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Oz Enchants America
 Oz Enchants America 
box office

Oz Enchants America

'Dead Man Down' is dead, down in debut

(Newser) - Oz the Great and Powerful cast a box office spell this weekend, overcoming lukewarm reviews and raking in $80.3 million—the third-highest March debut ever, says the Hollywood Reporter . That disarmed Jack the Giant Slayer, which tumbled 63% to $10 million. Identity Thief ($6.3 million) hung in there,...

Alex Cross Is Epically Awful
 Alex Cross Is 
 Epically Awful 
Movie Review

Alex Cross Is Epically Awful

Tyler Perry fails to make his mark in ridiculous, poorly made thrill-free thriller

(Newser) - Tyler Perry steps out of his comfort zone in Alex Cross, but this probably isn't the crossover hit he was hoping for. Critics are absolutely savaging the movie, with more than one writing that Perry would have been better off just playing the title role in drag as Madea....

Matthew Fox Charged With Drunk Driving

Actor arrested on suspicion of DUI

(Newser) - First it was a stripper , then a bar brawl , and now it’s a DUI for Matthew Fox. The Lost star was busted early Friday in Oregon, where he lives. Sources tell TMZ he had a passenger in the car and was on his way to a fast food restaurant...

TMZ: Matthew Fox Punched Woman Outside Bar

It all started on a party bus...

(Newser) - Lost star Matthew Fox apparently had a crazy Saturday night: TMZ reports that he was detained by cops outside an Ohio bar after allegedly assaulting a female bus driver. It all started when Fox attempted to board the party bus she was driving, though he wasn’t a guest. Heather...

Stripper: I Slept With Matthew Fox

Stefani Talbott claims affair with Lost star, married 18 years

(Newser) - Matthew Fox has done a pretty good job staying out of the tabloids, but with Lost in its last season, he finally has a scandal all his own: A stripper claims an affair with the married father of two. “He didn’t tell me to keep it a secret...

Is There Life After Lost for Fox?

 Is There Life 
 After Lost 
 for Fox? 

Is There Life After Lost for Fox?

Leading man material, Fox looks forward to time off

(Newser) - Watching his handsome mug on screen, it's easy to see Lost star Matthew Fox following George Clooney's footsteps and moving easily from small screen to big. And while the 42-year-old actor is indeed looking forward to the end of the series and a switch to movie roles, the down-to-earth Ivy...

Action Makes a Good Point
Action Makes a Good Point

Action Makes a Good Point

Political thriller doesn't have all the answers, but it sure has action

(Newser) - It may lack depth, but critics admit that Vantage Point packs a lot of excitement. The thriller, which begins by showing the same assassination from eight different perspectives, "fails the 'reality test' but maintains a certain intensity for its entire running length," writes James Berardinelli of

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