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They Left to Sail Around the World. It Was Bad Timing

Aussie family of 5 stranded at sea on yacht during coronavirus outbreak

(Newser) - An Australian family of five sailing around the world is "suddenly stateless" amid the global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus. 9News reports on the plight of Craig and Dianna Sparks and their 10-year-old triplets—Lawson, Oscar, and Avalon—who pushed off from Brisbane 10 months ago in their... More »

Dozens of Stranded Whales, a 'Heartbreaking Decision'

More than 140 pilot whales die after being stranded on New Zealand's Stewart Island

(Newser) - A hiker on a New Zealand island stumbled upon a distressing sight this weekend: dozens of pilot whales, dead on the beach after getting stranded there. Per the Guardian , the nation's Department of Conservation fielded a call Saturday from the hiker, who'd been camping on secluded Stewart Island,... More »

When This Volcano Erupted in 1963, It Cooled the Earth

100K ordered to leave Mount Agung volcano zone on the island of Bali

(Newser) - A volcano gushing towering columns of ash closed the airport on the Indonesian tourist island of Bali for a second day Tuesday, disrupting travel for tens of thousands, as authorities renewed their warnings for 100,000 villagers to evacuate. Mount Agung has been hurling clouds of white and dark gray... More »

Tesla Owner Stranded in Desert, and Not for Lack of Charge

Ryan Negri relied on phone to start car, but they were out of range

(Newser) - One Tesla Model S driver learned the hard way that technology has its limits. In a story he tells on Instagram , Ryan Negri describes venturing out into the Nevada desert with his wife and two dogs: "The thought was to go for a quick drive to take some photos... More »

Crazy Quake Aftermath: 3 Stranded Cows

They're stuck in New Zealand

(Newser) - It's one of the strangest post-earthquake images you'll see: three cows stranded on a small patch of grass after the earth all around them has fallen away. The scene is out of New Zealand, where a 7.8 magnitude quake has left at least two people dead and... More »

Stranded Woman Gives Birth, Starts a Forest Fire

Amber Pangborn also started a forest fire while trying to signal for help

(Newser) - Being stranded in the middle of a forest for three days with little food and water would be terrifying for anyone. Now imagine this happened to you in the late stages of pregnancy and your unborn child decided that would be the ideal time to make her way into the... More »

Her Car Buried in Snow, Mom Writes Letters to Kids

Karen Rossi recounts to Buffalo News how she made it 13 hours

(Newser) - Some amazing stories are emerging in the aftermath of Buffalo's freak storm , and this one is right up there: As the Buffalo News recounts, Karen Rossi got stuck in a snowbank while driving home from work at 3am Tuesday. A plow then jammed her further into the snowbank, and... More »

Hiker Survives on Bugs After Harrowing Leg Break

Gregg Hein: Break was so bad bone protruded more than an inch out of leg

(Newser) - Hiking alone has its disadvantages, and experienced climber, rafter, and trail runner Gregg Hein got up close and personal with most of them earlier this month. Two days into a solo hike in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks near Fresno, Calif., his footing set loose a boulder that... More »

Going Missing in Wilderness Saved This Man's Life

Says his daughter, who says Dick Sturm wouldn't have seen a doctor otherwise

(Newser) - You would think that the "saved" part would come into play just once in the story of a Longview, Wash., man who survived for five days in below-zero temps in his truck after getting lost on a logging road and sliding into an embankment. Dick Sturm managed to do... More »

Hundreds of Cars Litter NY Freeway

Long Island Expressway is a snowed-in parking lot

(Newser) - The Long Island Expressway looks like a scene from the apocalypse today. Hundreds of drivers who braved the Northeast's historic snowstorm last night are either stuck there or have abandoned their cars altogether, the New York Times reports. "It’s terrible. It’s cold. I don’t know... More »

Castaway Sues Cruise Liner for Not Rescuing Him

Adrian Vasquez says Princess Cruises saw him and two companions

(Newser) - As Adrian Vasquez and his two friends drifted in the Pacific Ocean , the engine on their fishing boat having failed 16 days before, they were relieved to see a Princess cruise ship sailing past. "We felt happy, because we thought they were coming to rescue us," Vasquez tells... More »

Man Snowbound for Months Didn't Have to Be

But, unfortunately, Swedish police never followed up on a month-old tip

(Newser) - The Swedish man who was rescued—barely alive—after two months stuck in a snowbound car could have been rescued a month ago ... had police followed up on a tip. The Telegraph picks up a Swedish news report that Peter Skyllberg's car, which he says became snowed in on... More »

ASU Student Survives 10 Days in Snowbound Car

She had two candy bars and water

(Newser) - A student at Arizona State University survived 10 days in her snowbound car before Forest Service workers happened across her by accident, reports KSAZ-TV . Lauren Elizabeth Weinberg, 23, had only two candy bars to eat and melted snow to drink, but she's doing fine. Weinberg set off from the... More »

Stranded Driver Ate Leaves to Live

Car fell 200 feet off Southern Caifornia ravine

(Newser) - A California man lived for days by eating leaves and drinking creek water after his car plummeted 200 feet off a ravine. After David Lavau’s family reported him missing, they set off to search for the 67-year-old by themselves in the Angeles National Forest, using his last debit card... More »

Body Found of Man Who Survived 68 Days in Snow

Jerry McDonald was just three miles from highway, four miles from town

(Newser) - A man was found dead in his pickup truck on an Oregon forest service road, after apparently being snowed in and surviving for 68 days. Jerry McDonald kept track of the days on a handmade calendar found in the truck, which notes that he arrived in the area Feb. 7... More »

Stranded Women Saved By SOS in Sand

Nearby Navy rescues pair on hard-to-reach Hawaiian shore

(Newser) - An “SOS” note scrawled in the sand actually worked for two stranded women in Hawaii. A tour helicopter noticed the letters and notified naval aviators who were training nearby; they saw the inscription and flashes from a mirror and sent a helicopter and swimmer to pick up the stranded... More »

Supermoon Stranded 5 Ships: UK Coastguard

'Blame the moon' for low tides, exposed sand

(Newser) - Though it had nothing to do with Japan’s earthquake, this weekend's " supermoon " may be to blame for the stranding of five ships off the UK, the Telegraph reports. Low tides Saturday night left sandbanks particularly exposed, temporarily grounding a 3,200-ton cargo ship, among other vessels. “... More »

Country Musician Rescued After 4 Days in Snowbank

Guitarist Lou Rogers, 67, survives 4 days in trapped car after shortcut goes wrong

(Newser) - Country guitarist Lou Rogers has survived to play another day after spending four days in a car stuck in a snowbank. The 67-year-old was taking a shortcut down the remote Gold Creek Road on his way to a gig in Idaho on Thursday when his car became trapped. His cell... More »

Afghan Avalanches Kill 28, Strand 1,500

Heavy snow complicates rescue effort north of Kabul

(Newser) - Avalanches on a mountain pass north of Kabul killed at least 28 people yesterday, with another 1,500 stranded in their vehicles on snow-blocked roads. Some 70 people have been injured and transported to hospitals. Rescuers worked through the night to save more than 200 people, but heavy snow and... More »

Aussies Can't Save 87 Stranded Whales

But rescuers are ultimately able to save only four

(Newser) - Rescue crews saved four long-finned pilot whales after a mass stranding in Western Australia’s Hamelin Bay, but scores of others died, the West Australian reports. Eighty-seven whales and dolphins beached Monday, prompting more than 250 volunteers and 100 conservation workers to spend a near-freezing night on the beach nursing... More »

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