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$9M Doomsday Vault Getting $13M Upgrade
After 'Doomsday Vault'
Withdrawal Comes a Deposit

After 'Doomsday Vault' Withdrawal Comes a Deposit

Group formerly in Syria deposits seeds for safeguarding, a milestone for the vault

(Newser) - Updated: The world's "Doomsday Vault" opened its doors Monday to accept more seeds from abroad. The vault in Norway was taking seeds for safeguarding from facilities in Uganda, Sudan, New Zealand, Germany, and Lebanon, reports Reuters . Most notably, the International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas, formerly...

Scientists Want to Store a 'Lunar Ark' on the Moon

It would hold frozen samples of sperm, eggs in case disaster strikes on Earth

(Newser) - It's like an emergency kit, but in this case the label would read, "open in case of Armageddon." Scientists are floating the idea of storing samples of sperm, eggs, spores, and seeds from pretty much every life form on Earth up on the moon, reports CBS News...

Cherokee Nation: 'This Is History in the Making'

US tribe is first to deposit heirloom seeds in global vault

(Newser) - "There will always be a part of the Cherokee Nation in the world," declares the Native American tribe, which will be the first to store its heirloom seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, better known as the "doomsday vault." In a statement , Senior Director of...

Be Glad You Don't Live in 'Doomsday Vault' Town

Its permanently frozen ground isn't so frozen anymore

(Newser) - Thank your lucky stars you don't live in Longyearbyen. Tucked away on a remote Norwegian island, the town of 2,000 is built on permafrost that's melting due to climate change—which is destabilizing houses, threatening wildlife, and menacing the so-called "doomsday vault," CNN reports. A...

At Doomsday Vault Meant to Protect Our Seeds, a Breach

But don't panic just yet

(Newser) - "This is supposed to last for eternity," says the operator of the so-called Doomsday Vault , which since 2008 has been tucked within a mountain on a Norwegian island 800 miles from the North Pole where the soil is always frozen—or is supposed to be. The Guardian reports...

'Doomsday' Vault Just Made Its 1st 'Real-World Run'

It came much sooner than anyone would have imagined when the vault first opened

(Newser) - Nearly 10 years after a "doomsday" seed vault opened on an Arctic island, some 50,000 new samples from seed collections around the world have been deposited in the world's largest repository built to safeguard against wars or natural disasters wiping out global food crops, reports the AP...

'Doomsday Vault' Sees Its First Withdrawal

Spurred by the Syrian civil war

(Newser) - The "Doomsday Vault" just got its first bit of doomsday press: coverage of its first-ever withdrawal of seeds. Since 2008, the vault has sat on a Norwegian island in the Svalbard archipelago, 800 miles from the North Pole where the soil is always frozen. It's a place so...

'Doomsday Vault' Gets First Tree Seeds

Spruce and pine among new collection added to Svalbard Global Seed Vault

(Newser) - The " Doomsday Vault " sits on an Arctic Island, quietly helping to protect our future. At first, it mostly collected and stored food crops, but it recently got its first shipment of tree seeds, Wired reports. Norway spruce and Scots pine are, of course, not much of a meal,...

'Doomsday Vault' Gets Sizable Birthday Present

Sleep easy tonight: Key miso ingredient is now safe

(Newser) - Earth is now slightly better prepared for an agricultural apocalypse: The "Doomsday Vault" is 20,000-species stronger as of this week— its sixth birthday . A new wave of seed varieties were deposited that hail from more than 100 countries and represent a "sort of winter Olympics of crop...

'Doomsday' Seed Vault to Open
'Doomsday' Seed Vault to Open

'Doomsday' Seed Vault to Open

Norwegian project will house all known crop species

(Newser) - The North Pole is no Fertile Crescent, but it will house collections of the world's crop seeds in a doomsday vault that will open tomorrow, AFP reports. The vault, built on Norwegian territory, contains three cold chambers that can hold a total of 4.5 million seed samples—twice the...

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