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Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Is Dead
Pentagon Papers Leaker
Daniel Ellsberg Is Dead

Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Is Dead

Famous whistleblower over the Vietnam War was 92

(Newser) - Daniel Ellsberg, the history-making whistleblower who by leaking the Pentagon Papers revealed longtime government doubts and deceit about the Vietnam War and inspired acts of retaliation by President Richard Nixon that helped lead to his resignation, has died at age 92. Ellsberg, who announced in February that he was terminally...

Pentagon Papers Leaker Says He Has Terminal Cancer

Daniel Ellsberg has been told he has three to six months left

(Newser) - Daniel Ellsberg, who copied and leaked documents that revealed secret details of US strategy in the Vietnam War and became known as the Pentagon Papers, said he has terminal cancer and months to live. Ellsberg posted on his Facebook page Thursday that doctors diagnosed the 91-year-old with inoperable pancreatic cancer...

How He Got the Pentagon Papers: 'Monumental Duplicity'
Neil Sheehan Revealed All
Before He Died. It's Amazing
in case you missed it

Neil Sheehan Revealed All Before He Died. It's Amazing

'NYT' reporter revealed exactly how he got his hands on the Pentagon Papers

(Newser) - The intimate details on how New York Times journalist Neil Sheehan broke the story on the Pentagon Papers have never been revealed—until now. In 2015, Sheehan explained exactly what happened to a reporter, on the condition the story not be published until after his death , which happened Thursday. The...

Reporter Who Broke Pentagon Papers Story Dies
Reporter Who Broke
Pentagon Papers Story Dies

Reporter Who Broke Pentagon Papers Story Dies

Neil Sheehan was 84

(Newser) - Neil Sheehan, a reporter and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who broke the story of the Pentagon Papers for the New York Times and who chronicled the deception at the heart of the Vietnam War in his epic book about the conflict, died Thursday. He was 84. Sheehan died of complications from...

US Lied and Lied About Afghan War: Bombshell Report
US Lied and Lied About 
Afghan War: Bombshell Report

US Lied and Lied About Afghan War: Bombshell Report

'Washington Post' obtains government interviews with officials, generals

(Newser) - The Washington Post is out with a damning picture of the 18-years-and-counting Afghanistan war, and it's based on the government's own interviews with key players in the conflict. The upshot: US officials have lied to the public repeatedly since the war began in 2001, "making rosy pronouncements...

The Post Has Serious Theme, but Is 'Highly Entertaining'
The Post Has Serious Theme,
but Is 'Highly Entertaining'

The Post Has Serious Theme, but Is 'Highly Entertaining'

Movie chronicles publication of the Pentagon Papers

(Newser) - Steven Spielberg signed on to The Post in March. Just nine months later, the film chronicling the Washington Post's publishing of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 is hitting theaters at what some critics argue is the perfect time. It has a solid 85% "fresh" rating from critics at...

Snowden Was Right to Flee: Daniel Ellsberg

Pentagon Papers leaker slams 'United Stasi of America'

(Newser) - Don't blame Edward Snowden for skipping town when he made his big revelations about NSA surveillance: so says one of his most famous whistleblowing predecessors, Daniel Ellsberg, who stayed in the US after his own leaks. "The country I stayed in was a different America, a long time...

40 Years Later, Pentagon Papers Officially Released

1st Amendment landmark pivotal moment in presidential history

(Newser) - The National Archives has at long last published the entire 7,000-page Vietnam report known as the Pentagon Papers. The documents are among the most important in modern presidential history, leading the Nixon administration to crack down on leaks that led to phone taps, break-ins, and arguably even Watergate, the...

What Are the Pentagon Papers' '11 Secret Words'?

Twitter users offer their best guesses

(Newser) - Decades after they were leaked, the Pentagon Papers are finally being released on Monday by the federal government—which originally said 11 words would remain censored. Officials have since changed their minds, and we may never know what 11 words they intended to keep quiet. Not even leaker Daniel Ellsburg...

WikiLeaks Documents Are Not the Pentagon Papers

War logs don't match revelations of Vietnam skullduggery

(Newser) - The release of 92,000 classified documents related to the Afghanistan war has prompted many comparisons to the Pentagon Papers. But that's a bit superficial, writes Richard Tofel for ProPublica . "In terms of important disclosures, it's not even close." The biggest WikiLeaks revelations involve Taliban fighters' use of...

Wikileaks Wises Up With New 'Pentagon Papers'

Site collaborates with mainstream media

(Newser) - The little whistleblowing website that could stepped up its game this time before releasing what Wikileaks' founder calls the present day "Pentagon papers." Taking a page from a crack public relations operation, Wikileaks released some 92,000 secret military documents on the war in Afghanistan to the New ...

Post Held Off Afghan Story at DoD Request

Pentagon got one-day delay, and redacted McChrystal report

(Newser) - When Bob Woodward obtained Gen. Stanley McChrystal's classified report on Afghanistan, the Obama administration asked for and got a one-day delay in publication from the Washington Post, the paper reports. Woodward and the Post’s editor met with Pentagon officials Sunday and agreed to remove some sensitive information from the...

'Whiz Kid' McNamara Could Not Escape Vietnam
'Whiz Kid' McNamara Could Not Escape Vietnam

'Whiz Kid' McNamara Could Not Escape Vietnam

(Newser) - Robert McNamara led many careers but will be best remembered for his time as secretary of defense during the Vietnam War. Though he privately disagreed with some decisions, he maintained a public optimism about “McNamara’s War” that earned him derision, Reuters reports. Describing the impact of the war...

Outcry Over Leak Site Closure Order
Outcry Over Leak Site Closure Order

Outcry Over Leak Site Closure Order

Privacy, 1st Amendment advocates fume over judge's decision

(Newser) - Privacy and First Amendment advocates are fuming after a judge ordered an entire website shut down in response to a lawsuit. had allowed whistleblowers to anonymously post confidential documents, reports ComputerWorld. A critic calls closing down the whole website in response to a Swiss bank's complaint "like...

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