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New Risk Factor for COVID-19: Baldness?
New Risk
Factor for
new study

New Risk Factor for COVID-19: Baldness?

Researcher says baldness is 'perfect predictor of severity'

(Newser) - Research already has suggested that men face a greater risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19. Now, scientists say male pattern baldness might actually be a risk factor, reports the Telegraph . "We really think that baldness is a perfect predictor of severity," says Brown University's Carlos...

Police Issue Warning to Bald Men in African Nation

They may be targeted for ritual attacks in Mozambique

(Newser) - Police have issued a warning to bald men in Mozambique: They could be targeted for ritual attacks. Five men were recently murdered for their body parts, the BBC reports. "The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold," a police commander explains. "[Suspects']...

Genetic Test Could Predict Your Risk of Going Bald
We're One Step
Closer to Test

We're One Step Closer to Test Predicting Baldness

Researchers indentify 287 genes linked to hair loss

(Newser) - Guys, if you've ever wished you could look into a crystal ball and see if hair plugs are in your future, scientists have good news. Using data from 53,000 men in the UK, they've come up with a DNA-based algorithm that could someday predict whether one is...

Rogaine Thief Couldn't Beat the Rap—or Male Pattern Baldness

Florida's 'Balding Bandit' wasn't stealing it for his own use ... obviously

(Newser) - A 36-year-old Florida man pleaded guilty Tuesday to stealing Rogaine from drug stores all over Ohio, but he apparently wasn't taking it for his own use, the Palm Beach Post reports. Dubbed the "Balding Bandit,"* authorities say Andres Arias would fly from Florida to Ohio, rent...

$26.3M Settlement Possible in Hair Product Lawsuit

Those who suffered extreme reactions to Wen by Chaz Dean products could get up to $20K

(Newser) - A $26.3 million settlement has been given the preliminary green light in a class-action lawsuit by more than 200 women over what they say are damaging hair-care products—meaning around 6 million people may soon be richer for their tress troubles. An LA federal judge gave an initial OK...

Joe Buck Nearly Let Vanity, Hair Plugs Ruin Career

Sportscaster woke up from 8th procedure without a voice

(Newser) - Sportscaster Joe Buck nearly lost his career because, in his own words, he was "a hair-plug addict." He tells Sports Illustrated he was "consumed" by the threat of losing his hair. "I would tell myself I needed to look younger, I needed to have thicker hair,...

Is Dry Shampoo Really Making Its Devotees Bald?

One woman says the product is too good to be true

(Newser) - In an effort to save time and, in all honesty, catch an extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, Olga Khazan of the Atlantic writes about her recent obsession with dry shampoo—she'd spray it, shake her hair around, and everything would look less oily and smell almost...

Bald Man Sought in Rogaine Thefts

He's also allegedly stealing 'brain health supplements'

(Newser) - Bringing new meaning to the phrase "nothing left to lose," a bald man has apparently turned to a life of crime, allegedly stealing Rogaine from multiple stores in Ohio and Kentucky, the Smoking Gun reports. He's suspected of taking $847 worth of Rogaine and "brain health...

A Solution for Baldness: Precise Plucking?

 A Solution for Baldness: 
 Precise Plucking? 
new study

A Solution for Baldness: Precise Plucking?

Findings point to communication among hair follicles

(Newser) - Hope for bald men? Perhaps. A study suggests that plucking out one's hair could actually trigger the growth of even more. But before anyone starts tearing at his scalp, know that the plucking process has to be done in a specific way—and has thus far only been tested...

Arthritis Drug Makes Hairless Man Very Hairy
Arthritis Drug Makes
Hairless Man Very Hairy
in case you missed it

Arthritis Drug Makes Hairless Man Very Hairy

25-year-old grew full head of hair, plus everything from eyebrows to armpit hair

(Newser) - It turns out an FDA-approved rheumatoid arthritis drug might just cure baldness—at least the form caused by a rare immune disease. During an eight-month trial of the drug, a 25-year-old man whose body was nearly hairless grew, well, a lot of it, including plenty atop his head, armpit hair,...

