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We're Down to the Last Three Kmarts
Guess How Many
Kmarts Are Left
in case you missed it

Guess How Many Kmarts Are Left

After this week: Three

(Newser) - The familiar sights and sounds are still there: the scuffed and faded floor tiles, the relentless beige-on-beige color scheme, the toddlers' clothes, refrigerators and pretty much everything in between. There’s even a canned recording that begins, “Attention, Kmart shoppers”—except it’s to remind folks about COVID-19...

See If Your Sears Is on Newest Closure List

96 more Kmart, Sears stores will close by February

(Newser) - If Sears and Kmart stores were animals, they would have just shifted a little higher up the endangered list. Transformco, the company that took ownership of the chains after Sears declared bankruptcy last year, announced Thursday that 96 more stores—51 Sears locations and 45 Kmart stores—will be closed...

Kmart Apologizes for Child 'Bride Costume'
Kmart Pulls
From Shelves

Kmart Pulls Costume From Shelves

Chain apologizes after petition over child bride costume tops 500 signatures

(Newser) - Attention, Kmart shoppers: The child "Bride Costume" will no longer be available in Australia after a petition accused the store of supporting child marriage, People reports. "Tell Kmart this is beyond inappropriate and offensive and that they have a social responsibility to pull this item off their shelves...

He Just Bought a Private Island. Cops Say He Stole From Kmart

Andrew Lippi faces grand theft charges, accused of stealing $300 worth of items

(Newser) - Andrew Lippi owns a resort that's been used in MTV's Real World and a private island in the Florida Keys that he purchased for $8 million last week. He was also just accused of trying to steal about $300 worth of items from Kmart. ABC News and the...

Sears Lives to See Another Day
Sears Lives to See Another Day

Sears Lives to See Another Day

Bankruptcy judge approves plan to keep hundreds of stores open

(Newser) - A bankruptcy judge has blessed a $5.2 billion plan by Sears chairman and biggest shareholder Eddie Lampert to keep the iconic business going, the AP reports. The approval means roughly 425 stores and 45,000 jobs will be preserved. Lampert's bid through his ESL hedge fund overcame opposition...

See If Your Sears or Kmart Is Closing

80 more shuttering in next few months

(Newser) - Sears is still alive, barely. A last-minute bid on Friday gave the chain a chance to stave off complete liquidation, but the company still announced that 80 Sears and Kmart stores across the country would close by March, reports CNBC . You can see the complete, state-by-state list at Marketwatch. (Sears...

5 US Brands That May Vanish in 2018
5 US Brands That
May Vanish in 2018

5 US Brands That May Vanish in 2018

2 are tied to this year's #MeToo movement

(Newser) - We'll soon lock 2017 away in our memory banks, but our recollections aren't the only things we may be leaving behind. Major US brands could be disappearing, per 24/7 Wall St. , a result of factors such as lagging customer demand, cuts from up high in corporate, and bad...

Dozens More Sears, Kmart Stores to Close
Sears Corp. Is
Closing 63 Stores

Sears Corp. Is Closing 63 Stores

The 'holiday blowout' has started early

(Newser) - Sears Holdings Corp. says it will be closing another 63 stores as the ailing retailer tries to turn around its business. The Illinois-based company, struggling to keep up with its rivals, said it will shutter 45 Kmart stores and 18 Sears stores in late January, the AP reports. Liquidation sales...

Kmart: Goodbye 'Plus-Sized,' Hello 'Fabulously Sized'

The big-box store rebrands its women's lines

(Newser) - First Ashley Graham proved the popularity of "plus-sized" models, now Kmart is rebranding the concept of larger sizes in women's clothing entirely. People reports that the big-box store is changing the name of their clothing for women over size 12 from "plus-sized" to "fabulously sized."...

