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New Prostate Cancer Weapon: Estrogen Skin Patches?

Potential way around menopause-like side effects

(Newser) - Today's prostate cancer treatments carry the risk of side effects reminiscent of menopause, but scientists may have found a way around the problem. Estrogen-releasing skin patches appear to be a safer way to treat the disease, scientists found in a study comparing patches to drug injections in 254 patients....

Scientists Create New Ear —With 3D Printer

Project uses living cells

(Newser) - Scientists at Cornell have put 3D printing to an incredible medical use: They've made an ear remarkably similar to a natural one. Using 3D images of a human ear, they printed a mold to be injected with gel containing collagen from rats' tails, HealthDay reports. Next, they added cartilage...

Feds OK First 'Bionic Eye' to Help Blind

Device gives limited vision to those with retinal disease

(Newser) - The FDA has approved the first use of an artificial retina or "bionic eye" to give the blind limited vision, reports the New York Times and Wall Street Journal . Users wear glasses outfitted with a video camera that transmits visual data to electrodes implanted in the eye; the signals...

Pap Test May Detect 2 More Cancers
Pap Test May Detect
2 More Cancers

Pap Test May Detect 2 More Cancers

Ovarian and uterine, along with cervical, study suggests

(Newser) - A new study suggests that Pap smears may be able to detect three cancers, not just one, reports WebMd . Pap tests have been used successfully for decades to find cervical cancer, but a new method of analyzing results was able to detect cancers of the uterus and ovaries, too. The...

Ostriches May Improve Heart Bypass Surgery

Arteries from long, thin neck are the key

(Newser) - Japanese researchers have used arteries from the long necks of ostriches to perform successful bypass surgery in pigs, reports AFP . In a few years, they hope to duplicate the feat with humans, reports the Asahi Shimbun . The researchers used the arteries to "construct artificial pathways" in the pigs, and...

First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93
First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93

First Organ Transplant Doctor Dead at 93

Dr. Joseph Murray won Nobel for pioneering work

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people alive today owe their lives to techniques pioneered by Dr. Joseph Murray, who has died at the age of 93 in the same Boston hospital where he carried out the world's first successful human organ transplant. Murray made history in 1954 when he transplanted...

Paralyzed Dogs Saved by Own Noses

Cell transplants may offer hope to humans

(Newser) - A group of paralyzed dogs is walking again—with a little help from a harness—after scientists injected cells from the dogs' noses into the injured portion of their spinal cords. The procedure could eventually help paralyzed humans regain some degree of movement, researchers say, though they caution that such...

Patient in Vegetative State: I&#39;m Not in Pain
Patient in Vegetative State: I'm Not in Pain
in case you missed it

Patient in Vegetative State: I'm Not in Pain

In breakthrough, doctors communicate with brain-damaged man

(Newser) - An intriguing medical breakthrough out of Canada—doctors say they have been able for the first time to communicate with a patient who has severe brain damage. Better yet, the message delivered by the patient was a great one: I'm not in pain. The Canadian Press and the BBC...

Vast Study Pinpoints 4 Types of Breast Cancer

Genetic study offers 'road map' to future cures

(Newser) - A sweeping, 348-author study has made giant leaps in scientists' understanding of breast cancer, with genetic analysis dividing the disease into four different types that call for different treatments. While it could take years, and perhaps dozens of clinical trials, before these therapies hit the mainstream, "this is the...

2 Moms Give Daughters Wombs in Transplants

Milestone surgeries go well in Sweden

(Newser) - Two women in their 30s unable to have kids now might be able to—thanks to their moms. Swedish surgeons have performed the first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants, reports the BBC . All four patients are recovering well, but "we are not going to call it a complete success until this...

Embryonic Stem Cells Help Deaf Gerbils Hear

But any help for humans is still far off

(Newser) - British researchers are reporting what might be a potential breakthrough in the treatment of deafness. They injected embryonic stem cells from humans into the inner ears of deaf gerbils, and the stem cells restored 45% of the gerbils' hearing range, on average, in 10 weeks, reports the BBC . Two caveats:...

The Root of What Ails Us: Inflammation?
 The Root of 
 What Ails Us: 
in case you missed it

The Root of What Ails Us: Inflammation?

Scientists studying link between diet, chronic inflammation, and disease

(Newser) - Diabetes, Alzheimer's, cancer. They may seem like wildly different diseases, but they share a common thread, reports the Wall Street Journal : Each has been tied to chronic inflammation. And that has scientists now studying whether inflammation can be battled with certain foods, rather than drugs. The Journal gives a...

New Injections Can Keep People Alive—Without Breath

Scientists' invention could save millions of lives a year

(Newser) - Scientists in Boston are reporting what could be a major breakthrough: They've designed oxygen-carrying particles that can let patients live for up to half an hour—without taking a breath. The injected material give doctors time to address emergencies in patients who can't breathe with far less risk...

Groundbreaking Surgery Removes Tumor From Fetus

Teratoma tumors affect only 1 out of 100K babies

(Newser) - Miami doctors made history with a first-of-its-kind operation in which they removed a dangerous tumor from the mouth of a fetus, reports the Miami Herald . A routine ultrasound at 17 weeks turned up a peach-size teratoma tumor growing on the fetus' mouth. Teratomas are benign but still dangerous, as they...

First-Ever Stem Cell Vein Saves Girl, 10

Blood vessel grown using donor vein, stem cells

(Newser) - Doctors in Sweden grew the first-ever vein in a lab, and used it to save the life of a 10-year-old girl in this futuristic miracle story: A 3.5-inch section of groin vein was taken from a deceased donor, the living cells were removed to leave only a sort of...

Drug Cocktail Cures Ebola in Monkeys

Human tests come next

(Newser) - A potentially big breakthrough against the Ebola virus: Researchers came up with a drug cocktail that completely cured infected monkeys, reports io9 . In the study, scientists infected 12 monkeys with the particularly lethal Zaire strain of the virus. Four that got the cocktail within 24 hours survived, two of the...

An Aspirin a Day Cuts Cancer Risk
 An Aspirin a Day 
 Cuts Cancer Risk 
studies say

An Aspirin a Day Cuts Cancer Risk

And appears to stop cancer from spreading, too: studies

(Newser) - A daily low dose of aspirin has long been recommended as a way of lowering stroke and heart attack risk, but new studies published this week suggest it also greatly reduces cancer risk. The UK studies found that after taking 75mg to 300mg of aspirin per day for just three...

Study May Be Breakthrough for Transplants

Patients accepted mismatched organs, without rejection drugs

(Newser) - A new study has the potential to be what the Los Angeles Times calls a "game-changer" in organ transplants. The idea seems simple enough: Give organ recipients a second transplant—of stem cells from the donor. This not only makes it more likely their body won't reject the...

Your New Drug: Placebos
 Your New Drug: 

Your New Drug: Placebos

They seem to work even when patients know what they're getting

(Newser) - Placebos aren't just for research: Studies increasingly show that treatments with no active ingredients can work as well as—or even better than—"real" therapies. In one such study, some hotel employees were told they were getting good exercise at work; they lost weight, while fellow workers who...

Drug Combos Hailed as Big Breast Cancer Breakthrough

New drug combos delay tumor growth in advanced cases

(Newser) - Two new studies mark what could be the biggest breakthrough in treating breast cancer in more than a decade, researchers say. Both involve combining drug therapies that attack tumors in different ways, significantly delaying the time until women with advanced breast cancer became sicker, the AP reports. One treatment held...

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