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Swiss Apple Growers Not Thrilled With Apple

Farmers group worries it may have to change its century-old logo in trademark battle

(Newser) - Apple the company has been around since 1976. Apple the fruit, a lot longer—which helps explain how a Swiss farmers organization has been using an apple as its logo for 111 years. But as Wired UK explains, perhaps not for much longer. The Fruit Union Suisse is in the...

Something Is Rapidly Killing America's Apple Trees

The syndrome is called RAD, and it's a head-scratcher

(Newser) - The why is still very much unknown. The what is painfully clear: Something is rapidly killing apple trees that initially appear to be perfectly healthy. That rapid part is now part of the syndrome's name: rapid apple decline (RAD), with one apple farmer telling the Counter that some of...

Pioneers Ate These Apples. They Were Just Rediscovered

2 retirees scour abandoned orchards in the Northwest, find 10 'extinct' varieties

(Newser) - Two retirees who scour the remote ravines and windswept plains of the Pacific Northwest for long-forgotten orchards have rediscovered 10 apple varieties that were believed to be extinct—the largest number ever unearthed in a single season by the nonprofit Lost Apple Project, per the AP . Botanists at the Temperate...

A New Kind of Apple Is Coming
A New Kind of Apple Is Coming

A New Kind of Apple Is Coming

It's called the Cosmic Crisp

(Newser) - They call it the Cosmic Crisp. It's not a video game, a superhero, or the title of a Grateful Dead song. It's a new variety of apple, coming to a grocery store near you Dec. 1, the AP reports. Cosmic Crisp is the first apple ever bred in...

This Newcomer Could Shake Up the Apple World
This Newcomer Could 
Shake Up the Apple World

This Newcomer Could Shake Up the Apple World

Here comes Cosmic Crisp, and 'California Sunday Magazine' lays out the details

(Newser) - It's known on the patent as WA 38, and consumers are about to start hearing a lot about this new apple under its more marketing-friendly name: the Cosmic Crisp. At the California Sunday Magazine , the story by Brooke Jarvis has a headline that explains the fuss: The apple, coming...

Apple to Unveil New iPhones Next Month

The event is set for Sept. 12

(Newser) - September is nearly upon us, and you know what that means: we get a glimpse of the next generation of iPhone. At least, that's the speculation from Business Insider , which reports that Apple has sent out invitations for an event at its Cupertino HQ, adding that the company has...

This Apple Finally Dethroned Red Delicious

Gala to be most popular apple in US in 2018

(Newser) - For at least five decades, the Red Delicious was the most popular apple in the US, dominating grocery selection. But no longer: This year, US growers are projected to produce 51.7 million boxes of Red Delicious apples and 52.4 million boxes of Gala apples, thus giving Galas the...

Free Apple on Delta Flight Costs Woman $500

Crystal Tadlock plans to fight it in court

(Newser) - Crystal Tadlock may think twice before accepting anything from a Delta attendant again. Flying back from Paris, the Colorado woman accepted a free apple handed out by an attendant and stuffed it in her carry-on bag—only to discover at customs that the fruit would cost her $500, KDVR reports....

We've Lost Thousands of Apple Varieties. These Guys Hunt Them

'NYT' follows the search for lost heirlooms in Washington state

(Newser) - Long before the advent of abominations like the Unicorn Frappuccino and the Whopperito , America, it seems, used to have nice things and some of those things were apples. Limber Twig apples, Rambo apples, Mother apples. If those names aren't exactly ringing bells in your noggin, consider that some 17,...

First GMO Apple on US Shelves Next Month

The Arctic version resists browning

(Newser) - A brave new world in apples arrives in Midwestern grocery stores in February. The Canadian company Okanagan will begin selling "Arctic" apples that have been genetically modified to resist browning, reports the CBC . To show off the apples' talent, the Arctics will be sold pre-sliced in clear pouches, though...

Here Comes the First Genetically Modified Apple

It doesn't brown as fast when cut or sliced

(Newser) - People leery of genetically modified crops will soon have to look a little more carefully when they reach for an apple. The Agriculture Department today gave the go-ahead to a Canadian company to sell GMO apples in the US, reports Reuters . They've been doctored to resist browning when cut...

How Lasers Can Spot the Perfect Apple

The result could be tastier produce in stores

(Newser) - It can be tough to tell, without biting into an apple, whether it's unripe, just ripe enough, or its tastiest days are behind it. Fortunately, scientists in Lebanon and France are working on a new way to determine ripeness, and instead of using their teeth, they've opted for...

Women Who Eat Apples Daily May Have Better Sex
Women Who Eat Apples
Daily May Have Better Sex
in case you missed it

Women Who Eat Apples Daily May Have Better Sex

Women indulging in the forbidden fruit experience better lubrication

(Newser) - Eating the forbidden fruit of an apple tree may be even racier than the Bible says. Women who eat one to two apples a day experience a better sexual quality of life than women classified as having "no regular apple consumption," according to a new study in the...

Man Spots Jesus, Lamb—on Apple

'Maybe it's a sign,' says David Duran

(Newser) - First Jesus was spotted on Google Earth . Now he's apparently taken to fruit. Albuquerque's David Duran was making apple butter in his mother's kitchen when he came to "the last couple of apples in the batch." He was just about to peel one when he...

Non-Browning Apple Has Growers Seeing Red

Genetically-engineered fruit has some growers fuming

(Newser) - It sounds like magic: an apple that won't turn brown when cut or bruised. But the genetically-engineered fruit's special powers aren't enough to win over other apple growers, who say it's just unnatural. The Arctic Apple, from small Canadian firm Okanagan Specialty Fruits, could hurt consumers'...

Apples, Pears Reduce Chance of Stroke: Dutch Study

 Apples, Pears Fend Off Strokes 
study says

Apples, Pears Fend Off Strokes

White-fleshed fruit reduced strokes in Dutch study

(Newser) - An apple a day may keep the doctor away, and more specifically lessen your chance of having a stroke. High consumption of apples and other white-fleshed fruit like pears, bananas, and cauliflower reduced people's likelihood of a stroke by 52% in a new Dutch study, the Daily Mail reports....

Beatles Break Free of CDs
 Beatles Break Free of CDs 

Beatles Break Free of CDs

Pricey USB drive holds band's remastered studio albums

(Newser) - Beatles songs still aren't available on iTunes, but you can get them on an apple—a USB drive shaped like an apple, that is. EMI is charging a mere $279.99 for all of the band’s remastered studio albums, previously available only on CD, and a slew of video,...

Marketers Ditch Fast Food for Produce Aisle

(Newser) - Wary of being associated with fast food, Disney and others are leaving Happy Meals behind and targeting young buyers—well, their parents—by branding everything from eggs to apples, the Big Money reports. Disney properties like Mickey Mouse, Miley Cyrus, and Zac Efron appear on packaging as well as the...

Zoo Tries to Lure Stranded Polar Bear Out of Moat

Zero has been stuck in Milwaukee park's moat for 2 weeks

(Newser) - Staff members at the Milwaukee County Zoo are taking new action to rescue a polar bear named Zero who has been stuck in the moat that surrounds his habitat for 2 weeks, the Journal Sentinel reports. Using a crane, handlers lowered a big plastic crate filled with Zero’s favorite...

Not the Apple-Bobbing 'Fat Boy' Had in Mind

Pursuit of late night snack lands horse in British swimming pool

(Newser) - A horse’s hunger for apples got the better of him early yesterday when he ended up stuck in a British swimming pool, the Cornishman reports. The fittingly named “Fat Boy” and another pony broke into the garden of Sarah Penhaligon, 28, to snack on her apple trees. But...

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