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A Colorado River Now Looks Like This

EPA accidentally spilled 1 million gallons of mine waste into Animas

(Newser) - Colorado's Animas River isn't always bright orange, but that's how it looks today after the EPA accidentally spilled a million gallons of mine waste into a tributary. Officials in San Juan County say state officials and the EPA were actually trying to access contaminated water at Gold...

Fluoride Levels in Our Water Could Be Making Us Dumber

Private wells in Maine may have far too much

(Newser) - The CDC applauds the adding of fluoride to our water supply as one of the biggest public health triumphs of the 20th century. But it seems too much fluoride can do a lot of damage. Not only can it actually damage our teeth and weaken our bones—studies in China...

'Freaked Out' Scientist Finds Formaldehyde in W. Virginia Water

He tells lawmakers that he's not drinking it

(Newser) - Scientists have found trace amounts of formaldehyde in water from Charleston, West Virginia, weeks after a huge chemical spill. After two chemicals from Freedom Industries leaked into the Elk River around Jan. 9, about 300,000 local residents were quickly told not to drink the water running through their pipes....

2 Chemicals Actually Leaked in West Virginia

Freedom Industries announces PPH also a small part of spill

(Newser) - A West Virginia water advisory may finally be over— at least officially —but what exactly seeped into the Elk River has only just been revealed. In addition to the crude MCHM , the company behind the spill, Freedom Industries, revealed yesterday that a second chemical, PPH, made up 7.3%...

After W. Virginia Chemical Spill, No Teeth Brushing

A federal disaster declaration has been issued

(Newser) - A federal disaster declaration has been issued for a West Virginia chemical spill that may have contaminated tap water and prompted officials to order residents in nine counties not to bathe, brush their teeth, or wash their clothes. The declaration, made overnight, allows for direct federal assistance in dealing with...

Treatment Plants May Miss Half the Drugs in Sewage

Antibiotics, herbicide among chemicals found in Great Lakes study

(Newser) - Treatment plants may only be getting rid of about half the drugs and other "chemicals of emerging concern" that turn up in our sewage, a study finds. Officials in a joint US-Canadian study of the Great Lakes assessed 42 of these chemicals using a decade's worth of data,...

Fukushima Has Massive Leak of Contaminated Water

And Japan is considering an ice wall to fix it

(Newser) - The Fukushima Dai-ichi nightmare just got even more nightmarish. A storage tank at the devastated nuclear plant has sprung a leak, spilling out roughly 300 tons of contaminated water, Reuters reports. And by contaminated, we mean that standing within a couple feet of it for an hour would give a...

Fukushima Running Out of Room for Toxic Water

There's 200K tons of contaminated water and counting

(Newser) - If you thought the environmental crisis that is Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant was last year's news, think again. The plant is still struggling with thousands of tons of contaminated water, which it used to cool down overheated reactors following the 2011 earthquake, says the water treatment manager at...

Japan Finds Radiation in Water, Milk, Spinach

But official cautions that levels not high enough to affects humans

(Newser) - Japan has detected elevated radiation levels in spinach and milk in the prefecture containing its foundering Fukushima nuclear plant and a neighboring prefecture, reports the Wall Street Journal . Milk produced roughly 30 miles away from the plant had around five times the normal amount of radioactive material iodine-131, while spinach...

Marines: Military Should Have Told Us About Toxic Water

Cancer victims link disease to Lejeune

(Newser) - Peter Devereaux is dying and he believes the military's failure to tell him he had been exposed to carcinogens at a North Carolina base could be to blame. The 48-year-old former Marine was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the '80s, when the camp's water supply was tainted with poisonous chemicals....

Gulf Seafood Tested, Results 'Immaculate'

But industry still battered by low demand

(Newser) - In a rare spot of good news, an analysis of seafood from the Gulf of Mexico came black clean of oil or chemical dispersants—in one word, "immaculate." The Daily Beast commissioned a lab to test shrimp, lump crabmeat, and red grouper and found that all three, like...

49M Americans Drink Contaminated Water
 49M Americans Drink 
 Contaminated Water 

49M Americans Drink Contaminated Water

EPA fails to enforce water safety laws

(Newser) - Illegal concentrations of arsenic, radioactive materials like uranium, or bacteria have been found in more than a fifth of American water supplies in the last five years. Regulators were notified of the violations but penalties were imposed in only 6% of cases, according to a New York Times analysis of...

W. Virginia Torn Over Coal Mining

Small town split on pros and cons of clearing mountains

(Newser) - As the mining industry clears mountains in Appalachia, a nearby town finds itself in a conundrum over the future of coal, writes John McQuaid in Smithsonian magazine. With prices and energy demands soaring, mining sites are multiplying—and while some  residents see the state’s oldest and most profitable industry...

EPA Won't Limit Rocket-Fuel Ingredient in Water

Contaminant perchlorate is linked to thyroid problems

(Newser) - The EPA has decided not to set limits for a component of rocket fuel that contaminates drinking water, according to an agency document reviewed by the AP. Perchlorate, linked to thyroid problems in pregnant women and babies, enters the water supply through improper disposal by rocket test sites and chemical...

Pollution Decreasing Off US Shores: Study

Past 20 years have seen general contaminant decline

(Newser) - Levels of pesticides and other toxic chemicals in US coastal waters are generally decreasing, McClatchy reports. A 20-year study by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's Mussel Watch looked at levels of 140 chemicals and found decreasing trends. Laws banning many of the chemicals were passed in the 1970s, but...

Florida Moves to Stop Piping Sewage Into the Ocean

Bill to change sewage system crawling through state legislature

(Newser) - Florida has been dumping sewage into the ocean for over 60 years, but is moving towards cleaning up its act, Reuters reports. Florida’s Senate recently passed a bill that would replace the system, which pumps 300 million gallons of partially treated waste into the Atlantic daily. Passage in the...

China Bristles at US' Olympic Food Snub

Beijing insists meat is safe, but Americans will brown-bag it

(Newser) - China says it's a "pity" that US athletes won't be joining their international counterparts at dinner tables during the Olympics this summer over worries about the safety of food and water. American athletes will ship in their own meat and eat at their own training center, and China is...

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