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Orcas Sink Another Yacht
Killer Whales
Sink Another Yacht

Killer Whales Sink Another Yacht

Vessel went down in the Strait of Gibraltar after occupants were rescued

(Newser) - In what is apparently now a trend , orcas sank another yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday. One particular pod of Iberian killer whales in the region off the coasts of Spain and Portugal has been ramming vessels since 2020 , and the most recent attack took place in Moroccan...

Aggressive Orcas Set Their Sights on Elite Yacht Race

Pod of killer whales goes after boats taking part in around-the-world Ocean Race near Spain

(Newser) - A pod of killer whales bumped one of the boats in an endurance sailing race as it approached the Strait of Gibraltar, the latest encounter in what researchers say is a growing trend of sometimes-aggressive interactions with Iberian orcas. The 15-minute run-in with at least three of the giant mammals...

Orcas Disable Boat, Stalk It as It's Towed to Shore
In a First, Orcas
Stalk Boat to Port
in case you missed it

In a First, Orcas Stalk Boat to Port

Killer whales disabled, followed vessel as it was towed back to shore

(Newser) - It's still unclear why a group of orcas is attacking the rudders of sailboats off the Iberian Peninsula. What is clear is that they're not letting up. There were 20 incidents in the Strait of Gibraltar in the month of May, per the Independent . And in one case,...

Gibraltar's Bid to Become a City Unearths Surprising News

Turns out UK territory has been on nation's city list since 1842, but no one informed Gibraltar

(Newser) - If you didn't know that Gibraltar, the United Kingdom territory famous for its nearly 1,400-foot-high limestone rock, was actually a city, don't feel bad—neither did the people of Gibraltar, for nearly two centuries. A 180-year-old clerical error has now been corrected, however, and Gibraltar was finally...

This Place Has Vaccinated Entire Adult Population

Gibraltar, a British territory with about 30K people, gets the distinction

(Newser) - When it comes to COVID, the British territory of Gibraltar now has some bragging rights. Health officials say every adult who wanted a vaccination has received one, reports the Evening Standard . The territory—all three square miles of it in the Mediterranean, on the southern edge of Spain—has only...

Orcas Are Acting 'Crazy' Off Spain

'I thought they could capsize the boat'

(Newser) - Orcas are curious mammals who sometimes play with boats. But playing doesn’t quite describe what endangered pods have been doing in the Strait of Gibraltar, a major shipping route, this summer. Boaters say hard-hitting whales have spun their vessels up to 180 degrees and caused extensive damage. For more...

Iran Calls It an 'Act of Piracy.' The US Just Stirred the Pot

US calls to extend detention of Iranian supertanker seized in Gibraltar

(Newser) - The United States moved on Thursday to halt the release of an Iranian supertanker detained in Gibraltar for breaching European Union sanctions on oil shipments to Syria, thwarting efforts by authorities in London and the British overseas territory to defuse tensions with Tehran. The Gibraltar government confirmed that the US...

Spain 'Surprised' by British Talk of War

Gibraltar debate is getting heated

(Newser) - The triggering of Brexit was expected to lead to some robust exchanges between Britain and other EU members—but not many people expected open talk of war within days. The BBC reports that on Sunday, former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard warned that if it has to, Britain will defend...

This Carving May Prove Neanderthals Were Artists

Carving dates to 39K years ago; Neanderthals disappeared around that time

(Newser) - An ancient etching inside a cave in Gibraltar may mean that Neanderthals' knuckles weren't dragging quite as much as we believed, reports the BBC . The design suggests Neanderthals were capable of symbolic thinking, a trait once believed to be unique to modern humans, anthropologist Clive Finlayson of the Gibraltar...

Constant Oil Leaks Killing Gibraltar Bay: Critics

Spain and UK feud while spills threaten the strait's ecosystem

(Newser) - As blame spreads between Spain and the UK, so too does ecosystem-destroying oil in the Strait of Gibraltar. Europe's No. 1 transfer port, located between the towering Rock of Gibraltar and the Spanish fishing town of Algercias is, on any one day, home to tens of oil tankers and...

Gibraltar Blast Injures 12 on Cruise Ship

Fuel tank next to moored liner explodes

(Newser) - Twelve passengers on a cruise ship in Gibraltar suffered minor injuries when a nearby towering fuel tank burst into flames. Two welders who had been working on the tank were also injured, one critically, AP reports. The ship, Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas, sailed away from the burning...

World's Most Terrifying Airports

From New York City to New Zealand, the scariest places to take off and land

(Newser) - If you're already afraid of flying, go watch this video of a frolicking baby lamb . If you're feeling tough, enjoy SmarterTravel's picks for the 10 most frightening airports in the world:
  • Barra Airport, Barra, Scotland: The world's only commercial beach airport. "Passengers can expect to arrive safely on one

Madoff Investor Slapped With 1st Suit to Recover Gains

Trustee plans lawsuits all over the world

(Newser) - The first of what may be many lawsuits aimed at clawing back money from investors who gained from the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme has been filed, the Wall Street Journal reports. The trustee for defrauded investors, Irving Picard, yesterday filed suit against a Virgin Islands-based investor, Vizcaya Partners, which withdrew...

World's Diciest Landing Strips
 World's Diciest Landing Strips 

World's Diciest Landing Strips

From the US to Bhutan, a tour of white-knuckle airports

(Newser) - The scenery is spectacular, but lofty mountaintops, stiff trade winds, and abbreviated tarmacs make for teeth-clenching landings at the world’s most harrowing runways, per Travel and Leisure:
  • Paro Airport, Bhutan: Surrounded by 16,000-foot-high Himalayan peaks, what could possibly go wrong?
  • Barra Airport, Scotland: Hold on tight. The roughness

Gibraltar to Kill Pesky Apes
 Gibraltar to Kill Pesky Apes 

Gibraltar to Kill Pesky Apes

Famous wild monkeys terrorize tourists

(Newser) - Gibraltar has decided to kill a band of its famous Barbary apes that has been harassing tourists and residents, AP reports. The 25-strong group of renegade apes—actually large monkeys—has moved to a popular beach area where the animals have been stealing food and climbing into open windows. The...

Britain, Spain Soften Over Rock
Britain, Spain Soften Over Rock

Britain, Spain Soften Over Rock

Settling of dispute over Gibraltar means EU can sign long-delayed treaties

(Newser) - Britain and Spain have worked out a compromise on Gibraltar that will pave the way for the EU to sign some important treaties, Reuters reports. Treaties on child protection and aviation had been held up for years because Spain balked at plans to let officials in the British enclave administer...

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