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119 Trapped Workers Die in Poultry Plant Inferno

China plant's gate was locked when fire broke out

(Newser) - At least 119 workers were killed and dozens more injured when fire swept through a poultry plant in northeast China early today, trapping workers inside a slaughterhouse, the AP reports. Surviving workers say the gate was locked when the fire broke out. A loud bang was heard before the fire...

Hustler Fined $14K for Condom-Free Porn

California safety officials slap Larry Flynt's porn house with citation

(Newser) - Larry Flynt's Hustler Video and another porn production company have been fined by California workplace safety officials for filming unsafe sex. Hustler was fined $14,175 for three violations, including failure to provide condoms or other equipment to protect performers from assorted bodily fluids, AP reports. Activists have targeted the...

Farms See Record Number of Grain Bin Deaths

OSHA has increased inspections

(Newser) - Grain bins are innocuous-seeming, necessary parts of big agriculture—but they're proving deadly for a record number of farm workers, and OSHA is taking notice. A worker trying to clear damp clots of corn or soy beans can quickly find himself in a sinkhole, his chest compressed by hundreds of...

Congratulations: You're Worth Millions

... at least according to federal safety regulators

(Newser) - What's a human life worth? Quite a bit, according to the Obama administration. The New York Times rounds up some examples:
  • The EPA values the cost of a life at $9.1 million, up from $6.8 million under Bush.
  • The FDA comes in at $7.9 million, up from

Teacher Wins $225K After Losing Voice

Vocal chords damaged after working in noisy classroom

(Newser) - A British teacher ruined her voice while struggling to make herself heard in a noisy classroom—and has been awarded $225,000 in compensation. Joyce Walters developed nodules on her vocal chords and had to give up teaching after working in an adult education center that placed her in a...

AIDS Activists Hammer Larry Flynt Over Unsafe Porn

Group demands Flynt's stars start using condoms

(Newser) - Activists demanding that porn industry actors use condoms have targeted the world's most famous pornographer. The AIDS Health Foundation has filed a workplace safety complaint against Flynt, accusing him of endangering his performers, AP reports. Protesters gathered outside the Beverly Hills headquarters of Flynt's company and delivered 100 porn DVDs...

Dozens of iPhone Factory Workers Seriously Ill

Chinese workers hospitalized with nerve damage

(Newser) - Dozens of Chinese workers have spent close to a year in hospital after sustaining nerve damage in a factory making iPhone components. The workers, mostly young women, were exposed to a toxic solvent they used to clean iPhone and iTouch screens, GlobalPost finds in part of a series of investigations...

Models Boycott High-Heel 'Stilts'

It's an issue of workplace safety, say top catwalkers

(Newser) - Three top models are refusing to teeter on limb-threatening 12-inch spike heels in catwalk shows. The models refused to appear in Alexander McQueen's latest show because of his impossible-to-wear "armadillo" shoes and "workplace safety" concerns. A British shoe designer sympathized with the models. "It'd be like walking...

1 Dead, 5 Injured in Orlando Shooting Spree

Police still hunting for the gunman

(Newser) - One person is dead and another five people have been shot after a gunman opened fire in an office complex in downtown Orlando, Fla., reports the Sentinel . Police, who initially reported more victims, are still looking for the suspect, identified as 40-year-old Jason Rodriguez. He is a former employee of...

OSHA Gutted by Bush White House
OSHA Gutted by
Bush White House

OSHA Gutted by Bush White House

Safety standards eased in response to industry pressure

(Newser) - Under President Bush, political appointees at OSHA caved to industry pressure by withdrawing or watering down workplace health and safety regulations, the Washington Post reports. From 2001 to 2007, the agency issued 86% fewer "economically significant" rules than it did under Clinton. It's "like turning a ketchup bottle...

Score Card on Late White House Rules Changes

Bush administration pushes through midnight regulations

(Newser) - With the  Bush White House pushing through a raft of last-minute rules, the nonprofit journalism group ProPublica offers a running list, with the status of each:
  • Business-friendly safety regulations would loosen restrictions on exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace.
  • Local police would get increased surveillance ability.
  • Loaded guns would

Fed Agency Battles Tough Post-9/11 Building Code

New safety rules safety 'too expensive,' officials complain

(Newser) - A federal agency is joining major landlords in fighting tough new building safety standards developed in the wake of 9/11, the New York Times reports. The requirements, added last year after a federal probe into the Twin Towers collapse, call for better fireproofing and extra stairwells. But the General Services...

NRA Guilty of Poor Aim in Fla. Guns-at-Work Case
NRA Guilty of Poor Aim in
Fla. Guns-at-Work Case

NRA Guilty of Poor Aim in Fla. Guns-at-Work Case

Second Amendment does not trump property rights for private companies

(Newser) - Florida’s "take your guns to work” law seems like it’s upholding the right to bear arms (which is what the National Rifle Association wants us to believe), but in fact it’s a violation of property rights, Steve Chapman argues in Reason. The law allows permit-holders to...

Feds Push to Ease Workplace Toxin Regs

Labor Dept. seeks to loosen oversight; union decries 'midnight' move

(Newser) - The Department of Labor is rushing to push through policy that would make it more difficult to regulate workers’ exposure to toxins, the Washington Post reports. The proposal was never publicly disclosed, as required by law, but rather surfaced on the website of the White House Office of Management and...

Florida Passes 'Take Your Gun to Work' Law

Biz groups fear increase in office shootings

(Newser) - Florida lawmakers have passed a law that prohibits most businesses from banning employees keeping guns in their cars on company property, Reuters reports. Backers hail the measure as a victory for Second Amendment rights. Business groups, fearing an increase in workplace shootings, are urging the governor to veto the so-called...

Made in Italy — in a Chinese Sweatshop

Italian luxury goods made by Chinese labor cost 90% less

(Newser) - For consumers of luxury goods, the "Made in Italy" designation remains so prestigious that it can add 300% to an item's price. But the days of artisans plying their trade in little workshops are largely over, the Los Angeles Times reports, replaced by thousands of Tuscan factories employing Chinese...

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