Breakthrough Is Big News for the Bald

But chance of new follicles still years away

(Newser) - Some extremely unimpressive hairs sprouting from the back of a mouse represent one of the biggest advances against baldness in years, NPR finds. The experiment, which involved grafting human skin onto the animal, was the first time scientists have ever been able to get skin from our species to produce...

Bald Men Have Higher Heart Risks

 Bald Men 
 Have Higher 
 Heart Risks 
study says

Bald Men Have Higher Heart Risks

Study sees link in guys who have lost hair at the crown

(Newser) - Bald men seem to be at higher risk of heart disease, say Japanese researchers after poring over old studies. Their finding applies only to those who have lost hair on top, at the crown, as opposed to those with receding hairlines, reports Bloomberg . The greater the baldness, the greater the...

Researchers Inch Toward Baldness Cure

Research centers on vitamin D, but remedies are years away

(Newser) - Treatments like Rogaine work best for those trying to stop further hair loss—but what about people who are already bald? Researchers worldwide are inching closer to treatments that could restore hair growth, the Wall Street Journal reports. The market is huge, with 35 million men suffering from male-pattern baldness...

Vatican Pushes for ... Bald Barbie?

She could help rehab doll's image, Vatican newspaper notes

(Newser) - Forget any number of controversial stances the Vatican has taken, it's now weighing in on ... Barbie dolls. Following a Facebook campaign earlier this year, Mattel decided to launch a bald friend of Barbie in a nod to sick kids who've lost their hair and donate the dolls to...

Scientists Grow Human Hair on Mouse

But tests on humans are probably a decade away

(Newser) - Bald people may have new hope for getting back those flowing locks. Japanese scientists have regenerated hair growth on bald mice, reports the Wall Street Journal . The researchers injected the follicle cells of a hairy mouse into the follicles of a bald mouse, and within three weeks, 74% of the...

Barbie Will Get Bald Friend
 Barbie Will Get 
 Bald Friend 

Barbie Will Get Bald Friend

Mattel will produce hairless doll for sick children

(Newser) - Barbie-maker Mattel is creating a special doll for children who have lost their hair to illness. The new doll will be bald and a friend of Barbie, and she'll come with fashion accessories including hats, scarves, and wigs. Earlier this year, a Facebook campaign that garnered 150,000 "...

Researchers Find a Clue to Baldness

Could pave way to new hair growth treatments

(Newser) - Researchers have tracked down a protein that appears to be a culprit in male baldness—thus identifying what they call a "target" for new treatments. University of Pennsylvania scientists found that the protein's levels are boosted in bald areas of the scalp. When they bred mice with high...

'Balders' Demand Trump's Hair Certificate

Vanity Fair issues the Donald a challenge

(Newser) - The president’s done his part; now it’s Donald Trump’s turn to show us some proof—of the authenticity of his hair. “Balders,” Vanity Fair explains in a challenge to the real estate mogul, are “a small but increasingly vocal group of conspiracy theorists” who’...

Tough Choice for Bald Men: Hair or Sex?

Those taking finasteride likely to experience long-lasting effects

(Newser) - Tough news for the follicly challenged: Balding men taking finasteride, Merck's prescription drug that goes by the names Propecia and Proscar, may find they have trouble in bed—for a long while. Though the drug's label warns of "reversible" symptoms of sexual dysfunction, a small survey of 76 men...

'Baldness Cure' Stuns Mouse Researchers

 Baldness Cure 
 Discovered by 

Baldness Cure Discovered by Accident?

Single jab reversed hair loss in lab mice

(Newser) - Researchers studying stress hormones were surprised to stumble upon what appears to be a cure for baldness—at least in mice. Mice who had gone bald due to overproduction of a stress hormone were treated with a compound that blocks stress in the gut and then returned to cages where...

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