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Paralyzed as a Kid, She Feared Relapse That Suddenly Came

'I keep believing in miracles,' ESPN's Victoria Arlen says after 2nd recovery from transverse myelitis

(Newser) - After hosting ESPN's SportsCenter in March of last year, Victoria Arlen felt an odd sensation in her face, then her legs. Rushed to a hospital, she was told she was having a stroke, the broadcaster and former Paralympian tells People . The 28-year-old's reaction: "At least it's...

Bieber Reveals Rare Disorder, Asks Fans to 'Please Pray'

Singer, 28, has Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that causes face paralysis

(Newser) - Justin Bieber fans upset that he's had to cancel some recent shows may be more understanding now that he's saying why. E! Online reports the 28-year-old singer is "taking time off to rest," due to a rare condition he revealed Friday on Instagram . In his online...

Implant Results in Dramatic First for Paralyzed Man

Italian test subject with severed spinal cord learns to walk again

(Newser) - A 30-year-old Italian man whose spinal cord was severed in a motorcycle accident is doing something unexpected: walking. Michel Rocatti is able to do so thanks to an implanted device called a spinal cord stimulator that sends electrical signals to his legs, reports NBC News . As the BBC describes it,...

Andrew Dice Clay Still Takes Stage After Diagnosis

Comedian announces he has Bell's palsy

(Newser) - Andrew Dice Clay has a new bit in his standup act that's not intended to be funny. The comedian has announced that he has Bell's palsy, People reports. The condition temporarily paralyzes facial muscles, usually on one side. The cause isn't known, and there's no treatment,...

Paralyzed Man Communicates Through Brain Waves
Paralyzed Man Communicates
Through Brain Waves
new study

Paralyzed Man Communicates Through Brain Waves

Device translates what he's thinking to words on the screen

(Newser) - In a medical first, researchers harnessed the brain waves of a paralyzed man unable to speak—and turned what he intended to say into sentences on a computer screen. It will take years of additional research but the study, reported Wednesday, marks an important step toward one day restoring more...

Jacob Blake's Dad: My Son Is Paralyzed From Waist Down

Wisconsin man's partner says their 3 kids were in car screaming while he got shot by police

(Newser) - Jacob Blake, the Black man shot in Kenosha, Wis., by police over the weekend is paralyzed from the waist down, his father says—and he wants answers. Doctors aren't sure if the paralysis suffered by the 29-year-old is permanent after he was shot eight times, according to the elder...

CDC Warns Parents About Paralyzing Illness Affecting Kids

They're urged to be on the lookout for symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis

(Newser) - Parents should be on alert for symptoms of COVID-19 in their kids—but also those of acute flaccid myelitis , a rare, life-threatening neurological disease leading to paralysis in young children. Cases of the polio-like condition seem to spike every other year, and the largest recorded US outbreak came in 2018,...

Life-Changing News for Quadriplegics
Life-Changing News
for Quadriplegics
new study

Life-Changing News for Quadriplegics

New technique revives hope for people with paralysis

(Newser) - A ray of hope for those with complete paralysis: Australian surgeons have devised a way to restore tactile skills like brushing teeth, holding a drink, and even writing, Sky News reports. The technique allows surgeons to apply nerve transfers to spinal cord injuries for the first time. "We didn'...

Paralyzing Illness in Kids Seems to Strike in Weird Cycle

Cases of AFM seem to surge every other year

(Newser) - One morning last fall, 4-year-old Joey Wilcox woke up with the left side of his face drooping. It was the first sign of an unfolding nightmare. Three days later, the Herndon, Virginia, boy was in a hospital intensive care unit, unable to move his arms or legs or sit up....

She Was Teaching in Thailand. Suddenly, She Couldn't Move

Family of 22-year-old Caroline Bradner trying to get her home after Guillain-Barre syndrome diagnosis

(Newser) - Caroline Bradner traveled nearly 9,000 miles to "teach English, to travel, and make a difference in this world." Now the family of the 22-year-old Virginian is trying to get her home after she was suddenly stricken by a rare disorder that left her paralyzed from the neck...

