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At Heart of Odd Custody Ruling: a Turkey Baster

Joyce Bruce said because they never had sex, she should be sole parent

(Newser) - In Joyce Bruce's mind, Robert Boardwine was just an old friend who helpfully agreed to donate sperm so she could have a child—no parental rights attached. To Boardwine, however, and now according to a Virginia court, he's entitled to see his young son, CNN reports. The Virginia...

Kids Born in &#39;Sperm Deal&#39; Caught in 4-Parent Fight
Kids Born in 'Sperm Deal' Caught in 4-Parent Fight
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Kids Born in 'Sperm Deal' Caught in 4-Parent Fight

Judge says 2 girls are 'irredeemably marred' by feud between gay dads, lesbian moms

(Newser) - What started out as a well-intentioned parenting arrangement has deteriorated into one of the most "bruising and distressing" cases a British family court judge has ever seen, the Telegraph reports. A gay man in a civil partnership decided to donate his sperm to a lesbian friend (also in a...

Woman Raises $15K to Extract Dead Fiance's Sperm

Stephanie Lucas is one step closer to having baby with love Cameron Robinett

(Newser) - Cameron Robinett badly wanted to be a father. The 25-year-old and his fiancee, 22-year-old Stephanie Lucas, excitedly planned for a baby together and had even purchased a tiny football jersey for their future child; Robinett was checking out houses in California for the couple to move to when he was...

White Woman Given Sperm From Black Donor Sues

Mix-up making life hard in 'intolerant' town, she says

(Newser) - A lawsuit from a white woman in Ohio says that while she and her white partner love their "beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl," they definitely didn't order sperm from a black donor and the mix-up is making life tough in their "racially intolerant" all-white town. Jennifer...

Judge: Sperm Donor Owes Child Support

William Marotta to appeal ruling in controversial case

(Newser) - The latest twist and turn in the case of a man who provided sperm to a same-sex couple who then had a daughter: A Kansas judge ruled Wednesday that William Marotta is the "presumptive father as a matter of law," not a sperm donor, and must pay child...

Jason Patric Fights for More Rights for Sperm Donors

Jason Patric fighting for a relationship with his son

(Newser) - If Jason Patric has his way, sperm donors in California could find themselves with more legal rights regarding their biological children. The Lost Boys actor appeared before the Assembly Judiciary Committee yesterday to ask lawmakers to approve a bill that would expand paternal rights for fathers in IVF conceptions. The...

Mom Forced Daughter, 14, to Impregnate Herself

Woman wanted another baby, but was barred from adopting

(Newser) - A mother who was barred from adopting more children found a criminal way to increase her brood: She forced her 14-year-old daughter to start inseminating herself with donor sperm the mother bought on the Internet. The girl, a virgin, is thought to have miscarried at 14, and ended up giving...

Kansas: Sperm Donor Mom Lied for Child Support

Jennifer Schreiner said she didn't know who the father was: filing

(Newser) - In seeking state child support, a Kansas mom said she didn't know who donated the sperm to conceive her daughter, but that's not true, the state says. Jennifer Schreiner wrote on the application that she had "no idea" who'd fathered her child, the Topeka Capital-Journal reports....

Kansas to Sperm Donor: You Owe Child Support

He is contesting state's case

(Newser) - A sperm donor in Kansas is fighting an effort to force him to pay child support for a child conceived through artificial insemination by a lesbian couple. William Marotta told the Topeka Capital-Journal newspaper he's "a little scared about where this is going to go, primarily for financial...

Demand for US Sperm on the Rise

Jumps as much as 40% in past 5 years, according to The Daily

(Newser) - From Chile to Sweden, people around the world want more and more of our ... sperm? That is indeed the case, according to the Daily , which reports that demand for American men's genetic material has climbed as much as 40% over the past five years. "In the last three...

Father-of-14 Sperm Donor: I'm a 36-Year-Old Virgin

Trent Arsenault tells Anderson Cooper he's a 'donorsexual'

(Newser) - A 36-year-old California man who boasts he's an "organic" sperm donor and has fathered 14 children through his free donations, has never had sex, he has revealed. Silicon Valley computer security specialist Trent Arsenault tells Anderson Cooper today that he's a "donorsexual" who has committed "...

Anti-Gay Marriage Politician Donated Sperm to Lesbians

Bill Johnson made donations without wife's knowledge while in New Zealand

(Newser) - In his failed quest to become governor of Alabama, Bill Johnson campaigned against gay marriage in 2009—but he has been secretly donating sperm to lesbian couples in New Zealand since. Johnson headed to the country this year to aid in earthquake recovery; it was his desire to father children...

From One Sperm Donor, 150 Siblings

One father, tons of kids: Is it a problem?

(Newser) - When Cynthia Daily, her partner, and their son vacation with other families, "it's wild," she says. The kids "all look alike." That's because Daily turned to a sperm donor seven years ago; using the number assigned to her donor, she later searched an online...

Sperm Donor Never Told 24 Kids About Deadly Defect
Sperm Donor With Deadly Defect Fathers 24 Kids

Sperm Donor With Deadly Defect Fathers 24 Kids

Anonymity rules need to change, advocates say

(Newser) - A teenager inherited a "ticking time bomb in his chest" from a sperm donor father who failed to inform sperm banks that he had a rare and often fatal genetic heart defect as well as the inherited condition Marfan's syndrome. The man fathered at least 24 children through...

Brit Health Service Ripped for Buying Porn

Watchdog says helping sperm donors along is unethical

(Newser) - A British think-tank is attacking the National Health Service for spending roughly $1,000 of its $165 billion annual budget on porn magazines and DVDs. The group found that a third of health authorities providing fertility services offered materials to help hurry along the sperm donation process, the Telegraph reports....

Sperm Donors Lose Anonymity to DNA Tests

Mothers increasingly able to track down kids' biological fathers

(Newser) - The overwhelming majority of men who donate sperm choose to do so anonymously, but DNA testing is making that decision increasingly meaningless. These days it takes only a little bit of sleuthing for a mother to find her child’s biological father, Slate reports, telling the story of one mother...

The Perils of Free Sperm Donation

Some are altruistic, some just want sex—but all could cause problems later

(Newser) - Free sperm donors abound on the Internet, and they’re trying to help those who can’t have a baby the traditional way—or can’t afford the traditional sperm donation. They range from Trent, a 6’1” blond who says “a spirit of volunteering to the community” motivates...

Sperm Bank Offers Celeb Lookalikes

Calif. firm features donors who look like Ben Affleck, Seth Rogen

(Newser) - Having trouble narrowing down your choice of sperm donor? Perhaps it will help you to know—as it did one mom-to-be—that one option is a Freddie Prinze Jr lookalike. “For me, that clinched it right then and there,” she tells MSNBC. “I’ve always found him...

Jacko Sources: Pal Not Paris' Dad
 Jacko Sources: 
 Pal Not Paris' Dad 

Jacko Sources: Pal Not Paris' Dad

Plus, Michael finally buried, and more

(Newser) - Mark Lester’s words were “twisted around,” his friends tell People, and though he did donate sperm to Michael Jackson, “he’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson.” Or at least not this morning. All such stories circulating the tabloids are “just...

Jacko Pal Claims Paris Is His Daughter

Michael 'found the sexual act something he couldn't do'

(Newser) - Fearing that Katherine Jackson will sever his bond with Michael Jackson’s children, a confidante of the fallen pop star says Paris is likely his biological daughter, News of the World reports. Mark Lester, who starred as a child in the Oscar-winning film Oliver!, says that until 2 weeks ago,...

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