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City Loses a Battle in Fight Against Bikini Baristas

Judge rules they can stay open as court case unfolds in Everett, Washington

(Newser) - A federal judge has ruled in favor of bikini baristas in Everett, Washington, who sued the city over new dress code ordinances that ban bare skin. US District Court Judge Marsha Pechman extended an injunction that prevents the city from enforcing the two laws, reports the AP . That means the...

Starbucks VP Flees Twitter After #RaceTogether Fail

But Corey duBrowa is back online now after 'cascade of negativity'

(Newser) - After Starbucks announced its #RaceTogether campaign on Monday, many online users aimed their racial concerns toward the Twitter account of Corey duBrowa , the company's senior VP for communications. But the heat proved too much for duBrowa to handle: By Monday night, his Twitter account was deleted, CNN Money reports....

Sorry, Starbucks Baristas, You Must Share Your Tips

Federal court decides that shift supervisors entitled to a cut

(Newser) - Starbucks baristas must share their tips with shift supervisors, a federal appeals court said today. An attorney representing the baristas called the ruling "unfortunate" and said it lets employers subsidize the pay of its supervisors with money that should be going to their lowest-wage workers. A company spokesperson said...

New Coffee Shop Has Robot Baristas

Bow down to your new coffee-making robot overlords

(Newser) - An Austin-based coffee company has opened a new coffee kiosk at the University of Texas, but it's missing one surprising ingredient: people. The Briggo Coffee Haus is staffed not by human baristas, but by robots, which it says "emulate the motions of a champion barista to precisely prepare...

Starbucks Baristas Picket for Chilean Co-Workers

Employees in that nation are on strike over wages

(Newser) - A shot of politics with your coffee? Starbucks workers across the globe are standing with their striking Chilean counterparts in a “global week of action,” the Wall Street Journal reports. From Los Angeles to London, members of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union are picketing and distributing fliers explaining...

Starbucks Workers Feel Venti-Size 'Disillusionment'
 Starbucks Workers Feel 
 Venti-Size 'Disillusionment' 

Starbucks Workers Feel Venti-Size 'Disillusionment'

Giant corporation's anti-corporate culture is in danger

(Newser) - If you're not a fan of Starbucks, you'll be happy to read a lengthy report from Reuters that talks to baristas and managers around the country and concludes they're generally not a happy bunch anymore. Lower pay, fewer benefits, and an increased emphasis on cost-cutting and sales during the downturn...

Starbucks to Baristas: No More Multitasking
Starbucks to Baristas:
No More Multitasking

Starbucks to Baristas: No More Multitasking

Critics fear longer lines

(Newser) - Starbucks is changing the way its baristas operate—it wants them to focus on one drink at a time, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company is looking to shed what coffee aficionados see as an assembly-line process, but it runs the risk of angering everyone else with longer lines....

Starbucks Cuts Stores, Skips Breakfast

Faltering biz drops egg-and-cheese fare to focus on cuppa Joe

(Newser) - The founder and returning head of Starbucks has announced plans to turn the flagging operation around by taking it back to its intimate coffee-house roots, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. CEO Howard Schultz is ditching the chain's profitable morning sandwich line after listening to advice from baristas who complained that the...

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