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'Dr. Deep Sea' Resurfaces After 'Extreme' Endeavor

Dr. Joseph Dituri spent a record-breaking 100 days underwater for science in a Florida lagoon

(Newser) - A university professor who spent 100 days living underwater at a Florida Keys lodge for scuba divers resurfaced Friday and raised his face to the sun for the first time since March 1. Dr. Joseph Dituri set a new record for the longest time living underwater without depressurization during his...

Underwater in National Park, an 'Intriguing Find'

1861 grave of Fort Jefferson laborer is discovered submerged within Dry Tortugas National Park

(Newser) - The graves of dozens of people—including US soldiers—who died at Florida's Fort Jefferson in the late 19th century are now believed to be underwater. In August 2022, divers identified a grave carrying the name John Greer and the year 1861 on a submerged island near Garden Key...

For Spanish Police, a Drug-Smuggling First

Cops say they seized 3 underwater drones meant to carry 'large quantities of cocaine'

(Newser) - A probe that lasted more than a year has led to the arrest of eight and the seizure of three underwater drones that were apparently built to smuggle drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar. The BBC reports Spain's police force seized the unmanned submersibles—one completed and two still...

Cousteau's Grandson Wants to Build This
Cousteau's Grandson
Wants to Build This

Cousteau's Grandson Wants to Build This

Fabien Cousteau seeks funding for a $135 million underwater station

(Newser) - The legendary Jacques Cousteau loved working underwater amid incredible sea life. Now his grandson Fabien—himself an accomplished aquanaut and ocean conservationist—is revisiting that passion by trying to fund an aquatic habitat the Smithsonian calls an "international space station of the sea." The Proteus station would include...

In Australia's Deep: 'We Couldn't Believe What We Were Seeing'

Apolemia, a Silly String-like marine creature, could be longest animal ever seen

(Newser) - Scientists exploring underwater canyons in Western Australia say they've discovered up to 30 new marine species, including what's thought to be the longest animal ever seen. The Apolemia, belonging to the siphonophore family of marine organisms related to jellyfish, is made up of millions of tiny clones that...

First Came a 'Catastrophic Collapse,' Then a Tsunami

Evidence of 300K-year-old landslide found off Australia

(Newser) - More than 300,000 years ago, a massive chunk of rock broke off from Australia's continental shelf, triggering the largest undersea landslide ever known, per Science Alert . But scientists only know this thanks to a chance discovery. Researchers were mapping the Queensland Trough, a basin next to the Great...

Cute Purple Critter on Ocean Floor Charms Scientists

Exploration vessel Nautilus encountered the squid off the coast California

(Newser) - It looks for all the world "like some little kid dropped their toy," as one scientist jokes. But, no, that adorable purple creature with giant, googly eyes spotted on the bottom of the ocean is, in fact, a stubby squid called Rossia pacifica. Researchers in the exploration vessel...

China Wants People to Live Underwater in South China Sea

Planning mysterious lab, perhaps with military capabilities

(Newser) - China's No. 2 science and technology priority out of a recently released list of 100 would take its countrymen almost 2 miles beneath the surface of the South China Sea. Bloomberg reports on China's intention to build a manned deep-sea platform from which it could hunt for minerals,...

Underwater 'Lost City' Is Something Else Entirely

Looks like mystery off of Greek island comes down to methane

(Newser) - A "lost city" discovered by snorkelers off the Greek island of Zakynthos isn't an underwater metropolis after all. "We investigated the site, which is between [6.5 to 16 feet] underwater, and found that it is actually a natural geologically occurring phenomenon," Julian Andrews, lead author...

Divers Run Into Mysterious, Giant, Jellylike 'Thing'

 Divers Run Into 
 Mysterious, Giant, 
 Jellylike 'Thing' 
in case you missed it

Divers Run Into Mysterious, Giant, Jellylike 'Thing'

One expert says it could be a giant mass of tens of thousands of squid eggs

(Newser) - When Lutfu Tanriover went on a deep-sea dive off the coast of Turkey in early July, he wasn't prepared for what he and his fellow divers encountered 72 feet below the surface: a gelatinous, see-through blob the size of a car that he nicknamed "The Thing," the...

