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Schumer Is Adamant: 'I'm Not Amy Fischer!'

Long Island native wants to avoid confusion with 'Long Island Lolita'

(Newser) - No, Amy Schumer will not become Amy Fischer following the comedian's marriage to chef Chris Fischer . 'Cause, well, she doesn't want to be confused with an attempted-killer-turned-porn-star. This came to light via Instagram, where Schumer's father asked his famous daughter if she would make the switch....

Mary Jo Buttafuoco on Amy Fisher: 'She's Kind of a Waste'

Buttafuoco also shares with Dr. Oz how life has been since she had facial surgery

(Newser) - It's been a quarter of a century since Amy Fisher (aka "the Long Island Lolita") showed up on the doorstep of Mary Jo Buttafuoco, and shot the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco in the face. This week, the 62-year-old Buttafuoco, who survived the 1992 attack, spoke...

Super-Classy Celeb Rehab Cast Revealed

Michael Lohan and Amy Fisher? Who could ask for more?

(Newser) - The new Celebrity Rehab cast has been announced, and boy is it a classy crew. First and foremost, Dad of the Decade Michael Lohan will be in tow, PopEater reports. No word on what he’s addicted to, other than tabloid appearances. Joining him: Amy Fisher, known best for shooting...

Amy Fisher's New Career: Porn Star

Turns out adult films are her calling

(Newser) - Apparently her career as a stripper wasn’t netting her quite enough dollar bills, because Amy Fisher has decided on a new life path: porn star. The Long Island Lolita, who first exposed herself to the world in a sex tape released by her then-estranged husband, made another adult film...

How the Stars Are Helping Haiti

 How the Stars 
 Are Helping 

How the Stars Are Helping Haiti

Leonardo DiCaprio donates, Radiohead plays, Amy Fisher strips

(Newser) - Tonight’s Hope for Haiti telethon may be more star-studded than the Golden Globes: Beyonce and Madonna have signed on to the two-hour benefit, which will also feature Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, and Bruce Springsteen in New York; Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, and Justin Timberlake in Los Angeles; and Robert...

Long Island Lolita a Stripper at Last

Amy Fisher loves dancing, plans to continue indefinitely

(Newser) - In what many will probably see as reaching her ultimate destiny, the Long Island Lolita and accidental porn star has laid bare her plans to become a stripper, the New York Post reports. Not just a stripper, but a high-paid, touring-the-country stripper. “I am going to take this road...

'Long Island Lolita' Does Another Porno

This time, Amy Fisher stars in an adult pay-per-view special

(Newser) - A porn movie featuring “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher is making the rounds again—but this time it’s her idea, the New York Daily News reports. Fisher, 34, fought the release of a sex tape leaked by her husband before relenting last year. Fisher, whose real claim to...

'Long Island Lolita' a Porn Hit
'Long Island Lolita' a Porn Hit

'Long Island Lolita' a Porn Hit

Not exactly 'promoting' it, but profiting nonetheless

(Newser) - A sex tape featuring onetime “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fisher is a bestseller, Newsday reports, and she's promoting it even though it wasn’t her idea. Husband Louis Bellera sold the tape as revenge after Fisher reignited her relationship with Joey Buttafuoco—but she decided to accept a six-figure...

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