved a plan Monday to set up a road map for independence from Spain by 2017, in defiance of the central government. The Barcelona-based chamber passed the motion by 72 votes to 63. The proposal was tabled by pro-secession lawmakers from the Together for...

Secession Groups: Let's Secede From NY State Without Seceding

Proponents have other plans for abandoning Albany

(Newser) - Secessionists held a rally today in Bainbridge, NY, but at least some of them don't actually want to secede from New York state. They'd rather join Pennsylvania or create an "autonomous region" that's ruled by Albany in name only—because full secession requires a hard-to-achieve act...

Confederate Flag on Texas Plates Heads to High Court

Supreme Court to decide if state has right to ban what some see as offensive

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today considers whether Texans should have the right, as folks in nine other states do, to drive around with a license plate bearing the Confederate flag. The Sons of Confederate Veterans—a "heritage organization," as per spokesman Ben Jones, and "not a bunch of...

Texas Messes With Secessionists

Squabble is like Wild West of old, but less bloody, more kooky

(Newser) - Much to the chagrin of the many who like to mess with Texas, the White House two years ago told the Lone Star State that it could not, in fact, secede from the United States . But the secessionist sentiment that drove that petition is alive and well in Texas, and...

Catalonia's Quest for Independence Hits Roadblock

Court suspends vote as Spanish PM rejects it

(Newser) - This weekend, the leader of Spain's Catalonia region officially approved a vote on independence Nov. 9—but the Spanish government has quickly come down against it. Today, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the referendum, at odds with the country's constitution, couldn't be held, the New York Times...

Quarter of Americans OK With Seceding
 Quarter of Americans 
 OK With Seceding 
new poll

Quarter of Americans OK With Seceding

More than 20% of both major parties give some support to idea

(Newser) - Could the US see a Scotland-like secession vote of its own? Nearly a quarter of Americans wouldn't have a problem with that, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Some 23.9% of us strongly or somewhat support secession for our states, Reuters reports. That's compared to 53.3% who...

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