Consumer Electronics Show

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CES' Choice of Speaker Disappoints Women in Tech

Large crowd applauds, but some wanted a woman in the industry

(Newser) - The nation's largest consumer electronics show hosted Ivanka Trump as a keynote speaker — a choice that drew scorn from many women in technology. Ivanka Trump spoke for nearly 40 minutes onstage Tuesday with Gary Shapiro, president of CES organizer Consumer Technology Association. She highlighted the work the administration...

What Happens During Blackout at World's Biggest Tech Show

Power went out at Consumer Electronics Show for nearly 2 hours Wednesday

(Newser) - With apologies to Alanis Morissette: "It's like rain on your wedding day; it's a blackout at a giant tech show..." USA Today reports the power went out for nearly two hours Wednesday in two of the main halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the...

Carnival's New Cruise Tech Is Impressive, 'Creepy'

Presenting the all-knowing Ocean Medallion

(Newser) - “It’s the first time that a company can know who you are, it can know what you want, it can know where you are, it can at least make a good guess at what mood you’re in," a consumer expert tells the Miami Herald . If that...

New Headphones Claim to Produce Runner's High

Too good to be true? The science is still out

(Newser) - A new company that's betting there's a big market out there for folks who'd like to, say, enjoy a runner's high without having to, well, run are about to unleash a new device that could very well induce a dopamine high. Florida-based Nervana, a wearable tech...

'Reverse Iron Man' Suit Makes Wearer Feel Decades Older

'I now fear getting old'

(Newser) - A tech company has built "a reverse Iron Man" suit, in the words of the Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler. The R70i Age Suit is designed to make the wearer feel what it's like to be decades older. Fowler, who tried on the suit during the Consumer...

In the Middle of CES, a US Marshals Raid

US company says Chinese company is hurting industry with its cheap models

(Newser) - Hoverboards are making headlines, from bursting into flames and being banned by online retailers to causing trouble in churches and supermarkets . But the hoverboard hubbub at CES in Las Vegas Thursday was something straight out of a corporate espionage movie: Per Bloomberg , US marshals raided a booth set up by...

Some Notable Gizmos at This Year's CES Show
 Some Notable Gizmos 
 at This Year's CES 
the rundown

Some Notable Gizmos at This Year's CES

In the market for a folding electric scooter?

(Newser) - The tech world's big day has arrived with the official start of the annual CES forum in Las Vegas. Some of the gadgets getting attention:
  • Fancy a folding electric scooter? Wired says the Xcooter is intriguing, with a 15-mile range and a speed of up to 17mph. Preorders for

So Long, John: Intel Dumps McAfee Name

Plus another announcement from Intel's CES keynote

(Newser) - It seems Intel has decided to put a little distance between itself and John McAfee, founder of the Intel-owned McAfee antivirus software. After a troubled year for the millionaire, Intel took to this year's Consumer Electronics Show to announce it will be immediately swapping the McAfee brand name with...

Here's Samsung's 'Ultra HD' TV for ... $20K

It's a 'statement piece,' says company

(Newser) - Samsung has revealed a TV to make your HDTV look old-hat. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the tech giant is displaying its 85-inch Ultra HD TV, which analysts expect will run you a mere $20,000 when it ships later this year. Ultra HD—likely the future...

Mind-Reading Remote, Other CES Gizmos You Missed

There was more to electronics show than TVs

(Newser) - This year's Consumer Electronics Show had the predictable high-tech TVs and other conventional items—but the 3,100 exhibitors also showed off some rather bizarre devices. A few highlights:
  • Solowheel. An electric unicycle with no seat and footboards that allow riders to stand and lean in the direction they

Lost the Remote? 84-Inch TV Has Voice Control

'Ultra-resolution' screen uses motion control, too

(Newser) - Perhaps the days of searching for remotes are coming to a close: LG's latest TV operates using voice- and 3D motion-control. The 84-inch HDTV, shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show today, offers "ultra-resolution" and a bezel of just a millimeter, Mashable reports. It also has a plasma...

Days Are Numbered for Laptops, PCs
Days Are Numbered
for Laptops, PCs

Days Are Numbered for Laptops, PCs

Op-ed: The 'age of mobile computing' is upon us

(Newser) - A survey of the Consumer Electronics Show and a host of other technological and cultural factors all point to one inescapable conclusion: "The era of the personal computer is drawing to a close," write Mike Malone and Tom Hayes in the Wall Street Journal . Laptops and desktops aren't...

Why the Consumer Electronics Show Secretly Sucks

Slate columnist: Tech journalists won't say it, but the show's always a bore

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo isn’t one of the tech journalists descending on Las Vegas this weekend. He decided to stay home and avoid “the overcrowded, overstuffed, chaotic, and profoundly pointless vaporware parade known as CES,” he writes in Slate . The Consumer Electronics Show “is an enormous waste of...

Electronics, Porn Expos Bring Life to Vegas Hotels

Two conventions begin tomorrow, drive up room rates

(Newser) - Mash up the ultimate geek-o-rama with the awesomest porn-o-rama and who wins? Las Vegas hotels. Room rates are 10 times what they were last week, and some Vegas hotels are getting more this coming weekend than they did on New Year's Eve, reports IndyPosted via the Las Vegas Review-Journal . The...

Upcoming 'PalmPad' Could Give iPad a Fight

Palm will unveil its tablet challenger next month in Vegas

(Newser) - The iPad's success means next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas will be overflowing with tablet competitors, and Clayton Morris at Fox News thinks the stiffest competition will be a new offering from Palm and parent HP. The PalmPad will run on Sprint's 4G network and has hardware specs similar...

Bad Reviews Delay Latest Google TV Debut

Search giant must improve inter-company relations: analysts

(Newser) - Google has delayed the grand unveiling of its new TV software, after a spate of less-than-stellar early reviews. Toshiba, LG Electronics, and Sharp were all planning to debut their versions of Google TV at the Consumer Electronics Show next month, but Google surprised them by asking them to hold off...

Gaming Worse for Kids Than Porn: Ron Jeremy

Famed porn star's 'ignorance' upsets baffled techie gathering

(Newser) - If there’s anything odder than legendary porn star Ron Jeremy showing up the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s said legendary porn star pooh-poohing one of the sacred cows of the people he was talking to. CES coincided with the Adult Entertainment Expo, and Jeremy wandered over to participate in...

New Tech Ditches the Remote Control
 New Tech Ditches 
 the Remote Control 
channel surf with your hand

New Tech Ditches the Remote Control

Consumer Electronics Show previews Project Natal, Hitachi TVs

(Newser) - Losing your remote control will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new technology that embraces motion control, making it possible to channel surf with your hands. Hitachi televisions, for example, will allow you to change the channel by twisting your wrist, the New York Times reports. Microsoft’...

E-Readers Abound, But Market Looks Gloomy

Many believe the era of dedicated gadgets is almost over

(Newser) - This year’s Consumer Electronics Show has seen the unveiling of a raft of new e-readers, but the would-be Kindle and Nook competitors could have a hard go of it. First off, some are pretty pricey—that Plastic Logic Que will cost $649 without 3G, or $799 with an AT&...

Web-Worthy Computers Coming to Your Dashboard
 Web-Worthy Computers 
 Coming to Your Dashboard  

Web-Worthy Computers Coming to Your Dashboard

Some block web surfing in motion, but some don't

(Newser) - Advances in computer chip technology have finally made web-connected dashboard computers possible in cars, to the delight of automakers and the horror of safety advocates. Chips used to draw too much power to make state-of-the-art car setups viable, but that’s changed, and this year’s CES has seen a...

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