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Off California Coast, a Vast Chemical Graveyard

Survey shows dumping site is bigger than the city of San Francisco, shocks scientists

(Newser) - Scientists who set out to map an underwater dumping ground for industrial waste off the California coast last month say they were stunned by what they found: endless waste barrels spread across a site larger than the city of San Francisco, some 3,000 feet under the sea. After a...

This Early Virus Sign Now Has Science Backing It Up
This Early Virus Sign Now
Has Science Backing It Up

This Early Virus Sign Now Has Science Backing It Up

Loss of taste, smell were documented anecdotally for COVID-19, but now there's research

(Newser) - Because up to half of COVID-19 patients may be asymptomatic or show very mild symptoms, it's important to be able to identify early, subtle signs of the disease. A new study published in the International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology journal lends support to what's till now been...

Acne Fighters Say Vaccine May Be on the Horizon
Got Acne? A Vaccine
Could Be Coming

Got Acne? A Vaccine Could Be Coming

Still a long way to go, but initial results on a possible vaccine seem promising

(Newser) - Eric Huang says he's "good at vaccine development." The UC San Diego dermatology professor tells the university's Guardian he has even worked on a biodefense vaccine to fight anthrax , with a boost from the National Institutes of Health. Huang's latest development on the vaccine scene,...

UCLA Congratulates 900 Applicants ... by Mistake

Then apologizes

(Newser) - Several hundred applicants were thrilled to read in a much-anticipated email from UCLA that they had been accepted by the prestigious university. Except they hadn't. It was all a mistake for 894 high school seniors who got the wrong notice. In fact, they're only wait-listed, they learned in...

Scientists Make LED Screens— Using Bacteria

Paper-clip size screen features blinking organisms

(Newser) - Scientists at UC San Diego have developed a new kind of LED, and it requires no electricity—instead, it runs on living organisms. A few years back, the researchers were able to engineer one fluorescent bacterium to glow according to a biological clock; in 2010, they got a whole colony...

Now NYU Goofs on Acceptance Notices

Congrats, you've been accepted —not!

(Newser) - Just to make college admission a tad more excruciating, New York University has become the latest school to screw up on college acceptance notices, reports the Los Angeles Times. Some 500 rejected applicants were erroneously emailed last week that they had been accepted into an NYU graduate program. Officials blamed...

Happiness Spreads Like the Flu
 Happiness Spreads Like the Flu 

Happiness Spreads Like the Flu

(Newser) - Happiness is contagious and spreads through social networks in much the same way the flu does, says a landmark new study that followed the fate of 4,700 people over 20 years. The research shows that a person's happiness can lift the mood of loved ones, neighbors, and even strangers...

Kids Dump Exercise by Their Teens

Most get just 30 minutes exercise a day

(Newser) - American children stop getting enough exercise by the time they reach their teens, according to a new study. Researchers tracked more than 1,000 children and discovered that those who averaged three hours of exercise a day at age 9 barely managed 30 minutes of physical activity at 15, reports...

Robot Worms Offer Cancer Hope
 Robot Worms Offer
 Cancer Hope 

Robot Worms Offer Cancer Hope

Tiny machines could identify, kill tumors early

(Newser) - Little mechanical “worms” offer the latest hope for early detection—and eradication—of cancer. Researchers have created tiny machines that travel through the body, find tumors that are too small to see in normal scans, and then deliver drugs to kill them. The method has worked to spot tumors...

Sun Banks on Lasers to Make Next Speed Leap

Using light, not wires, to connect chips could make computers 1,000 times faster

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems is moving toward connecting computer chips using lasers instead of wires, a move that could make computers 1,000 times faster. The company snagged a $44 million Pentagon contract to continue work that could also mean smaller, more energy-efficient machines. It won’t be easy, though: A Sun...

Vanishing Snow Threatens West
Vanishing Snow Threatens West

Vanishing Snow Threatens West

Global warming blamed for shrinking snowpacks

(Newser) - Blame for a dramatic decrease in Western mountain snowpacks rests squarely on global warming, researchers said yesterday. Using computer models of 50 years' worth of data, scientists confirmed warming is turning snowfall into rain, melting the packs earlier and drying up more rivers by summer. The trend threatens to trigger...

11 Stories
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