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What Reviewers Think of Ford's Electric Truck
What Reviewers Think
of Ford's Electric Truck
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What Reviewers Think of Ford's Electric Truck

In short, they are very impressed with the Lightning

(Newser) - Automotive journalists got to take the new Ford F-150 electric pickup for a spin, and the reviews are downright glowing. Gas-powered F-series trucks have long been the best-selling vehicles in America, and the electric Lightning may continue the trend if the reviews are any indication. The truck, now in production,...

Coming From Ford: Aluminum Pickup Trucks

Lighter metal will help F-150 meet fuel economy standards

(Newser) - The next incarnation of Ford's F-150 will be as tough as … aluminum? By 2014 the company will be building most of the body of its signature truck out of that lightweight metal in a bid to boost its fuel economy, in what the Wall Street Journal calls "...

Most Replaced Clunker With ... Another Guzzler Like This

Most common trade was old pickup (15-17 mpg) for new (1-3 better)

(Newser) - Think most who traded in a clunker under the government’s fuel-efficiency incentive program are now driving a hybrid? Guess again: The most common swap was an old, gas-guzzling pickup for a new, just-slightly-less-gas-guzzling pickup, AP analysis finds. Ford’s F150 is a prime example—it gets 1-3 mpg more...

Ford, Hyundai Win Top Wheels Honors
Ford, Hyundai Win
Top Wheels Honors

Ford, Hyundai Win Top Wheels Honors

Ford F-150, Hyundai Genesis named top 2009 vehicles

(Newser) - Here's some good news for ailing Detroit: The redesigned Ford F-150 was named North America's Truck of the Year yesterday by a team of journalists who preferred its design, handling, drive and value to the other finalists, the Dodge Ram and Mercedez ML320. Korean automakers clinched their first victory...

3 Detroit Finalists Up for Car, Truck of Year

Ford, Chrysler vehicles face off against three foreign competitors

(Newser) - Three Detroit-made vehicles are among six finalists for the 2009 North American Car and Truck of the Year awards, the Detroit News reports. The Ford Flex will compete with the Hyundai Genesis and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI for the year's best car, while the redesigned Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram...

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars
 Top 10 Most Stolen Cars 

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars

Older models of Civic and Accord are tops, followed by the Camry

(Newser) - If you own a 1995 Honda Civic, you may want to check your driveway. It once again tops the list of the most stolen cars in America, Motor Trend reports. The reason is probably because the Civic is so popular that it's easy to unload stolen parts. The top 10:...

Pickup Sales Plummet to 10-Year Low

Trucks can't pull their weight as gas prices rev up, housing stalls

(Newser) - US pickup truck sales tumbled in March, hitting their lowest level in nearly a decade. The Big Three all reported double-digit percentage drops in sales this month—the Dodge Ram was down 26%—and large pickups represented barely more than 10% of the auto market. High gas prices added fuel...

2008's Most Overpriced Vehicles
2008's Most Overpriced Vehicles

2008's Most Overpriced Vehicles

Dodge Ram pickup tops Forbes' list

(Newser) - Don’t be fooled by a dealer discount when buying a new car—it might just be a sign that the car is priced too high to begin with. Forbes names the vehicles it finds the most overpriced:
  1. Dodge Ram 1500
  2. Mercury Grand Marquis
  3. Ford F-150
  4. Dodge Durango
  5. GMC Envoy

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