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Cult Busted for Eating Sorcerers

New Guinea group thought witch doctors were charging too much

(Newser) - Twenty-nine members of an alleged cannibal cult have been arrested in Papua, New Guinea, for allegedly hunting, killing, and eating at least seven sorcerers, police revealed today. They allegedly ate their victims' brains raw and made a soup from their penises, the AFP reports. The gang was part of a...

Island Apologizes for Eating Missionary

South Pacific community hosts kin for reconciliation event

(Newser) - In one of the stranger meetings we've seen lately, descendants of a British missionary and the descendants of cannibals who killed and ate him 170 years ago got together yesterday to bury the hatchet. It seems the South Pacific island of Erromango, now predominantly Christian, has been feeling bad about...

Eat This Brain and Call Me in the Morning

Europe's first doctors prescribed 'medicinal cannibalism'

(Newser) - Though safely out of fashion in today’s Europe, Western doctors just a few centuries ago recommended drinking blood, tasting brains, and eating flesh, Der Spiegel reports. Pieces of cadavers could be had in almost any pharmacy, says a British researcher who’s writing a book on "medicinal cannibalism....

UK's Gay 'Cannibal' Chef Gets 30-to-Life

Gruesome murder 'plumbed depths rarely encountered': judge

(Newser) - The British “cannibal chef” who cooked and ate parts of his boyfriend after killing him was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison today, the Telegraph reports. Applause and cries of “murderer” exploded from the gallery after Anthony Morely, 36, was sentenced. The judge called it “...

Cannibal Chef Cooked Gay Lover: Cops

Former Mr. Gay accused of killing, eating victim

(Newser) - A British chef is on trial for killing, cooking and eating part of a man after having sex with him, the Independent reports. The one-time winner of the Mr. Gay UK contest stabbed the man to death, cut flesh from his thigh, seasoned and cooked it, and tried to eat...

Cannibal Family Ate Boy's Flesh
 Cannibal Family Ate Boy's Flesh 

Cannibal Family Ate Boy's Flesh

Cult skinned 7-year-old alive

(Newser) - A family of Czech cannibals is on trial for hacking off pieces of a 7-year-old boy who survived the ghoulish abuse, the Sun reports. The horror unraveled last year when a neighbor’s baby monitor picked up images of the chained-up boy meant to be seen by the boy's mother.

Kidnapped Blonde Murdered by Cannibal Beau: Cops

Grisly plate of flesh leads to ex-boyfriend's arrest in capital murder

(Newser) - A man accused of brutally murdering his former girlfriend mutilated her and may have cooked and eaten some of her body parts, according to police. Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, has been charged with capital murder in the killing of Jana Shearer, 21, who was abducted from her Texas home last...

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