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Killer: Georgia Hiker 'Wouldn't Stop Fighting'

Drifter tells cops she very nearly bested him in 3-day ordeal

(Newser) - The Georgia hiker kidnapped on New Year’s Day used every ounce of her formidable strength, martial arts training, and wit to stay alive for 3 days, her killer told authorities. Gary Michael Hilton said Meredith Emerson fought back tenaciously when he demanded her ATM card, and managed to stall...

Drifter Gets Life in Hiker Murder
Drifter Gets Life in Hiker Murder

Drifter Gets Life in Hiker Murder

'He should stay alive and slowly rot,' says victim's mother

(Newser) - A Georgia drifter who pleaded guilty to killing 24-year-old hiker Meredith Emerson  was sentenced yesterday  to life in prison, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Gary Michael Hilton, 61, led police to the victim's decapitated body on Blood Mountain days after her disappearance. Hilton had been charged with kidnapping and malicious murder...

Hiker's Friends Remember Slain 'Angel'

Her accused killer named as suspect in three more murders

(Newser) - Hundreds of people packed a Georgia church yesterday to remember slain hiker Meredith Emerson as both a "firecracker" and an "angel," the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. "Her light is reflected in your eyes," said her mother, who took the podium when Meredith's nephew became overcome with...

Hiker Possibly Still Alive When Suspect Spotted

She may have been trussed up in van at restaurant stop

(Newser) - Witnesses saw a "real fidgety" suspect Gary Hilton at a Georgia restaurant when kidnapped hiker Meredith Emerson was probably still alive in his van parked outside, CNN reports. The owner of a restaurant eight miles from where Emerson's decapitated body was found says Hilton came into the diner a...

Suspect in Ga. Hiker's Murder Denied Bail

Autopsy shows she was held captive for 3 days, bludgeoned

(Newser) - Gary Michael Hilton was denied bail this afternoon on murder charges in the gruesome death of 24-year-old Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson. The DA on the case says he has not decided whether to seek the death penalty, despite an agreement between Hilton and investigators to forgo it if Hilton led...

Suspect Leads Cops to Missing Hiker's Body

Alleged kidnapper eyed in three other hiker deaths

(Newser) - A drifter accused of kidnapping 24-year-old hiker Meredith Emerson led police to her body last night, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The body was found in a Georgia forest about 10 miles from where Emerson's bloodied clothing was discovered last week after her dog wandered into a store. Gary Michael Hilton,...

Hiker Suspect Linked to Slain Couple

Man fitting description tied to elderly hikers' disappearance

(Newser) - As the search for a missing Georgia hiker widens to five counties, authorities said the man accused in Meredith Emerson’s disappearance and presumed murder may be linked to the death of an elderly North Carolina couple who also disappeared while hiking. Gary Hilton, 61, has been charged with kidnapping...

Man Charged with Kidnapping Georgia Hiker
Man Charged with Kidnapping Georgia Hiker

Man Charged with Kidnapping Georgia Hiker

Police find her bloody shirts, warn that she is likely dead

(Newser) - Police charged 61-year old Gary Hilton with kidnapping with bodily injury today in the case of a missing Georgia hiker, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Surveillance photos showed Hilton trying to use Meredith Emerson's credit card recently at a bank; police also linked his car, which has a seatbelt cut out,...

Searchers Zero In on Missing Hiker
Zero In on Missing Hiker

Searchers Zero In on Missing Hiker

Police pick up 'person of interest,' but he's not cooperating

(Newser) - Rescuers have narrowed the search for Meredith Emerson, the 24-year-old hiker missing since New Year's Day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Officials won’t say why, but they’re now concentrating their search on the 5-mile area where Emerson’s car was found. Police yesterday found Gary Hilton, the last person...

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