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Florida Lawmakers to Live on $17 a Day

But only for a week as part of 'Minimum Wage Challenge'

(Newser) - At least 18 Florida lawmakers say they'll take the "Minimum Wage Challenge" this week to show the need for a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour. From Monday to Friday, each of the lawmakers, who are mostly Democrats, will live on just $17 a day—the remains...

Why an NYC Restaurant Pays Servers $25 an Hour

And why some restaurants are abandoning tipping

(Newser) - With many big cities upping the minimum wage, restaurant owners have to contend with higher labor costs—which has led some to abandon the practice of tipping in favor of raising menu prices or adding a mandatory service fee. At Dirt Candy, a Manhattan eatery, a 20% administrative fee is...

In Conn. Nail Salon Raid, Only 2 Were Legal

Sweep finds 23 salons violating wage and hour laws

(Newser) - Nearly two dozen nail salons were shut down in Connecticut—at least temporarily—after a random sweep by the Department of Labor earlier this month. Inspired by New York state's response to a New York Times investigation into nail salons , and after complaints, officials randomly investigated 25 salons from...

'Chalk One Up for the 99%-ers' in NY

Fast-food workers win 'Fight for $15'

(Newser) - They fought for $15—and they won. In what advocates say is a huge victory for the "99%-ers," New York state's wage board has recommended that the minimum wage for fast-food workers be gradually hiked to $15 from the current $8.75 over the next few years,...

CEO Behind $70K Minimum Salary Is Sued by Brother

Complaint is about 'aggregation of events'

(Newser) - The feel-good story about a CEO who is taking a pay cut so he can pay all his workers at least $70,000 a year just hit a sour note. He's getting sued by his brother, reports the Seattle Times . Lucas Price, a co-founder of Gravity Payments, filed the...

Ex-Obama Spokesman Gibbs Is Now a Fast-Food Honcho

He'll run global communications for McDonald's

(Newser) - From the White House to the ... golden arches? Former Obama spokesman and adviser Robert Gibbs is now in charge of global communications for McDonald's, reports Politico . CEO Steve Easterbook explains that Gibbs, who left the White House in 2011, brings “experience and outside perspective to McDonald’s as...

Los Angeles Raising Minimum Wage to $15

LA is the biggest city in the US to do so

(Newser) - The push for a higher minimum wage just got a major boost courtesy of Los Angeles. The city council has approved raising it to $15 an hour by 2020, reports the Los Angeles Times . Under the plan, the rate will rise from $9 to $10.50 in July 2016, then...

How Nail Salon Workers Are Really Treated (It Isn't Pretty)

Manicurists are often underpaid and treated badly, even abused: 'NYT' report

(Newser) - The good news for manicure-seekers: The number of nail salons, particularly in the New York City area, has been growing rapidly. The not-so-good news: The employees who buff, shape, and polish are often severely underpaid (if they're paid at all), exploited as immigrants, and sometimes even abused, per a...

Low Wages Cost Taxpayers $153B a Year
 Low Wages 
 Cost Taxpayers 
 $153B a Year 

Low Wages Cost Taxpayers $153B a Year

About half of public assistance goes to working households

(Newser) - The Fight for $15 is planning a big day for Tax Day , and ahead of that comes a study that gives credence to its premise that minimum wage isn't enough to live on: A UC Berkeley study out today pegs the cost of low wages at $153 billion a...

McDonald's to Raise Pay 10% for Workers

But move doesn't affect most stores, those owned by franchisees

(Newser) - It's good news for McDonald's workers in the US, or at least for the ones who happen to work in restaurants owned by the chain instead of by a franchisee: The Wall Street Journal reports that starting on July 1, the company will pay its workers at least...

Target Hikes Minimum Pay to $9
 Target Hikes Minimum Pay to $9 

Target Hikes Minimum Pay to $9

Competition for low-waged workers heating up

(Newser) - An ad campaign highlighting the fact that the pay is better at Walmart appears to have hit home at Target. The chain, which has been under pressure from labor groups and is facing more competition for low-waged workers, has announced that the minimum wage at all its stores will be...

Ballot Issues: Voters May Loosen Pot Rules
Ballot Issues: Voters May Loosen Pot Rules
midterm elections

Ballot Issues: Voters May Loosen Pot Rules

Issues on abortion, minimum wage also on ballots across US

(Newser) - The legalization of marijuana could take three more steps forward tonight. The first related vote is in Washington, DC, where a measure on the ballot would allow people to grow and possess pot but not sell it. Later results will come in from Oregon and Alaska, whose residents will decide...

Dozens Busted in 'Fight for $15' Fast-Food Protests

Demonstrators nationwide demand $15 an hour

(Newser) - Dozens of protesters have been arrested in at least two cities so far today during nationwide protests seeking $15 an hour for fast-food workers, reports the AP . At least three people in McDonald's work clothes in New York's Times Square and about two dozen demonstrators at a Detroit...

University Prez Takes $90K Pay Cut to Help Lowest Paid

KSU chief brings campus minimum wage up to $10.25

(Newser) - Kentucky State University's new president has given the lowest-paid workers on campus a pay raise out of his own salary. Before his contract as interim president was approved last month, Raymond Burse asked how many employees earned less than $10.25 per hour and volunteered to take a pay...

Landmark Ruling Opens Door for Fast-Food Unions

Labor board says McD's, franchisees can be named as 'joint employers'

(Newser) - McDonald's can't completely reject responsibility for the pay and working conditions of people in McDonald's uniforms serving McDonald's food at McDonald's restaurants, the National Labor Relations Board decided in a landmark ruling yesterday. The board said that the company could be considered a joint employer...

Ex-Governor: I Tried, Failed to Live on Minimum Wage

Weeklong experiment collapsed by Thursday: Ted Strickland

(Newser) - Ohio's former governor is taking a stand in favor of raising the minimum wage—by living on it himself. Ted Strickland tried restricting his spending last week to the $77 the wage offers, and by Thursday, he failed, he writes at Politico . The experience involved skipping meals, turning to...

Hey Ikea and Gap, Your Raises Aren&#39;t That Great
Hey Ikea and Gap, Your Raises Aren't That Great

Hey Ikea and Gap, Your Raises Aren't That Great

Catherine Rampell: These 'baby steps' are fine, but we need a federal hike

(Newser) - Ikea and Gap have been busy patting themselves on the back of late for raising the minimum wage they pay their workers. The self-congratulation is a little much given the "baby steps" we're talking about here, writes Catherine Rampell at the Washington Post . Ikea, for instance, says it...

Seattle Council Passes $15 Minimum Wage

New measure includes a phase-in of several years

(Newser) - The Seattle City Council unanimously passed an ordinance today that gradually increases the minimum wage in the city to $15, which would make it the highest in the nation. The issue has dominated politics in the liberal municipality for months. Mayor Ed Murray, who was elected last year, had promised...

GOP-Led Michigan Hikes Minimum Wage to $9.25

Move heads off petition that would have pushed it to $10.10

(Newser) - Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation yesterday to raise the state's minimum wage by 25% gradually over the next four years to $9.25 an hour, as Republicans controlling the state government moved to head off a November ballot measure that could have raised pay even more. The move...

Swiss Voters on $25 Minimum Wage: Uh, No

About three-quarters of people vote against referendum

(Newser) - Swiss voters today considered the question of whether to institute a highest-on-planet-Earth minimum wage , and handed it back with a resounding "nope." Early returns indicate that about three-quarters of voters (76% per the BBC , 77% per the AP ) voted against the measure, which would have raised minimum...

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