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Thanks to COVID, Luxe Business Is Booming

Pandemic inspired 'life can be short' mentality, record car sales, says Rolls-Royce CEO

(Newser) - Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Lamborghini are among the luxury car brands to describe record sales in 2021, CNN reports. The reason, according to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos: the high rate of COVID-19 deaths. "Quite a lot of people witnessed people in their community dying from COVID. That makes them think...

Rolls-Royce Issues Impossibly Small Recall

It's for one single car

(Newser) - The only single-vehicle recalls you'll usually see are for trucks, fire engines, and school buses. So the owner of a Rolls-Royce made in England can feel pretty special that his or her sedan is the subject of a rare single-car recall that affects that car alone, the Financial Times ...

Acid Tank Blast Injures 9 Indiana Plant Workers

Accident occurs at Rolls-Royce engine facility

(Newser) - Fire officials say an explosion involving a tank of nitric acid has injured nine workers at a Rolls-Royce plant near the Indianapolis International Airport. A 250-gallon tank of nitric acid exploded about 1:30pm, releasing a cloud of vapor that left nine workers suffering from acid burns and breathing problems....

Rolls-Royce Plans New Drones: Ships

The idea is in prototype but faces years of regulatory approval

(Newser) - Might ship captains someday do all their work from land instead of sea? Bloomberg reports that Rolls-Royce is working on a prototype of a drone freighter ship. One advantage, financially speaking, is that such ships could carry more cargo because they wouldn't need to make room for humans and...

8 Insane Ways You Can Customize Your Rolls-Royce

Want a set of wheels for each day of the week? They can do that

(Newser) - What, exactly, is the point of having a Rolls-Royce if you're not going to get it specifically tailored to your every extravagant whim and desire? Business Insider rounds up 16 of the most over-the-top customizations Rolls-Royce has ever done for its customers. A sampling:
  • Put a built-in thermos in

$150M Über Yacht Boasts Sub, Helicopter

PJ World yacht like a floating mansion

(Newser) - Mansions are cool and all, but wouldn’t they be better if they floated and came with submarines? That seems to be the idea behind the PJ World yacht, an upcoming 269-foot, $150 million super-yacht designed by Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson. Its coolest feature: A six-man submarine that can...

Rolls-Royce Hires in—Get This— High-Wage Countries

Industrial giant ignores wisdom of rivals

(Newser) - The British industrial behemoth Rolls-Royce is increasing its revenue by way of an unorthodox strategy: moving operations into high-wage countries with highly skilled workers. The plan contradicts the wisdom of rivals, who are moving production into low-wage areas in Asia and Latin America, reports the Wall Street Journal . The tactic...

Rolls-Royce Paying $100M to Qantas for Engine Blast

Engine maker agrees to $100M compensation deal

(Newser) - Rolls-Royce has agreed to compensate Qantas for the mid-air disintegration of an Airbus A380 engine last year. The Australian airline grounded all of its A380s for weeks after the incident last year, which investigators blamed on an oil fire caused by a manufacturing defect. The disintegration triggered an emergency landing,...

Investigators Pinpoint Airbus Engine Fault

Qantas starts legal action against Rolls-Royce

(Newser) - Following a Qantas engine explosion last month, investigators have isolated a major fault in some Airbus A380 engines, the BBC reports. Rolls-Royce’s Trent 900—the kind used on the Qantas flight—had a misaligned part that weakened an oil pipe wall, resulting in “fatigue cracking,” which led...

Rolls-Royce Beats Engine Fire Rap, Lands $1.2B Contract

That would be $4.2B this month alone

(Newser) - The fact that a faulty Rolls-Royce engine caused a fire and the subsequent grounding of Airbus A380s around the world seems not to have affected the company's business: It just won a $1.2 billion contract to provide engines and maintenance for Dubai's Emirates Airlines. In fact, it's gotten $4....

Qantas: Half of World's A380s Need Engines Replaced

Airbus to seek compensation from Rolls-Royce

(Newser) - The chief of Qantas Airways has chilled the hearts of nervous fliers—and Rolls-Royce shareholders—by saying up to half of the world's fleet of Airbus A380 jumbos using Rolls-Royce engines need to have their engines replaced. The CEO says the engines need to be replaced because of a faulty...

Oil Fire Blamed in Qantas Engine Failure

Euro safety regulator orders inspections of all Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines

(Newser) - An oil fire may have caused the engine blowout that forced one of Qantas's superjumbos to make an emergency landing last week in Singapore. Europe's aviation safety regulator today issued the finding, reports the AP, and ordered airlines to undergo "repetitive inspections" of all planes with Rolls-Royce Trent 900...

Fire Forces Dreamliner to Land
 Fire Forces Dreamliner to Land 

Fire Forces Dreamliner to Land

Boeing grounds entire 787 test fleet

(Newser) - Is the Boeing 787 cursed? Boeing today announced that it will ground its entire test fleet of the long-delayed Dreamliner, after a fire forced one to make an emergency landing yesterday. The plane was making its final approach to Laredo, Texas, when the crew reported smoke in the cabin, possibly...

Qantas Discovers Oil Leaks in Airbus Engines

Fleet will remain grounded for at least another 72 hours

(Newser) - Qantas airlines will keep its fleet of Airbus A380s on the ground for at least three more days, after discovering oil leaks in three different planes’ engines. The leaks turned up as the Australian airline investigated the mid-air engine explosion that forced one of its A380s to make an emergency...

BMW Recalls 350K Cars Over Brake Issues

Company's biggest cars could develop leak in power brakes

(Newser) - BMW has announced a recall of 350,800 cars worldwide over a potential leak in their power braking system. The majority of the cars recalled, 198,000 to be precise, are in the US, Bloomberg reports. The recalls come in the wake of customer complaints that they had to push...

Shaq Buys LeBron $400K Rolls for Birthday
 Shaq Buys LeBron 
 $400K Rolls for Birthday 

Shaq Buys LeBron $400K Rolls for Birthday

Cavs star also gives himself a present: a 48-point game

(Newser) - It must be nice to be LeBron James. The Cavaliers star turned a vital 25 years old and showed off his youthful vigor by scoring 48 points to beat the Atlanta Hawks yesterday. Then, as is the case with so many 25-year-olds, his friend and teammate Shaquille O’Neal gave...

Mariah's Latest Diva Demands
 Mariah's Latest Diva Demands 

Mariah's Latest Diva Demands

Carey's latest appearance marked by more ridiculous requests

(Newser) - Famous for her diva behavior, Mariah Carey kept thousands of London fans waiting for nearly an hour before she finally arrived at a holiday lighting ceremony. The Daily Mail runs down her demands for the appearance, all but one of which she got:
  • One hundred white doves and 20 white

Rolls-Royce Unveils Budget Limo

(Newser) - Rolls-Royce has good news for cash-strapped millionaires: They won’t have to condescend to buy a Bentley, Time reports. The automaker, known for its gigantic limousines, is about to release the Ghost, a short, sleek four-door sedan priced at a mere $245,000. That’s a sight lower than the...

Rolls-Royce Sales Skyrocket
Rolls-Royce Sales Skyrocket

Rolls-Royce Sales Skyrocket

New models fuel increased drive for BMW's luxury icon

(Newser) - The credit crunch is squeezing home sales, but Rolls-Royce sales were up in 2007. The manufacturer of the iconic Phantom (base price $403,000) is expected to announce growth of nearly 25%, reports the London Times. The standard-bearer of luxury cars, purchased by German automaker BMW in 2003, rolled out...

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