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In Italy, an 'Act of War' Over Espresso

A bid for UN acknowledgement is foiled by a feud between north and south

(Newser) - Coffee is serious business in Italy, and espresso in particular. Drinking it "is a way of life," per a post at euronews . No big surprise, then, that the nation is seeking to have its espresso tradition enshrined as a unique cultural treasure by a UN agency. But as...

This Might Be the Most Potent Cup of Coffee You Can Buy

'Asskicker' delivers 80 times the punch of a typical espresso

(Newser) - One cafe owner in Adelaide, Australia, is playing around with the world's most popular drug, and experts aren't feeling terribly perky about it. Steve Benington, owner of Viscous Coffee, has created the Asskicker, a drink consisting of four shots of espresso, four 48-hour brewer cold drip ice cubes...

New Starbucks Drink Not Easily Understood

Latte machiattos aren't just coffee and milk, apparently

(Newser) - " #Starbucks newest drink is the Latte Macchiato. WTF is that?" OK, that's one way of tweeting it . The answer is that latte macchiatos—available at Starbucks starting Tuesday in the US, Canada, and some locations in Latin America—combine espresso with "steamy creamed whole milk," the...

Even Starbucks Has Black Friday Doorbuster

$65 stainless steel tumbler comes with month's worth of drinks

(Newser) - This Black Friday, Starbucks won't just offer a break from the insanity; it's aiming to become a shopping destination itself. The chain is offering a 16-ounce stainless steel tumbler—filled with a month's worth of drinks—for $65, Consumerist reports. Owners of the tumbler can bring it...

Starbucks Rolls Out Single-Serve Espresso Maker

It's a gamble in a drip-coffee world

(Newser) - Desperate for a Starbucks latte? Now you won't have to make that arduous 15-foot journey to your nearest location. That's because the company has rolled out its single-serve espresso machine on its website; it'll hit Williams-Sonoma and other stores in early October and come to Starbucks' own...

Barista to Customer: No, You Can't Have Espresso on Ice

DC worker says it will 'ruin' drink

(Newser) - A barista in Washington, DC, has unintentionally raised a philosophical quandary by rejecting the idea that the customer is always right. When a guy asked for espresso on ice, the barista flat out refused, the Huffington Post reports via a Prince of Petworth transcript. "We don’t do that...

Now You Can Make Your Espresso in the Car

$200 Handpresso Auto likely headed to US soon

(Newser) - Busy caffeine-lovers, rejoice. You can now save time by brewing espresso while... cruising the highway. The Handpresso Auto, available only in France for the moment, plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and delivers up a steaming cup of espresso. All you have to do is add water and insert...

Starbucks Plans Single-Serve Home Espresso Machines

Get ready for homemade lattes

(Newser) - Starbucks is expanding its venture into your home. First it offered instant coffee, then it launched K-cups of brewed coffee that work with Green Mountain Coffee's single-serving Keurig machines. Now the coffee chain is taking it up a notch: It's readying a single-serve espresso machine, enabling the chain'...

Brits Perk Up as Starbucks Doubles Espresso Shots

Tea-drinkers will get strongest Starbucks drinks in the world

(Newser) - Get ready to get your buzz on, Britain. Starbucks is planning to double espresso shots in all its lattes and cappuccinos served in the UK. The move has been brewing since customer requests for extra shots started skyrocketing two years ago, say company officials. The new shots boosting caffeine and...

And Now to Blow Your Mind: 10-Shot Espresso

'Pure jet fuel,' boasts creator. It's 'coffee porn in a cup'

(Newser) - What's your drink? A double cappuccino? Ha! Wimp! Real coffee drinkers down the brain-blowing 10-shot espresso now being offered at a popular Brooklyn coffee bar. "It's one giant cup of jet fuel," the owner of The Pulp & The Bean tells the New York Daily News . He could...

Mickey D's Aims to Mug Starbucks in Europe

(Newser) - Just as Starbucks is scaling back its European expansion, McDonald's plans to open hundreds of new outlets offering high-end coffees and pastries on the continent, reports the Financial Times. “We can become the biggest seller of coffee in Europe,” boasted McDonald's chief financial officer. The company plans to...

Java Lovers Buzz Over 'Latte Art'

Fans try to master Italian barista trick

(Newser) - Coffee lovers are trying their unsteady hands at a craze called latte art: creating intricate designs in espresso foam, the Wall Street Journal reports. Using techniques like jiggling a pitcher while pouring milk, "artists" form pictures of rosettas, leaves, and swans atop their frothy drinks. Some post photos and...

Starbucks Banks on New Hardware

Company counts on gadget for better espresso, more customer face time

(Newser) - With the grounds of a sour economy sticking between shareholders' teeth, Starbucks is looking to a new espresso machine to perk profits back up, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. "What this machine is about is whether Starbucks can get its virginity back," one observer says of the semi-automatic Mastrena,...

Civet-Digested Beans Yield $99 Espresso

Rarest cup of coffee blends Jamaican, Indonesian products

(Newser) - You might look for a $99 espresso shot in a crowded Italian café before the second floor of a London department store. Yet it's the latter where you'll find the cup brewed from two of the world’s rarest coffee beans, one of which is sniffed out and,...

Starbucks Rolls Out Customer-Focused Changes

Loyalty card, new machines headline plans to jolt coffee giant

(Newser) - A customer-loyalty card, a new website and upgraded brewing machines highlighted changes in store at Starbucks, the Wall Street Journal reports, with CEO Howard Schultz using today's annual meeting to re-focus the firm on quality of customer experience. The card will offer rewards for regulars at the coffee giant, which...

Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns
Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns

Rivals Earn as Starbucks Learns

Rival coffee chains target customers as Starbucks takes training break

(Newser) - Starbucks customers and competition alike got to know each other yesterday as the java giant closed for a 3-hour training break for all employee, reports the AP. "Free-market economy, baby! You've got to take advantage of what the competition throws at you," said one former Starbucks devotee swilling...

Starbucks to Close 7,100 US Stores Today

Relax: It's just for 3 hours, and Dunkin' Donuts has 99¢ coffee

(Newser) - Get your afternoon latte early today, because Starbucks—all 7,100 US locations—is closing at 5:30pm for 3 hours of staff training, CNNMoney reports. The company says it hopes baristas will  “deepen their passion for coffee” and even “transform the customer experience,” not to speak...

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