Woman 'Catapulted' From Bed During Sex, Paralyzed

Claire Busby is now suing bed company

(Newser) - A UK woman is suing after, she says, a faulty bed caused an accident that paralyzed her while she was having sex. Claire Busby, 46, says the bed had been delivered a week prior, the BBC reports. She says she was "positioned kneeling over" her partner in the middle...

Paralyzed Man's Hardship Began When Monkey Stole Hat

American man injured while chasing monkey in Bali

(Newser) - Friends and relatives of an American man paralyzed after falling from a roof in Indonesia have this explanation: A monkey stole his favorite hat. Jeff "Swede" Swedenhjelm had taken shelter from rain under a pavilion in Bali on Dec. 18 when he encountered several monkeys, one of which plucked...

Weeks After Baby Rushed to ER, a Diagnosis: Botulism

Arizona's Cole Hansberger started showing symptoms the day before his first birthday

(Newser) - A 1-year-old in Arizona is critically ill after doctors say he tested positive for botulism, the Arizona Republic reports. On Aug. 5, the day before Cole Hansberger's first birthday, his mom, Jackie, noticed a few strange things: first, his drooping head while he was crawling around, then a complete...

For First Time in 11 Years, Paralyzed Man Moves His Arm

Brain implants allow him to control his right arm through thoughts

(Newser) - Recent advances in brain-spine interface technology have so excited the scientists working to restore the abilities of quadriplegics and others that they've actually screamed at the results . Now, the team working on a device known as BrainGate2 at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is...

Don't Marry Mario: 'Locked-in' Patients Can Finally 'Talk'

They communicate by thinking yes or no

(Newser) - Four paralyzed patients unable to communicate for years were finally able to do so through a potentially groundbreaking brain-reading system. And it turns out that one of them really didn't want his daughter to marry her boyfriend. The patients all had advanced ALS and were unable to control even...

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk
Scientists Have Made
Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

Scientists Have Made Paralyzed Monkeys Walk

'The whole team was screaming as we watched'

(Newser) - In what could someday prove to be a major step forward for people with spinal cord injuries, scientists out of Switzerland are reporting in the journal Nature that they've gotten paralyzed monkeys to walk again. NPR describes the surgery on the rhesus macaques thusly: A neurosurgeon "placed electrodes...

Mysterious Illness Paralyzing Kids Across US Again

Acute flaccid myelitis makes a comeback after no new cases were reported in 2015

(Newser) - It was a quiet 2015 after dozens of people, mostly children, fell gravely ill in 2014 from a mysterious condition called acute flaccid myelitis, which first presents as a cold but quickly escalates to polio-like symptoms, including paralysis. It is quiet no longer as the Centers for Disease Control confirms...

Chris Reeve’s Son Is Running NYC Marathon for Dad's Cause

Will Reeve is raising money for his parents' foundation

(Newser) - If anyone should breeze through the New York City Marathon on Sunday, it's Superman's kid, right? And yet Will Reeve sounds a little anxious about running his first 26.2-miler, with the only son of Christopher and Dana Reeve telling the New York Post that he's said...

Former Jet Who Overcame Paralysis Killed in Car Wreck

Dennis Byrd learned to walk again, wrote inspirational book

(Newser) - Dennis Byrd was an inspiration for far more than anything he ever accomplished on a football field. He was able to walk again. And with each step he took toward recovery from paralysis while guided by his always-present faith, Byrd defied doctors' grim predictions and became a symbol of perseverance...

Paralysis Cases Rose in 7 Sites With Zika Outbreaks

But researchers still won't say Zika leads directly to Guillain-Barre syndrome

(Newser) - Earlier this month, Puerto Rico announced its first death from Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition causing temporary paralysis that, in this case, was linked to the Zika virus. Now incidences of Guillain-Barre are said to have risen in seven countries in tandem with outbreaks of Zika, per a study in the...

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