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Tree Branch Trips Up Hurricane Ian Reporter
Tree Branch Trips Up
Hurricane Ian Reporter

Tree Branch Trips Up Hurricane Ian Reporter

Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel wisely gives up his report

(Newser) - Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel is a human "symbol of severe weather," having reported from the center of all kinds of storms for more than three decades, notes USA Today . But mighty Hurricane Ian managed to knock him down. As Deadline notes and this video shows, a...

Most Trusted News Source Is ... the Weather Channel?
Most Trusted News Source
Is Bit of a Surprise
in case you missed it

Most Trusted News Source Is Bit of a Surprise

52% of Americans trust the Weather Channel in latest YouGov poll

(Newser) - When it comes to the weather, most of us are on the same side of things—or, at least we're all watching and believing the same reports. That's according to YouGov , a UK market research firm whose latest poll on the media found that the most trusted news...

Fox Decides Weather Is the New Politics

As cable news ratings fall, streaming weather channels will try to pick up the slack

(Newser) - The news can slow down at times—over a holiday weekend, for example. And with the presidential election over, national demand for political news has eased, too, with ratings for the major cable news channels all down this year. But weather is hotter than ever. So Fox Weather, a 24/7...

Arctic Front on its Way South Could Shatter 170 Records

Most everyplace east of the Rockies is in for abnormal cold

(Newser) - Much of the continental U.S. can expect weather that's not just a little colder than usual next week: Temperatures east of the Rockies could run 20-30 degrees below normal. Tide after tide of Arctic cold has been moving south from Canada. "One wave of cold came in...

Family of Storm Chaser Killed in Crash Sues TWC for $125M

Corbin Lee Jaeger's mom says 2 Weather Channel contractors were 'habitually reckless and dangerous'

(Newser) - Nearly two years to the day after three storm-chasers were killed in a Texas crash , the mother of one of the men has filed a $125 million lawsuit against The Weather Channel, per USA Today . The complaint filed by Karen Di Piazza, mother of the National Weather Service's Corbin...

Lawsuit: Popular Weather App Deceived Users

Los Angeles sues Weather Channel, says location data was sold without proper consent

(Newser) - Used the Weather Channel app? You might've been deceived into sharing your location data with company partners, according to a lawsuit from Los Angeles' city attorney. The IBM-owned app—one of the country's most popular sources of weather data, with more than 100 million downloads and 45 million...

As Storm Nears, Florida County Doesn't Want to See This Guy

Florida sheriff posts fake trespass warning for Weather Channel's Jim Cantore

(Newser) - The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is usually on the scene when there's a big storm—so, as Florida prepares for Hurricane Michael, one sheriff's office is letting the meteorologist know he's not welcome. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office posted a "Trespass Warning" for...

The Perfect Photo Op, Then: 'Get Out of the Way, Bus!'

Implosion of Georgia Dome marred by MARTA

(Newser) - "I am CRYING." That was just one online reaction to an ill-fated photo shoot that was meant to capture a planned stadium implosion. Photographers gathered near the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta on Monday, waiting to snap a shot of the controlled destruction of the 71,000-seat structure,...

3 Storm Chasers Die in Texas Crash
3 Storm Chasers
Die in Texas Crash

3 Storm Chasers Die in Texas Crash

They collided while pursuing tornado

(Newser) - Three storm chasers were killed in West Texas on Tuesday—and it wasn't by the tornado they were pursuing. The Texas Department of Public Safety says the three men were killed in a collision at a rural crossroads near the town of Spur, around 70 miles east of Lubbock,...

Weather Channel to Breitbart: You're Using Our Video to Mislead People

Climate change is real, channel tells conservative site

(Newser) - The world is getting warmer—and just got burned. The Weather Channel laid into the conservative site Tuesday for using one of its videos in what it says was a misleading article , which claimed the "last three years may eventually come to be seen as the final...

The Weather Channel Has Already Won Election Day

'It's going to be huge'

(Newser) - The Weather Channel's latest prediction is an unwavering one: a "100% chance" of wall-to-wall election coverage from now until Nov. 8. And it's offering an antidote in the form of a 9-hour, politics-free marathon beginning at 3pm ET next Tuesday, which it revealed in a cheeky press...

Weatherman's Dramatic Crash Ruled a Suicide

Nicholas Wiltgen drove through parking garage wall in Atlanta

(Newser) - "Millions read his work every week and were better for it." That's what the Weather Channel had to say after the death of a senior meteorologist in Atlanta. Nicholas Wiltgen, who worked at the company for 15 years, died Sunday when his vehicle drove through a wall...

'Tornado Hunt' Car Hit by Tornado

Weather Channel crew is shaken up, but fine

(Newser) - One of the hazards of driving a "tornado hunt" car is that sometimes the tornado finds you first. A crew from the Weather Channel learned that yesterday when their vehicle got thrown about 200 yards by a tornado outside Oklahoma City. "It was like we were floating,"...

To Weather Service's Chagrin, 'Nemo' Catching On

Weather Channel pleased as name spikes on Twitter

(Newser) - By now, you have probably made a Finding Nemo joke about the winter storm currently bearing down on the Northeast. "Nemo" is one of the top trending topics on Twitter, and is ranked fairly high in Google searches as well, the New York Times reports. All of which indicates...

Republicans Love Food Network, Weather Channel

Or at least, that's where GOP ad dollars are going

(Newser) - Apparently, Republicans love watching the weather. Campaigns are becoming much more sophisticated about where they spend their ad dollars, the New York Times reports, leading to buys in such unlikely places as the Food Network, Weather Channel, HGTV, and the History Channel. Studies suggest all of those networks have pretty...

Apple Sued for Letting Our Apps Track Us

iPhone, iPad contain identifiers that can't be blocked: suit

(Newser) - Apple allows iPhone and iPad apps to send users' personal info to advertising networks without consent, according to a lawsuit filed last week. The suit says the gadgets contain identifying devices that let these networks track users' app downloads and usage, Bloomberg reports. Some apps also sell information like users'...

Cold Weather Means Hot Demand for Soup, Boots

Plummeting temperatures lead to marketing opportunities

(Newser) - When the weather turns cold, retailers swing into action, targeting ads toward areas where the mercury's dropping—even in normally temperate markets like Florida. “Marketing into a situation that's favorable for your product” is the key, one analyst tells Advertising Age . Take Campbell’s Soup, which uses a “...

Fla. Keys Family Gets White Christmas

Contest winners get 20 tons of ice dumped on lawn

(Newser) - Even as the Weather Channel delivered news of a too-white Christmas to many Americans yesterday, it was also delivering snow to a place that hasn’t seen much since the last ice age. A Florida Keys musician got 20 tons dumped on his waterfront property after winning a contest in...

A Little Bit Cloudy, a Little Bit Rock 'n Roll

Weather Channel abandons smooth jazz for harder-edged music

(Newser) - The Weather Channel has ditched its familiar smooth jazz background music for the likes of the Rolling Stones—to the delight of watchers and advertisers alike. “People would have it on but they wouldn’t be watching and they wouldn’t be listening,” the exec who pushed the...

Weather Channel Sells for $3.5B

NBC, Blackstone, and Bain score cable stalwart for far under expected $5B

(Newser) - NBC is heading an investor group that will buy the Weather Channel for nearly $3.5 billion—well below the $5 billion Landmark Communications was expecting when it put the iconic cable channel up for sale in January. The group, which includes private equity firms Bain Capital and the Blackstone...

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