Underwater Bot Finds Surprisingly Thick Antarctic Ice

SeaBED uses sonar to map the hard-to-reach ice, which is as thick as 65 feet

(Newser) - Until now, scientists have measured ice thickness using satellite images, visual estimates, and by drilling holes in the ice itself. But in Antarctica, much of the floating ice is actually underwater, with ice so thick that drilling and satellite images just don't work. For the past four years, a...

Wireless Internet's New Home: Underwater?

System could be used to warn against tsunamis

(Newser) - Scientists have tested a potential new weapon against tsunamis: underwater Internet. Aboard a yacht, researchers from the University at Buffalo dropped several 40-lb modems into Lake Erie. Instead of using radio waves, which have trouble in water, the BBC notes, these modems send out signals using sound waves—via chirping...

Volcano the Size of Arizona Discovered
 Volcano the Size of 
 Arizona Discovered 

Volcano the Size of Arizona Discovered

Tamu Massif is Earth's biggest such structure

(Newser) - Scientists have made a surprising discovery in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles east of Japan: Earth's largest volcano. Tamu Massif is a monster at 280 miles by 400 miles, or roughly the size of Arizona, and ranks among the largest such structures in our solar system, Nature ...

Cousteau Grandson Spending October Underwater

Fabien Cousteau looks to break grandfather's record

(Newser) - While you're spending October planning what candy you'll hand out on Halloween, Fabien Cousteau will be spending the month underwater. He's aiming to spend a record-breaking 31 days in the deep blue, surfacing on October 31, on the 50th anniversary of his grandfather Jacques Cousteau's record-setting...

One of Ocean's Most Elusive Creatures Filmed

Clip offers close-up of 8-foot-long oarfish

(Newser) - Now the world can finally get a good look at one of the ocean's more mysterious creatures, the oarfish, believed to be the longest bony fish in existence—basically, the longest fish that's not a ray or shark, LiveScience reports. While researchers were investigating the Deepwater Horizon oil...

The Government Needs to Start Buying Mortgages
The Government Needs to Start Buying Mortgages

The Government Needs to Start Buying Mortgages

Economists Joseph Stiglitz and Mark Zandi have a plan to fix the housing market

(Newser) - Five years after the mortgage crisis began, housing is still one of the biggest factors dragging the economy down. There's just one option left, economists Joseph Stiglitz and Mark Zandi write in the New York Times : Mass refinancing. "Well over half of all American homeowners with mortgages are...

Treasure Hunter: I Found $3B Shipwreck

But the British, others have their doubts

(Newser) - Treasure hunter Greg Brooks thinks he's hit pay dirt—or pay ocean, as the case may be. Brooks and his colleagues at the Maine-based Sub Sea Research say they've discovered the remains of a British merchant ship that was sunk by German U-boats off Cape Cod during World...

Strapped Nations Seek Revenue in Sunken Treasure

US firm tracks long-lost cargo

(Newser) - Here's an alternative way to fix the deficit: Find long-lost treasure beneath the waves. Sounds like a fairy tale, but the British government has contracted a US firm twice this year to track down the remnants of shipwrecks. One is the British steam ship Mantola that sunk in 1917,...

China's Next Frontier: The Deep Sea

Country plans to launch a submersible that can eventually reach 7,000 meters

(Newser) - If you've got a submarine, chances are you're gonna come across a few Chinese flags. Beijing is set to launch a manned submersible on an ultra-deep dive in search of valuable minerals, unseating the US as the leader in the high-stakes world of deep sea exploration. The Jiaolong...

Underwater 'Atlantis' Landscape Revealed

Vast submerged terrain shows signs of former terrestrial life

(Newser) - Deep underwater and far below ocean sediment lies what was, millions of years ago, a vast landscape. Complete with furrows and peaks that were once rivers and mountains, the North Atlantic site "looks for all the world like a map of a bit of a country onshore,” said...

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