Sears, Kmart Remove Some Trump-Brand Products Online

But company emphasizes hundreds of products are still available

(Newser) - Sears and Kmart have evicted "a very small number" of Trump-branded items from their online stores, but won't specify how many and emphasize that hundreds of products are still available through their third-party online marketplaces, the AP reports. It's another sign of how companies are trying to...

Source: Kmart to Close 64 More Stores by Christmas

Liquidation sales reportedly start Thursday

(Newser) - A person familiar with the matter says Kmart is closing 64 stores by mid-December as the ailing company looks for more ways to generate cash, the AP reports. The liquidation sales start Thursday, says the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision isn't yet being disclosed...

Employees Say Kmart Is on Its Last Legs

Company says it's 'focused on restoring profitability'

(Newser) - Kmart says it's "focused on restoring profitability to the company." Employees say it's preparing to declare bankruptcy within a year. As Business Insider reports, Kmart—which has seen sales plummet to less than a third of what they were in 2000—is clearing out stock rooms,...

Officer Helps Woman Give Birth in Kmart Parking Lot

A special pre-holiday delivery in Mississippi

(Newser) - A Mississippi officer helped make a special pre-holiday delivery in a parking lot for a pregnant woman who couldn't quite make it to the hospital. Sgt. Ken Walker of Corinth came to the aid of Karla White about 4am Monday. WTVA-TV reports that White and her mother were on...

Kmart Payment Data Breached in Latest Hack

Customer credit card information at risk: company

(Newser) - If you've shopped at a Kmart store in recent weeks, it may be time to check your credit card records: The company is the latest retailer to fall victim to hackers, it says. Hackers apparently got into Kmart's systems in early September; some credit and debit card numbers...

QVC Confirms It's Dumping Paula Deen

 QVC Confirms 
 It's Dumping 
 Paula Deen 
so are sears, kmart

QVC Confirms It's Dumping Paula Deen

Sears and Kmart are, too

(Newser) - QVC is apparently finished "reviewing" its relationship with Paula Deen in the wake of her n-word controversy, and not surprisingly, that review did not end with good news for Deen. Deen revealed in a statement yesterday that she and QVC have "agreed that it's best for me...

S&P 500 Drops Sears
 S&P 500 Drops Sears 

S&P 500 Drops Sears

Retailer has been part of index since it began in 1957

(Newser) - Observers of the S&P 500 might notice the absence of a familiar name starting Wednesday: Sears is being dropped from the index, after being a part of it since the S&P's creation in 1957, reports CNNMoney . One of the main reasons cited for the move is a...

Man Buys All Kmart's Stuff—for Charity

Kentucky's Rankin Paynter donates $200K worth of items

(Newser) - When his local Kmart was getting ready to close, a Kentucky man decided to buy all the store's stuff—and hand it to charity. While visiting the store to score some deals, Rankin Paynter asked what happened to all the unsold items; the clerk told him "power buyers"...

100 Kmart, Sears Stores to Get the Ax

Same-store sales are down 5.2% for the quarter

(Newser) - It seems that the Kardashian Kollection alone wasn't enough to save Sears from a horrible holiday season. Sears Holdings Corp. today announced that it will close between 100 and 120 of its approximately 2,200 Kmart and Sears full-line stores, reports the Wall Street Journal . It expects the sale...

Secret Santas Wipe Away Strangers' Layaway Debts

Anonymous donors clearing accounts at Kmarts, Walmarts

(Newser) - A nice fad this holiday season: Secret Santas are going around to Kmarts and Walmarts and paying off the layaway accounts of random strangers. It's happening all over, including stores in Nebraska, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, South Carolina, and Montana. The AP , NPR and Time round up examples of the...

Tweet a Commercial, Make a Quick Buck

Twitterverse split on ethics of Sponsored Tweets

(Newser) - A new company is brokering deals between businesses and Twitterers who want to make a few extra bucks plugging products, Time reports. The founder of the website Sponsored Tweets says 7,000 enterprising Twitterers have signed up for the service in its first month. Twitterers get paid based on a...

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