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Maine Was Likely Worst-Ever Mass Shooting in US Deaf Community

4 deaf people killed as they attended a weekly cornhole tournament

(Newser) - Not only was last week's horrific mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, the deadliest ever mass shooting in the state, it may have also been the deadliest ever mass shooting affecting the deaf community in the US, according to advocates for the community. Steve Vozzella, Brian MacFarlane, Billy Brackett, and...

Deaf Community Boycotts New CBS Show

'The Stand' takes heat for casting hearing actor in deaf-mute role

(Newser) - A new CBS All Access show is garnering the wrong kind of attention after casting a hearing actor for a deaf character, per the Hollywood Reporter . Over 70 signatories have released a statement about The Stand, in which hearing actor Henry Zaga plays the deaf-mute character Nick Andros. "We...

She Wanted to Help Make Masks. But Not Just Any Masks

College student Ashley Lawrence's virus masks have plastic strip to aid deaf, hard of hearing

(Newser) - Ashley Lawrence is a senior studying education for the deaf and hard of hearing at Eastern Kentucky University, so when the coronavirus pandemic began taking hold and Lawrence saw people start to volunteer to make masks, the 21-year-old got an idea: Why not make masks for the deaf community near...

Her Fingers Just Stole a Twista Show

Amber Galloway Gallego can sign at lightning speed

(Newser) - The "fastest rapper of all time" isn't too fast for Amber Galloway Gallego. The sign language interpreter with memorable magenta hair is drawing raves for her ability to keep up with Twista at a Saturday concert in North Carolina, the New York Post reports. A tweeted clip of...

Father, Daughter Make a Sweet Scene at Rock Concert
She Asked Her
Dad to a Concert.
They Ended Up
Wowing the Crowd
in case you missed it

She Asked Her Dad to a Concert. They Ended Up Wowing the Crowd

Kari Carberry signed song lyrics to her hearing-impaired dad at Three Days Grace show

(Newser) - The sign language gestures for "rock on" and "I love you" are similar, but for this Canadian father and daughter, there's a lot of overlap. At first, Jules Maria was annoyed by the two, who were dancing in front of her Wednesday at the Three Days Grace...

He Couldn't Communicate With Flight Attendants. Enter 'Angel'

'Angel' teen Clara Daly helped blind, deaf man on Alaska Airlines

(Newser) - "We are all starving for good news and this was just what we needed." Those are the words of Alaska Airlines passenger Lynette Scribner on Facebook after she witnessed a touching interaction between a young teen and a blind and deaf man on a recent flight. All three...

Man Punches Service Dog, Pregnant Deaf Woman: Cops

Frontier flight to Orlando turns ugly

(Newser) - Violence erupted on a Frontier flight Thursday and spilled into Orlando International Airport when a passenger allegedly punched a deaf pregnant woman and her service dog, the Orlando Sentinel reports. It began when passenger Timothy Manley's wife complained about being allergic to the Great Dane, so he punched it,...

Deaf Publix Worker Didn't Hear Customer. Then, a Hit on Her Back

Liberty Gratz says female customer couldn't be identified

(Newser) - Publix employee Liberty Gratz is deaf and partially blind, so she normally interacts with customers using pen and paper. She's now on the lookout for one customer who she says didn't give her that opportunity. Using American Sign Language translated by her mother, 21-year-old Gratz tells WRIC she...

Deaf Woman Sues Taco Bell Over Drive-Thru Experience

She claims drive-thru employees made it hard for her to order

(Newser) - A deaf New Jersey woman who primarily communicates in sign language is suing Taco Bell, saying she found it difficult, if not impossible, to order two tacos at the fast-food chain's drive-thru window, the AP reports. Gina Cirrincione claims that on Jan. 11, she wrote her order on a...

Starbucks Worker Goes the Distance for Deaf Customer

Ibby Piracha says he was left feeling 'blessed'

(Newser) - Ibby Piracha visits the same Starbucks in Leesburg, Va., about three times a week. But one recent visit was a bit different than normal. When Piracha, who is deaf, went to give his order—usually communicated through text message—the Starbucks employee instead passed him a note. "I've...

Starbucks Wouldn't Serve Deaf Patrons: Lawsuit

Customers say NYC police were called on them

(Newser) - Starbucks workers at multiple New York City locations ridiculed and refused service to deaf customers—and the company did little to rectify the situation, a lawsuit claims. Hours before one shop was due to close, a group of deaf patrons who met there regularly were told they had to move...

Feds: Deaf Housing Complex Discriminates Vs. Non-Deaf

HUD squabbles with Arizona over funding

(Newser) - Packed with state-of-the-art equipment focused on the needs of the deaf, a new Arizona housing facility was seen as a step forward for the Southwest. Instead, it's become a lightning rod, reports the New York Times , as federal and state officials feud over alleged discrimination at the complex. As...

Netflix May Have to Provide Captions Online

Deaf advocacy groups win one round of legal battle over disability act

(Newser) - Netflix could soon be legally forced to offer closed captions on its streaming videos. The National Association for the Deaf sued the company, saying it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to provide captions for the bulk of its online content. Netflix asked a federal judge to dismiss...

Deaf Travelers Kept Off Flight for 'Security Reasons'

French government weighs in

(Newser) - A group of hard-of-hearing travelers in France was barred from its flight after checking its bags for “security reasons,” a French airline said. “Just as we were about to board, someone from the company told us we couldn't,” said a member of the group, 18...

Jon Stewart Pummels Pope
 Jon Stewart Pummels Pope 

Jon Stewart Pummels Pope

Host says Domino's Pizza more contrite than Church

(Newser) - Maureen Dowd has been nipping at Pope Benedict's heels, but you know you're in trouble when Jon Stewart takes aim at you. On last night's Daily Show , Stewart blasted the pontiff's defiance over his handling of sex abuse cases. "If any other organization had done anything close to...

Deaf Students Warned of Priest's Abuse for Decades

Victims' complaints ignored by nuns, priests, and police

(Newser) - The deaf students who were victims of sexual abuse at the hands of a priest in Wisconsin began reporting the abuse as long ago as the 1950s. They were ignored by everyone they told—nuns, other priests, archbishops, and police, reports the New York Times . No serious action was ever...

YouTube Adds Captions for Deaf

Auto-captioning to be available to all users

(Newser) - Life just got a lot easier for the deaf YouTuber. YouTube is rolling out its auto-captioning service for all the tens of millions of videos it hosts, starting with the English-language ones. "A core part of YouTube's DNA is access to content," a YouTube exec said at the...

Blind Actors Blast Breslin Pick for Keller

Advocates complain that blind, deaf had no chance to audition

(Newser) - Advocates for blind and deaf actors complain that they were never given a chance to audition for the role of Helen Keller in an upcoming revival of The Miracle Worker. The part has instead been given to Abigail Breslin, best known for playing Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. The Broadway...

Stem Cells Could Cure Deafness

Researchers believe breakthrough will help reverse hearing loss

(Newser) - Stem cell researchers have made a breakthrough they believe could someday cure deafness, the Times of London reports. The British team, working with stem cells from the inner ear, have successfully grown early versions of the cells that enable hearing and now aim to create functional cells that can be...

Deaf Athlete Joins NCAA Team
 Deaf Athlete Joins NCAA Team 

Deaf Athlete Joins NCAA Team

Trailblazer is determined to break barriers for the deaf

(Newser) - Signing to play football for Baltimore’s Towson University is a big leap for Ryan Bonheyo—and for the Division I program, too, the Washington Post reports: Bonheyo is deaf, and will be the lone such player at Towson and one of very few to earn a scholarship in any...

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